How To Use MTN Points To Buy Data

How To Use MTN Points To Buy Data

How To Use MTN Points To Buy Data-You may be wondering what to do with all of your Pulse point rewards as an MTN Pulse tariff customer rather than simply leaving them hanging. Your MTN Pulse points have two uses: conversion and redemption. This article will look at how to use MTN points to buy data or airtime.


One N1 is equivalent to or worth one pulse point. In other words, your 50 pulse points will be N50. And 200 pulse points are equal to N200’s value. As a result, imagine having that many pulse points without any data or airtime. You could decide to use them to make a call. Below we have explained in detail how to use MTN points to buy data or airtime.

What Is MTN Pulse?

MTN Pulse is a prepaid tariff package that offers clients reduced call rates across all local networks, nightlife bundles of up to 2GB for N200, and the ability to accrue points that can be traded for free data. After the first 60 seconds of the day at 27k/sec, you may enjoy a FLAT rate of 11.26k/sec for calls across all local networks in Nigeria with this tariff plan. MTN Pulse is a fantastic Tariff Plan! The majority of young people are on this tariff plan because it provides a low-cost data plan, which is what most young people want!

What Is MTN Pulse Points

Any subscriber on the MTN Pulse tariff plan who purchases or gifts data plans (daily, weekly, and monthly), music time, nightlife bundles, makes calls (local, international, and roaming), purchases bundles for Instagram and TikTok, and uses the MyMTNApp will get MTN Pulse Points as compensation.


Additionally, you will get several pulse points when you initially migrate to MTN pulse. You only get these points once. If you decide to migrate to another plan and then migrate back to MTN pulse to earn more points, you will get nothing. Besides, you’ll lose the previously acquired points if you migrate to another plan. So there’s no need to migrate because you’ll lose at the end. 

Your points rise each time you make all the purchases required to earn them, and they are good for usage in the year they are earned. The 31st of December 2022 marks the expiration date for all points earned in 2022. For each activity that is eligible, you get a different number of points. For instance, you only get 1 point for a 5-minute call.

What Are Pulse Points Used For?

Any data plan, including daily, weekly, and monthly options, as well as night plans, Instagram, and TikTok bundles, may be purchased using your pulse points. One pulse point is equal to 1 naira. In other words, if you have 100 points, you may use them to purchase a bundle for 100 Naira. Similar to that, if you have 1000 points, you may use them to buy a plan for 1000 Naira, like a monthly plan.


How To Use MTN Points To Buy Data

  • To redeem points, enter *406*7# and choose 2.
  • To use it to purchase a data bundle (daily, weekly, and monthly) that your point balance will allow, enter 1.
  • Use response 2 for the Night plan.
  • To use your pulse point to buy an IG or TikTok bundle, enter 3.

If your balance is insufficient to cover that specific data bundle, you may also just call the regular subscription code for any of the data bundles and choose points as your form of payment. Points may be used to purchase a data bundle on their own or in combination with airtime. But remember that you will not earn any points when you purchase a data plan with Pulse Points, and the same is true when you mix airtime and points.

How To Check Mtn Pulse Point

The MTN code for checking your pulse is *406#. 

  • To check your pulse point, dial *406#
  • Choose 7 (Pulse Points) 
  • Then choose 1 (Points Balance).

When you dial that, an instantaneous display of your pulse points balance will appear. The pulse points are equal to naira. Therefore one pulse point is equal to one naira, one hundred pulse points are equal to one hundred naira, and so on. 

Therefore, whatever pulse points you have may be used to purchase any data plan whose price is expressed as several pulse points in naira; for example, 200 pulse points can be used to purchase a 200 naira data plan, and 1000 pulse points can be used to purchase a 1000 naira data plan, and so on.

How To Check MTN Pulse Data Balance

Open your call app, then dial *131*4# or text 2 to 131 to check your MTN pulse data balance. You will be notified through a pop-up or SMS of your remaining amount.

Advantages Of Using MTN Pulse

  • Bonus points that can be converted to airtime.
  • Calls are charged at a flat rate of 11.26k/sec. After spending N15.36k daily across all local networks
  • Music+ streaming at $10 per day 
  • Pulse Nightlife Bundles 750MB 3-day data plan @300 1.5GB Weekly data plan @500 (250MB Pulse Nightlife bundle for N25 and 500MB Pulse Nightlife bundle for N50)
  • Instagram Bundles: InstaBinge Lite 250MB for $100 valid for 24 hours and InstaBinge Heavy 1GB for $200 valid for three days
  • MTN’s data bonus on recharge, as well as other life-enriching goods and services

Frequently Asked Questions

When you initially switch to the MTN Pulse pricing plan or sign in to the MyMTN app, you may earn these points. Paying for data subscriptions and recharging your phone will get you to pulse points. Additionally, anytime a caller makes a cumulative call lasting more than five minutes, they might gain pulse points. You must be subscribed to MTN’s Pulse pricing plan in order to earn these points. All accrued pulse points are lost if you quit the MTN pulse pricing plan.

MTN Pulse Points may be used to purchase daily, weekly, and monthly data plans. Additionally, you may purchase nightlife plans and IG/Tiktok bundles with your MTN Pulse Point.

On the first recharge of the month, you will get a 10 MB data bonus On MTN pulse. By activating a data bundle, you may earn points. Its customers may redeem their points for free data. MTN offers Pulse Nightlife Bundles with data limits ranging from 1GB to 2GB (250MB bundle for N25 and 500MB bundle for N50.


MTN Pulse is primarily for adults who use a lot of data, while mPulse is primarily for youngsters. Although mPulse provides data and airtime, MTN Pulse has a higher data rate. Second, another distinction between MTN and mPulse is the absence of a nighttime data package.

Dial *406# to redeem your MTN Pulse Points. Choose whichever data package you wish to redeem it with by selecting it, then Redeem Points and click OK.

Enter *482# in the code. To check your MTN points balance, choose option 1.

MTN Rewards is a loyalty point-based program created to give MTN valued customers points for every time you use your MTN number. Your acquired points may be exchanged for incredible discounts from certain third-party suppliers as well as on-net prizes like airtime and data bundles.




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