How to Get a Lost High School Diploma

How To Get a Lost High School Diploma- Many job seekers are always surprised when recruiters and potential employers as for a copy of their high school diploma. Some scholarship candidates that lost their high school diploma also have a little problem getting a copy. While attempting to study abroad or go for a Master’s degree, you may be required to submit a copy of your high school diploma.

Some job seekers find it difficult providing a copy of high school diploma after passing the job interview. If you have lost your original high school diploma and need to get another copy this article is for you.

However, is it easy to get a copy of your high school diploma? There are over eight million diplomas awarded every two years. Will it be easy for the authorities to single one out of millions of diplomas? Is it possible to get a lost high school diploma back? These are some of the questions we will answer in this post so read through carefully,

I will need to state the difference between a diploma and a transcript before explaining how you can get a copy of your lost high school diploma.

Is it Possible to Get a Lost High School Diploma Back?

Yes. It is possible to get your lost high school diploma from your high school. However, there may be difficulties while attempting that. Some high schools will refuse to go back long dates as there is too much data to be able to easily issue a replacement diploma.

About 30% of high schools only keep the data of past students for a couple of years only, with the assumption that after about ten years, graduates do no longer need their transcripts or school diploma.

Some high schools are no longer in existence while some do not issue replacement diplomas. This article will help you recover your high school diploma and transcripts no matter what the difficulty is.

What is a transcript?

Most employers do not need your diploma. If you intend to further your studies abroad or you are applying for a scholarship, what is required is the evidence that you attended High School.

Solid evidence that you attended high school is your transcripts. This is the same with colleges and institutions.

Why is this?

Transcripts cannot be easily forged. Transcripts are the evidence of your academic performance over all the years you were in school. Transcripts are usually signed and sealed with the official school stamp. Diplomas can be easily fabricated unlike transcripts.

However, getting your transcripts will only be a last minute resort if your school does not have another copy of your diploma.

While attempting to secure admission for a degree or getting a scholarship, some of these systems specify that you provide transcripts instead of a diploma degree. Here is how you can obtain a copy of your high school diploma.

How to Get a Lost High School Diploma

The first step to take when trying to recover your lost high school diploma is contacting the necessary authorities.

Using your school email, send a request for your diploma and ask for the requirements to get it back.

Most schools will demand for a replacement fee and that you have to be present in school before you can get either your transcripts or your diploma.

You may also need to show evidence that you actually attended the high school. This will prevent the issuance of your diplomas to the wrong person.

What do you need to get your lost high school diploma?

For most high schools, here are the requirements you need to get back your high school diploma:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Maiden Name
  • Year of attendance ( E.g 2012-2018)
  • Date/Year of Graduation
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Address
  • Phone Number
  • Guardian’s Name
  • Guardian’s Phone Number

Instead of sending an email, you may want to deliver an actual mail. This will make verification easier as your signature will be needed on the letter. Follow the steps below to get your high school diploma from your high school.

Contact the authorities in charge

Most high schools have websites where all active contact information for such purposes is published. If your high school does not have a website all you have to do is to look for their contact information elsewhere. You may check any hard copies of papers from your school or checking out their social media page.

If you cannot find any of these, check for your school’s contact information in the American directory of schools or if you are from another country, check your country’s directory for high schools. If you attended a private school and cannot find your school’s contact details, all you have to do is check for your school in the National Center for Education Statistics page for private schools.

If you still cannot find your school, contact the ministry or department of education and have them guide you.

Schools usually get tons of these messages weekly so you may be required to have some patience as you will be added to a wait list.

After checking your school’s website or page and obtaining the contact information, you need to send an inquiry email to the right person to avoid multiple redirections.

If you graduated very recently, you should contact the registrar’s office and if you graduated many years ago, you should contact the district office.

After finding your school’s contact, proceed to the next step.

Send a Replacement request

This process may take some time as some schools require that you send a mail delivered physically to the school.

Some other high schools accept online emails sent to their mail box.

While writing the request letter include all the required information mentioned above. If you owe the school or have any school property in your possession, you will be required to offset these bills or return the property to the school.

You may also be required to provide a means of identification like SSN, driver’s license, or another ID card.

If you need your diploma very fast you can include the need for urgency in your letter and ask if there are going to be extra charges to have it delivered as fast as possible.

If your employer requires you to ask your high school to send an official transcript directly to them, ask for how much it would cost and include the address.

After doing this, it should take only a few days to get your diploma delivered.

However, what if your high school is no longer in existence? Or even after following the process described above, you were unable to obtain a copy of your high school diploma; here is a dark trick you can follow.

How to Obtain a Copy of Your High School Diploma Online

This is a legal procedure only if you are a true graduate of your high school. Kindly understand that we will not be responsible for illegal things done with the process described below.

High school diplomas can be obtained online using certain websites. Note that if you are a true graduate of that high school, your diploma can be verified from your high school as it will be like a duplicate of your original high school certificate.

This false diploma is not false if you graduated from the high school truly.

To obtain a copy of your original high school diploma online, simply check for “false high school diploma” websites online. Simply fill a form on the website and submit it. Your diploma should get to you in minutes or be delivered to your email.

The same font and signatures of your high school will be there and it will look super realistic.

Resort to this option only if you have tried contacting your school or you need to get your lost diploma super urgently.

Note: No matter how urgent you need your lost high school diploma, never submit a fake diploma from a fake high school in order to secure jobs or get scholarships. It is illegal.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How long does my high school keep a record of my transcripts?

Many high schools keep records for only a couple of years. However, some high schools are required by law to keep records of transcripts forever.

Can I get a diploma from my online school?

Yes. You can get a diploma from your online school if it is accredited.

Is it possible to get a fake diploma from a fake college?

Yes. This is possible but very illegal and could get you fired or arrested. We strongly discourage attempting to submit a forged high school diploma for whatever purpose.

Is Getting a Replacement Copy of Your High School Diploma Expensive?

Getting a replacement copy of your high school diploma may attract fees if you need it urgently.

If you visit the school directly the fees will be minimal. However, if you want your diploma delivered to an address you may be required to pay courier fees.


Obtaining a lost high school diploma gets easier if you follow the right steps and contact the right people.

Please note that getting a fake diploma has dangerous consequences and we strictly advise against such.

This article helps you get your lost high school diploma easily without having to do illegal things or pay bribes.

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