How to Trace Your Nigerian Passport/Travel Document Number Online

Trace Nigerian Passport Number: When applying for a visa, you would always be asked where your passport book number or in this case where your Nigeria passport book number is.

You can easily trace your passport number by going to the immigration office or passport center nationwide but how about tracing your Nigerian passport online? This might seem strange because you probably haven’t come across this as a requirement for applying for visas or what it even means. It is simpler to recognize that you might thing. “How is that so?” you may ask. That is exactly what I’d be showing you in this article.

Before we even go into explaining how to trace Nigerian passport book number, let’s first address what a Nigeria Passport Book is.

What Nigerian Passport Book?

The Nigerian passport book is one of the many means of identification for a Nigerian citizen. Other valid means of identification for a Nigerian citizen are voter’s registration card, National ID card, Nigeria driver’s license and a few others.

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Of all these means of identification as a Nigerian citizen, the internationally accepted one is the Nigerian passport book. It is also the most comprehensive.

Information on a Nigeria Passport Book

  • Name ( Surname and given names)
  • Country code
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Place of birth
  • Date of issue
  • Date of expiry
  • Personal number
  • Authority
  • Holder’s signature
  • Passport
  • Passport number

What is the Nigerian Passport Book Number?

Now this is the main reason for this article. Another question you might ask is, “Where is the Nigerian Passport Book Number located?” The Nigerian Passport Book Number or Passport No. is the eight alphanumeric digits you find at the top right corner of your Nigerian passport page.

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The Nigerian passport book number or passport number can never be repeated because it is the identification number for a particular completed Nigerian passport book application.

It is unique to each person even when you are renewing your Nigeria passport. Think of it like your matriculation number in school, your mobile phone number and other similar means of identification which are unique to each individual.

Importance of the Nigerian Passport Book Number

  • It is needed when applying to the embassy of any country
  • It is a valid means of identification which is unique to only you
  • Some employers need it before you are employed
  • If you ever lose your passport in Nigeria or in any other country, the Nigerian Passport Book Number being made available to the authorities can help you renew it or process a new one since all your registered details are attached to the passport number.
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Nigerian Passport Book Number FAQs

♦ Can I use my Nigerian passport book in place of my National ID card for verification?

Yes, you can. It performs the same function which is to verify that you are who you claim you are.

♦ Where can I apply for a Nigerian Passport Book?

You can start your online registration via the official Nigerian Immigration service online portal : , fill in the correct the details, save the document, print it then move to the Nigerian Immigration Service Passport Office for your state of residence to complete the registration process.

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