How To Load Glo Card

Globacom Network popularly known as Glo is Nigeria’s veritably own mobile network with metro rings across every megacity in Nigeria and three West Africa countries; Ghana, Republic of Benin and Cote d’ivoire. Innovated by Mike Adenuga in 2003, Globacom has breathed fresh air to the Nigeria telecommunication assistance as it allows its body to browse and make calls both locally and internationally at a veritably affordable rate.

Globacom is a one of a kind network that offers its guests numerous delicacies and this has won the heart of numerous Nigerians. And glo is the only guarantor of African voices televised by CNN and in April 2013, introduced the well known reality singing showX Factor to the mainland of Africa.

Still some people still find it veritably delicate to recharge Glo cards in Nigeria. And  well, if you’re among such an order of people, this moment is your lucky day because in this post I’ll show you how to recharge Glo cards in Nigeria.


I’m sure you have landed on this site because you have searched for Glo recharge code, how to load airtime on your Glo line in Nigeria or related hunt queries. And well, don’t worry, I understand that some effects are snappily citable and loading your Glo airtime recharge card integers can occasionally be one of those. But don’t be bugged about searching for effects like that, it happens to the best of us.

By loading airtime through the regular system as explained below, Glo Nigeria has also introduced different ways to recharge airtime on your mobile phone — there are bank operations that let you buy airtime fluently. And also, you can subscribe to their USSD code that also allows you to buy airtime on Android, iOS and other point bias.

Since some of us still prefer the traditional system of lading airtime, this brings us to the main purpose of this information on this site, it contained below the USSD code used in recharging airtime directly on your mobile phone.

The Glo Recharge Card

A Glo recharge card has a 15- number pin. And the prices fall between N100-N1000 and before you load any Glo recharge card in Nigeria, make sure the pin is 15. And the recharge card from N500 and N1000 comes in a tableware panel and you’ll scratch the tableware panel to see the 15 number. And when breathing the tableware panel insure you do it precisely so as it used crab any number

How many Integers is a Glo Recharge Card?

You should know that Glo Recharge Card contains a 15- number Pin, so follow the step below for loading airtime on your phone.

Guideline to load Credit via Glo Airtime Recharge Card pin

To load or recharge a Glo line, dial recharge pin in the following USSD format *123*pin#  and also send Ok. And for the illustration, if the airtime pin is 111122223333444, include  *123*111122223333444# and press send or Ok.

And for every 100 recharges, you’ll add 100 to your main account, 50 for calls to any network, 450 for calling only Glo guests, 25 MB of data and 10 MB of bonus data to surf the net. And this bonus is valid for 7days.

The Benefits of this Recharge Card Method 

Always note that for every 200 recharges, you’ll receive 200 to your main account, 100 for calls to any networks, 900 for calling only Glo guests, 50 MB of data and 25 MB of perk data to suds the net. This perk is valid for 7 days.

And for every 500 recharges, you’ll receive 500 to your main account, 250 for calls to any network, for calling only Glo guests, 125 MB of data and 50 MB of perk data to suds the net. And this bonus is valid for 7 days.

And for every recharge, you’ll pay to your main account, 500 for calls to any network, for calls to only Glo guests, 250 MB of data and 100 MB of perk data to suds the net. And this bonus is valid for 15 days.

And How to Recharge Glo Twin Bash

The (GLO Binary BASH) is a data/ voice tariff plan that gives a 6X recharge price on every recharge as long as the right USSD code is dialed.…For instance, buy a Glo recharge card of any value and recharge data directly by using *127*pin#.

And how to Recharge Glo Amebo

The (GLO AMEBO) is an offer that rewards Glo guests with five times (5X) the value recharge. And the airtime value is valid for 14days or 30days depending on the recharge value. And to get started, simply follow the instructions below.

By dialing *555*pin# to get 5X the value of your recharge.

The Conclusion

That’s all! If you’re ever stuck and do n’t find where to buy a credit card/ slip, also you might want to check out how to load airtime from your bank in Nigeria on your Glo SIM. And this will be a dependable relief for the Glo recharge code system.

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