How to Pass JAMB Examination in Nigeria

How to Pass JAMB Examination in Nigeria

How to Pass JAMB Examination in Nigeria

JAMB examination in Nigeria is usually the most anticipated external exam. The JAMB CBT test is usually conducted over one week for over one million candidates. Over the years, failure rates have skyrocketed due to several factors including lack of seriousness, reduction in general quality of education and many others.

Is something wrong with JAMB’s system?

The last JAMB results that were released were full of so many low scores. The cause of the JAMB massive failure could not be fully pointed out as exceptional students also scored less than 250, very much below expectations. This got many candidates in fear as to whether the JAMB system manipulates candidates’ scores or if JAMB is very difficult.

Recently, the JAMB mock examination also recorded a mass failure as less than thirty percent of the students scored more than 200 marks. What causes this? This post will help you address this and explain how you can pass your JAMB examination.

Some of the questions that are always roaming about on the net are; how can I score more than 300 in JAMB? Is JAMB easy or hard? Can I pass JAMB without reading? How do I answer JAMB questions?

These questions are borne out of natural anxiety and fear. How do you conquer this JAMB fear and ace the exam? This article is tailored to help you achieve the best results in your JAMB exam by avoiding mistakes and using the tips provided.

One fact about JAMB is that candidates that do not go through the syllabus are likely to score below 250 marks. To score more than 300 in JAMB, you should follow the JAMB syllabus while reading and also practice time management.

According to statistics, some candidates fail JAMB examination not because they did not read, but because they are very much computer illiterates. The JAMB CBT exams require the most basic of computer knowledge, so do not fall for this.

How can you pass JAMB examination?

Follow the tips mentioned and use them effectively to pass JAMB examination easily.

How to Pass JAMB Examination

Conquer your Fears

While trying to prepare for JAMB exam, the first thing you must do is to conquer the fear. Being apprehensive in exam hall is not good for your mentality. Take deep breaths and remember that JAMB is not difficult.

Is JAMB hard or easy?

JAMB is one of the easiest exams to pass in Nigeria. This is because the exam is CBT and lasts less than three hours. Apart from this, simply following the JAMB syllabus can help you to score more than 250 marks.

After you understand that JAMB is not hard to pass, the next step is to prepare your brain and mind for the exam.

Connect with Serious Candidates

There are students who are lucky to have attended schools that groomed them thoroughly to ace JAMB and other external exams. Connecting with some of these candidates will help you understand how they think and how to pass your JAMB exam.

You can do this by joining Telegram and WhatsApp groups where there are hundreds of candidates like you.

You can also be at an advantage if you contact students that have taken the JAMB exam previously to give you tips. You can also refer to them if you have difficult questions that you were unable to solve or have topics that you do not understand.

This is the first step when you are preparing for JAMB exam.

Practice past questions

Practicing past questions does not mean that you may see the same questions in your JAMB exam. The importance of practicing past questions is for you to understand how JAMB sets its questions. You can check our JAMB questions practice section to see how you fare. Do not be discouraged if you did not score up to 50% in your mock tests or past questions practice.

If you have any difficulty with answering some of the past questions, you should meet older students or your teachers to help you answer them. If you are in any JAMB study groups, you can send your questions there to see if anyone can answer them. You can send private messages to anyone who answers successfully as they can help you with your studies.

Join Brainstorming Classes

There are many JAMB study groups around but some of these are for cruise and there is nothing like brainstorming sessions. This will not work to your advantage. With JAMB, you have no time to waste at all. Joining brainstorming classes everyday will help you prepare better for your JAMB examination.

If you study with other candidates for Chemistry and Mathematics on Monday, Physics and English on Tuesday, the Chemistry again on Wednesday and so on, you are likely to cover so much more to help you pass JAMB examination.

This habit is what you must inculcate now in case you wish to write Post UTME exams later. Always remember that brainstorming is very important.

Practice Time Management

When writing your JAMB exam, you have less than three hours to answer more than 150 questions. This may look like more than enough time to you but it is actually very small.

After studying a particular topic, look for past questions related to it and answer as much as fifty, leaving none out. You can time yourself to answer the fifty questions in seventeen minutes.

If you were able to answer most of the questions correctly within that timeframe, you can correct yourself and try to shorten the time you use in the next practice.

If you continue with this, you will finish your JAMB exams fast and also have enough time to check for mistakes.

This goes a long way to guarantee that you score high in your JAMB exam.

Do not Memorize Past Questions

Never memorize past questions or answers as it is very likely that you will not see any of the questions in your JAMB exam.  Even if you are able to get JAMB questions for the previous sets of candidates, practice them only for test purposes. Memorizing them will lead to failure and you will end up regretting it.

JAMB is very clever with setting questions and you may not see any questions repeated even if you do one thousand past questions.

Doing a lot of past questions will help you manage time and answer questions faster when you are in the exam hall.

Do not pay anyone to Cheat

No matter how unprepared you feel that you are, never pay anyone to help you cheat or score high in your JAMB exam. This is a punishable criminal offence and can lead to scoring very low or being jailed.

There is nobody that can give you your own JAMB questions and answers before the exam.

Most of the people that claim to be able to do this will collect your money and send you fake questions and answers. After taking the exam and seeing different questions you will get blocked for complaining.

On your exam day, do not take anything except your pencil to the JAMB examination center. Taking a book into your exam hall is exam malpractice and you will be disqualified for that.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are some of the questions you may have about how to pass JAMB examination in Nigeria and their answers:

How can I score more than 300 in JAMB?

To Score above 300 in JAMB, follow these steps:
Study hard
Prepare early
Conquer your Fears
Connect with serious candidates
Practice past questions
Join Brainstorming groups
Practice time management
Do not memorize past questions
Do not cheat

Can I pass JAMB without reading?

No. You cannot pass JAMB exam without reading unless you already understand most of the topics thoroughly.
JAMB is not difficult and most intelligent students often score above 210 marks without reading, but this is below expectations.

How do I answer jamb questions?

Follow these steps to answer JAMB questions in the exam hall:
Do not do anything without listening to your instructor. Making silly mistakes can cost you a year so it is better to be careful.
Login to your exam portal with your JAMB registration number
Read all the instructions if there are any
Solve and answer your questions carefully. Every question is important.
Crosscheck your answers after completing the exam.


Before starting your JAMB examination, take deep breaths and remind yourself that JAMB examination is not difficult.

A proper mindset is the first thing you need when trying to pass you JAMB exams. Praying can also help to erase fears and give you the confidence required. While in the JAMB exam hall, do not fiddle with your computer system. The computer system in JAMB halls are all connected to one server and your exam may get submitted if you cause any error.  Do not forget to do a check after answering all the questions.

Avoid these petty mistakes and focus on your examination. This will ensure that you score up to your target mark.

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