How to Prepare For Waec (STEPS You Must Follow)

How to Prepare for Waec (STEPS You Must Follow) – Popularly known as WAEC, the West Africa Senior Secondary School Examination (WASSCE) is a national-based examination that is conducted by a regulatory body known as the WEST AFRICAN EXAMINATION COUNCIL (WAEC). This examination is for SS3 students who are studying in WEST African Countries situated in secondary schools and it is the last examination secondary schools students write at the end of their six years of education in the secondary school alongside NECO which is mainly for Nigerians.

The examination is quite compulsory, as it certificate will surely be required from you as eligibility criteria for admission into any tertiary institution (University, Polytechnic, College of Education, etc). The certificate obtained after a successful WAEC examination is called Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE).

The examination does come in multiple-choice which includes the Objective, theoretical and practical. Howbeit, the practical examination is mainly for science students.

However, the possibility of passing the exam in one sitting is not always certain for some reasons. I could remember a lot of people complaining about certain schools saying that any exam taken at a specific exam center doesn’t yield a good results. But believe me, that’s not the case. The problem is that you lack adequate information and preparation for the exam coupled with a lack of self-confidence.

Taking my mind to some years ago when I wrote my WAEC examination, a few months to my first exam, I allowed fear to take over me because of what people around were saying about the exam and the school I was writing the exam at. Many people were saying that I should have registered for the exam in an assumed WAEC MIRACLE CENTRE. But that wasn’t my final fate! I sit up, get my reading tools ready, and apply some preparatory guide, lo and behold, it works for me simply because I let go of all the fears and anxieties that overshadowed me.

So, stop allowing negative thoughts to deceive you that you will fail your exams. The only secret to passing the WAEC examination and its related exam is just timely preparation, coupled with intensive study.

In this post, I will bring to your knowledge the steps you can follow in order to pass your Waec exam at once.

These tips have been proven helpful in years past to WAEC students who do seek for guidance from us on how to prepare for their forthcoming examination and that’s why I have decided to bring it out to the general public so that you too can benefit from it.

Upon sharing these valuable tips with them and them implementing these tips during their preparation for the examination, they do come back with success testimonies.

So, let’s move further to see what could have been the hidden crack to WAEC examination success that we’ve been revealing to others. But, before that, let’s take a look at a brief history of WAEC.


Brief History of WAEC

Recall I said that the full meaning of WAEC is WEST AFRICAN EXAMINATION COUNCIL? Yes, that’s the meaning and this happens to be an examination body that was established in an organized meeting by the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate, The West African Departments of Education, and the University of London Examination Matriculation Council held in the year 1948.  The aim of the meeting was to assess the educational standards and growth in West Africa.

The examination body was obliged with the responsibility of conducting the West African Senior School Certificate Examination.

WAEC becomes internationally recognized in 1952 after much efforts made by DR. George Barker Jeffery who was sent to West Africa as a SPY at the closing of the meeting in 1948. As of today, WAEC operates in five top West African countries including Nigeria, Gambia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Ghana.

How to Prepare for Waec (Steps You Must Follow)

  1. Study the Previous WAEC Exam Format
  2. Have a good understanding of the WAEC Syllabus
  3. Make a Study Timetable for yourself
  4. Read Your School Note Books
  5. Practice Past Questions and Answers Suitable for SSCE
  6. Download WAEC Practice CBT Apps
  7. Join Study Groups both Online and Offline
  8. Attend WAEC Classes (Tutorials)
  9. Participate in the WAEC Mock Examination
  10. Avoid Social Media Distractions
  11. Ensure to Eat Well and Exercise Yourself
  12. Have Confidence in yourself that you CAN.

1. Study the WAEC Exam Format

Knowing the WAEC format is one of the important aspects of preparation every student must note as it will help you to know how to tactically answer each question.

This FORMAT will help you to know the Subject combination for the exam and the required number of subjects you have to choose. However, let me give you an expo in the subject number and combination case; Students are to choose a minimum of six (6) and a maximum of 9 subjects.

