How to Recharge and Check Your Glo Account Balance

How to Recharge and Check Your Glo Account Balance


Check Glo Account Balance In this post, I’ll guide you on how to check your glo account balance and how to recharge your Glo account.

Globacom Limited, generally known as Glo Global communication, is a Nigerian transnational telecommunications company innovated on 29 August (2003) by Mike Adenuga. And as of June (2018),  the company employs further than people worldwide.

Globalcom Limited is a telecommunications company owned by a Nigerian. And it’s also one of the pioneering telecommunication companies in Nigeria.


Glo Nigeria Ltd, whose primary services involve the provision of data and telephone services is headquartered in Lagos Nigeria and has operations in (Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, and Togo).

Glo is one of the top service providers in the country and they also give the cheapest data browsing packages in the country.

GLO had over 45 million subscribers in December 2018, making it the second largest network driver in Nigeria.


And in 2011, GLO became the first telecommunication company to make an ($800) million high capacity fibre optic string known as Glo 1, a submarine string from the United Kingdom to Nigeria. And it’s the first successful submarine string from the United Kingdom to Nigeria.

Globacom has the following strategic business units (Glo mobile, Glo Broad Access, Glo Gateway and Glo.1).

GLO is intimately possessed by the Mike Adenuga Group which also consists of (Cobblestone Parcels and Estates, a real estate and property development company), The (Conoil PLC, a petroleum marketing company), and Conoil Producing, a crude disquisition and product company.


The Glo 1 is the first successful submarine string from the United Kingdom to Nigeria, and GLO is the first individual African company to embark on such a design.

This Glo 1 has the implicit to give high speed internet services, briskly, more dependable and cheaper telecom services. And 12 Glo-1 will potentially grease foreign investment and employment openings especially to Africans.

The km long string originates from Bude in the UK and is laid from this origin to Alpha Beach in Lagos, where it’ll have its Landing Station. And Glo-1 will also ameliorate teleconferencing, distance literacy, disaster recovery and telemedicine among several other benefits for Nigerians and the people of West Africa.


The Globacom Entertainment

GLO banded with MTV on The Big Friday Show in the year (2012). And this alliance made the show more interactive and gave observers the occasion for live appearances on the show. And there was an added benefit of GLO subscribers winning the network’s products every week.

And in April 2013, GLO introduced the singing reality TV show, the X Factor to Africa. And the interrogations were held in Nigeria and Ghana, with the ultimate prize being a $150,000 cash prize as well as a deal to be managed and produced by Sony Music to record a reader.

The Globacom Sponsorship

In Nigeria, GLO patronized in the year (2009) the (Nigerian Premier League, Nigerian National Football Brigades, Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Glo Lagos International Half Marathon, Glo People Police Marathon, Eyo Festival, Ojude Oba Festival, Eleghe Festival and the Confederation of African Football) African Player of the Time Award.


In Benin, GLO sponsors the FITHEB and CAF African Player of the Time Award. And in Ghana, GLO sponsors the Glo Ghana Premier League, the Ghana National Football Brigades and the CAF African Player of the Time Award.

In November (2009), GLO became a sanctioned guarantor of football club Manchester United. And the backing also includes youthful players from Benin, Ghana and Nigeria going to Manchester to train with the club.

Then How to Check Glo Account Balance

Checking your Glo account balance is veritably easy. And you just have to remember a law to check account balance on Glo SIM and do this as frequently as you need. But below you’ll find a detailed companion on how checking of Glo balance works


Make sure your Glo SIM is fitted because you’re checking your balance on the SIM card. And the type in just a single law to check your balance. And it’s #124*1#. And your airtime balance is displayed on the screen and transferred to you via SMS.

Then, this is the fastest way to check Glo credit balance.

Note Glo balance can be fluently checked at any time of the day and night. And the company makes sure this service is available to all its subscribers from Nigeria and other African countries 24/7 and it’s free of charge.

Then, The Tips on Checking Glo Account Balance

Then are some veritably important effects to remember when you wish to check account balance credit on Glo SIM


Originally, the USSD code #124*1# is absolutely free to use within Nigeria. And glo charges you nothing when you telephone this code. And besides, this is the only law you can use while staying in a foreign country because it works for all roving Nigerians. Again, fresh charges could be applied.

Again, you have to telephone #124*1# and don’t make mistakes with the figures. And then, who use both their balance and it depends on Glo package you’re subscribed to, you can check the main balance by dialing #124*1# and bonus balance by calling #122#.

Then How to Recharge Glo Account

The Glo recharge card contains a 15- number leg for recharge and any Glo testimonial lesser or lower than 15 integers, isn’t a Glo recharge card. And after checking your account balance, if you fill the need to recharge, follow the instruction below


Then, to recharge a Glo line use the recharge pin in the following USSD format

Just *123*pin# and also send or pressOk. Glo Nigeria recharge canons have a 15- number pin. For Illustration, if the pin is 222211114444555, input *123* 222211114444555# and press Send or Ok. And again, dial #124*1# to check account balance.

And you can also recharge directly from your bank, using the following way:

  • Just type in *805# and hit the dial from a registered Glo line.
  • Again, Select your bank of choice and the amount of airtime to top over.
  • And still, you’ll get an evidence response, If successful.

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