How To Tie Gele Yourself

A gele is a head serape worn by women of western Nigeria as part of their traditional Buba culture. And you can tie a gele in a variety of ways, but the most common way to tie up this head serape involves pleating. 

(A). The tying a Gele Yourself

1. Fold your scarf in half lengthwise.

Just about any scarf will work for a gele. And it needs to be long enough so that you can trim it over your head, also hold each end in each hand, with your arms outstretched.

2. The trimming of the scarf over your forehead.

Just ensure that the folded edge is covering your hairline. And the scarf should be centered, with equal quantities hanging off to either side.

3. Then pull back the tails and cross them at your Nape

Then be sure to take the left and right ends of the scarf, and pull them back behind your neck. Cross the left side over the right. And hold both ends tense so that the fabric is nice and snug across your forehead. Then, angle the left and right sides so that they cover both of your ears down to the earlobes.

4. Then, trim the right side of the scarf across your forehead.

Position the fabric so that the new side edge is just behind the former edge. And do not worry if your fabric wrinkles because this is actually a good thing!


5. Then cross the tails over your left ear.

Then pull the right side of the scarf down towards your left ear, and hold it in place. And again, pull the left end of the scarf overhead so that it covers the right.

6. Then wrap the left side of the scarf across your forehead and towards the previous one.

Again, place the fabric so that the new edge is just behind the former one, therefore creating further pleats.

7. Then tuck the end under the verge at your nape.

Still, it should be able to slip the end of your scarf right under the verge, and not worry about it slipping, If you tie your gele tightly enough. And however, be sure to tuck all the tassels in, If your scarf has a borderline.

8. Then acclimate the pleats, and produce further pleats as demanded.

Acclimate the crowds and pleats across your forehead first. Again, use your fritters to edge the crimps in the top layers of fabric to produce more pleats. And again there isn’t a specific rule as to how many pleats you should do, so. just go with what you suppose it looks like.

9. Then tuck in any loose ends, also pull the gele back a little.

Check your gele in the glass at colorful angles. And however, tuck them unde the band of the gele, If you spot any corners that are hanging out. Just pull the gele back so that it rests right at your hairline.

(B). The tying of Gele on your Clients

1. Then place the scarf across her forehead

Make sure that the scarf is out- centered, with the right side being longer than the left side. And the long, folded edge should be behind her forehead.

2. Then get your fingers into position.

Place both of your thumbs on the eyebrows, holding the edge of the fabric, right above her eyebrows. And place your forefingers under the fabric, right under her skin.

3. Then use your fingers and thumb to pleat the fabric.

Again, ensure you hook your forefingers while bringing them towards your thumbs. And meanwhile, pin the folded fabric down against the rest of the fabric, creating a pleat. 

4. Then extend the pleats down the right side of the fabric.

Have your free hand reach up and hold the pleats against the left side of her head. Then use your forefinger to produce more pleats, making sure that they connect with the ones that you formerly made.

5. Then wrap the fabric towards the reverse and cross the ends.

Take both ends of the fabric towards the reverse of her head. And then take the end that you just finished plating that’s the longer one and cross it over the other  shorter end.

6. Then pull the pleated end over the top of your head and refold the pleats.

Take the long, pleated end of the fabric and trim it over her head. And then work your way from the right ear down towards the left one. And also keep the pleats tight and the fabric above them loose.

7. Then Tie both ends of the fabric behind her head.

Manipulate the fabric in such a way that the edges facing the bottom are tight, and the edges facing the up are loose.

8. Then shape and plait the fabric on the top of her head.

By now, you’ll have lots of loose fabric on the top of her head. So using your fingers, plait the fabric from top to the bottom, then center the outside. And suppose it is to create a halo or crown. Then leave a subcaste of fabric covering the top and back of her head.

9. Then tuck or fold the fabric at the back.

At this point, you’ll have lots of loose fabric at the back of her head. And you can fold this fabric over many times into a nice, neat band, or you can tuck it into the knot.

Some Important Tips

Pull the gele tight at first, so that it’s nice and secure. And also keep the final wraps loose so that you can plait them.

And there’s no specific wisdom to tying a gele. Because a large part of it has to do with sculpturing the fabric using your iq. And again, not all fabrics will plait, fold, and trim the same way, because materials differ. So treat each material the way they will correspond

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