It’s also pertinent to note that English Language and Mathematics are compulsory for all students irrespective of the section you are in, be it; Art, Science, or Commercial.

As I earlier said, the exam nature comes in three different forms, namely; Objectives (OBJ), Theory, and Practical. The practical is for science students in subjects like; Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, amongst other practical-based related subjects.

That notwithstanding, I advise you to seek information relating to the current WAEC from your secondary school teachers and do well to ask questions where you don’t understand for clarification.

2. Have a good understanding of the WAEC Syllabus

Understanding the waec syllabus for your subjects of preference will help you to pass the exam at once and the only way you can gain access to this syllabus is by asking your teachers about it OR search for it online.

3. Make a Study Timetable for yourself

Creating a study timetable will help you to schedule the time you will read each subject. So, consider creating a timetable.


  • Do not fix all subjects in one day
  • Do not try covering all topics at the time: Read according to your speed of understanding
  • Schedule your timetable to something you can achieve every day

4. Read Your School Note Books and Recommended Text Books

The Waec examination questions are being derived from topics you were taught in secondary school since SS1 – SS3. So, reading your notebooks will help energize your brain against the examinations.

Believe me, this is one of the surest preparatory practices to passing your WAEC exam in one sitting.

5. Practice past Questions and Answers Suitable for the Exam

Some questions do repeat 2-3 times in WAEC.

For instance, you might see a question in biology that was asked in the 1999 WAEC biology exam being asked again in 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2020. So, if you have studied the past question and vet the question alongside its answers to the 2009 past question. Upon seeing the question on your exam question sheet, you will be smiling because you already have a clue as to what the answer will be.

Apart from that, the past question will help to keep your brain alert about the kinds of questions you should expect.

In general, saying, buying and studying past questions and answers is one of the determinant factors of WAEC exam success.

6. Download WAEC Practice CBT Apps

There is numerous well-developed software application for Computer, android, or IOS device that helps students to prepare for the WAEC examination.

So, download those apps, and use them effectively.

7. Join Study Groups both Online and Offline

This involves joining a group of intelligent or purpose-driven friends for study purposes. You guys will be reading together, learning together, and asking each other questions where need be.

Also, you can join an online WAEC study group on Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform.

8. Attend WAEC Classes (Tutorials)

Classes are organized by experts out there for students who wish to attend the WAEC extra moral class which is aimed at preparing the students for their forthcoming exam.

In the tutorial class, you will meet new people from different school environments of which you will learn from them and they in turn learn from you as well.

In the tutorial room, you will avail yourself the opportunity to ask questions where the need is and as well get detailed answers to the question.

However, be intentional when going to the class, do not go to show off your dress, hair, or other materials things. Go there with the intention to learn and be learned from.

9. Participate in the WAEC Mock Examination

A lot of students don’t participate in the MOCK exam: They do see it as a waste of time!!!

NO, it’s not a waste of time my dear, it will definitely help in preparing you for the main examination.

After the MOCK exam, you will know how prepared you are for the main exam from your performance in the TEST. By seeing this, you will know where to put more effort.

10. Avoid Social Media Distractions

When I say avoid social media distractions, I am not referring to the online study groups. What I mean is that you should stay away from unnecessary chats, or following unnecessary trends that will take your mind off studies.

11. Ensure to Eat Well and Exercise Yourself

While preparing for the exam, make sure to eat good foods that are rich in vitamins, protein, minerals, etc because your brain needs healthy food to function well.

Also, inculcate the habit of drinking plenty of water, and eating more fruits, and vegetables.

Stay away from junky foods, and don’t study when your stomach is empty.

12. Have Confidence in yourself that you CAN.

As I earlier stated, try having a positive mindset about yourself. Believe that you can pass the exam in one sitting because what you believe is what works for you.

Do not in any way look down on yourself even if you were not privileged to attend the best secondary school in your location.


Here is wishing you success in your exam. So, if you have any questions pertaining to the WAEC examination, do not hesitate to use the comment section below to contact us.

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