How To Sleep With A Stomach Ulcer


How To Sleep With A Stomach Ulcer – Stomach ulcers can be very disturbing and very serious if not cared for. When talking of one of the most common illnesses in the country ulcer is on the list. However, many people do not take it that seriously, instead, they see it as something that will ill with time but the case is the reverse.

Stomach Ulcer can be very disturbing as the cramps generated is very painful. If you are having a tough time sleeping with a stomach ulcer there are some things you can do to help you sleep. we would be discussing that in our article.

What Is Stomach Ulcer?

Just unlike a wound left untreated, the sore begins to irritate and cause other issues or severe pain. Ulcer works in that way, however, the pain caused here can be very painful and needs to be attended to with immediate attention.

When acidic substances touch a sensitive part of the skin such as injury there is this pain that comes with it, imagine you dropping a pinch of acid on a fresh or opened wound you get a severe pinch or bite that result in severe pain. 

In other words, the Stomach Ulcer is a painful sore in the stomach lining which results from when the digestive tract (Small Intestine or Stomach)  is been eaten up by the release of this acidic substance. This acidic substance can cause a painful sore that may bleed.

A stomach Ulcer is a type of Peptic Ulcer. A stomach ulcer is also known as Gastric Ulcer. There is a mucus substance that protects your stomach lining from this acidic substance if this mucus is not present, the acidic substance finds its way to your stomach or intestine lining thereby eating them up and causing pains.

Should I worry Over My Stomach Ulcer?

A stomach Ulcer is a mild health issue if attended to however if it is left unattended this could be very dangerous. So, if you experience any of these Ulcer symptoms such as weight loss, dull pain in the stomach, bloating, heartburn, burping or acid reflux, nausea or vomiting, and feeling easily full. You should visit the doctor for care.

How To Sleep With Stomach Ulcer

When you have pains as a result of stomach ulcers, especially during bedtimes and you have difficulties sleeping. There are some things you can do to avoid this. 

Sleep is very essential to make well-being without a good night’s rest, one’s health might be jeopardized as this is when you revitalize for the next day. Missing sleep is very dangerous. So avoiding not having a great night’s rest due to a stomach ulcer is actually avoidable.

Following these simple things, you should be able to manage and have a good night’s sleep or sleep overall.

  • Medications

A stomach Ulcer is a health disorder that can be managed and probably treated permanently. As this health issue can resurface but avoid resurfacing you need to follow treatment judiciously.

There are medications available over-the-counter you can take or that might be prescribed by your doctor. So it is advisable if you have any symptoms you visit your doctor earlier for treatment. This is probably the first and permanent way to manage stomach ulcers.

Your doctor might prescribe some drugs for stomach ulcers which might include antibiotics, antacids, proton pump inhibitors, histamine-2 receptor antagonists, and cytoprotective agents. Taking these drugs before bedtime might help neutralise the release of acidic substances in the stomach which could add to a perfect sleep and the first step to having a permanent cure for ulcers.

  • Adjust Your Sleeping Position

If you are having stomach disturbance while sleeping, and do not have your medication you can also try adjusting your sleeping position. It is wrong to lie on your stomach if pain occurs. This will only help trigger the pain.

You should try either of these sleeping positions they can help to reduce the pain. Try sleeping on your back while your face is faced upward. Make sure your head is rested on a pillow and your knees if possible are elevated by a pillow this helps to reduce the pressure that would be directed to your stomach. This is not a hundred per cent feasible, however, research has it that it helps reduces the compression of the digestive system and also the flow of the acidic substance might be difficult.

If you probably do not find this position interesting, you can try sleeping on your side. Do note that when you are sleeping on your side, you should be sleeping on your left and not right side with this you should have a good sleep.

  • Adjust Your Diet

When you know you are trying to manage your stomach there are foods you should avoid. These foods can trigger ulcer pain. Good foods are important to your health however, with stomach ulcers what you eat and how you eat matters.

As this could cause an inflow of acidic substances which can cause reactions to the open sores which results in pain and burns. So spicy food and those full of the acidic substance you should be very far from them. Foods like baked foods, cakes and others, fried food as well, fried chicken or any fatty food, tomatoes, pineapples, ice creams, milkshakes and others. You would also need to avoid drinks like coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol and others. All of these can trigger stomach ulcers.

Remember not to go near these foods before you go to bed and also learn to eat light instead of heavy.

You must be wondering what then should you be eating, foods rich in fibre are ideal food for ulcer patients, such as beans, legumes, fish, eggs,  yellow vegetables and others. You can visit this link to know what to eat and what not to eat.

As stated earlier, it is important to watch how you eat, eat at least three hours before bedtime and do not eat heavy at once, you can breakdown on how you eat, say you eat three times a week, you can make it six times by breaking it, with this you don’t have to miss out in necessary meal nutrients.

These three things can be done to avoid or reduce the cause of pain during sleep as you really need your sleep. Also, remember when you are managing Stomach Ulcers always try to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid habits such as drinking, smoking (if you are smoking), a dirty environment, and not sleeping early. All these could result in poor management of stomach ulcers.


A stomach ulcer is a manageable and curable health issue if treated accordingly can leave the patient. However, many people do not take it seriously. If not cared for it can result in a life-threatening condition. It is a condition that is caused by acidic substances eating up the wall of the digestive system.

If you are having difficulties sleeping, there are some things you can do to help ease the pain that would be generated from this condition. We have made a list of what you can do to make you sleep with a stomach ulcer. We hope you find this really helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two recommended sleeping positions that are considered good for ulcer, which is lying on your back while your head is elevated by a pillow and Sleeping on your side, the left side is the best sleeping position.

There are no measures to know if your ulcer is healing, it is best you continue with your medications and live a healthy lifestyle. Also, remember to visit your doctor for a routine check.

Ulcers may stay as long as 8 weeks, however, it is advisable to continue with your medications otherwise advised by your doctor because ulcers may resurface.


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