How To Write An Informal Letter

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How To Write An Informal Letter – Though gone are the days when people write letters to friends and families before the days of the internet and technology. Days when man had to write messages via paper sending it through postal.


One has to learn to write it the right way because this could differentiate it from the formal letter. However, this does not mean that people do not still write letters.

Even in modern times sending informal letters through email or others you would still need to write in the appropriate order.

There are simple steps to follow to write a formal letter which we would be discussing in this article.


What Is An Informal Letter?

Though informal letters are written freely without any restrictions, it is also important to know that informal letter has a specific pattern.

Informal letters are messages written to close or related persons in other words Informal letters are written to close acquaintances such as friends and families (Brothers, Cousins, Sisters, Fathers, Mothers, Uncles, Aunties and others).

Compared to the Formal letter which is written in a corporate setting makes use of mindful language. Informal letters do not make use of casual language or restricted languages. 


In other words, one can literally use any language and can use it anyhow they wish to though would still need to follow a pattern.

What Must Be Included In An Informal Letter

As they are no patterns to writing an informal letter, one must learn to provide the necessary information in an informal letter; these are the necessary information that must be provided in an informal letter.

  • Address
  • Date
  • Greeting
  • Introduction Paragraph 
  • Body of the Letter
  • Conclusion and 
  • Signature.

Writing An Informal Letter

Now, we would be discussing how to put your informal letter together.

  • Address

You are starting with the address, here you are to write your address in complete form to include your house number, street name, community, state and country, with other address information if available such as postcode. 

The address is written at the top right of the page.  You are to separate each end with a comma and end the address with a full stop. Why you write the address is to provide the recipient with a piece of address information so that reply is needed.

  • Date

The date is also important as it gives the recipient information about when it was written. The date is written right below the address and ends with no full stop. Once you conclude this then you jump to the salutation.

How To Write An Informal Letter
  • Greeting

The greeting is very important, you don’t just jump into the discussion at least you acknowledge the person you are sending the mail to. Since you know exactly who you are sending the mail to, and this person is related. You can address the person by the name “Dear Femi”, Dear Daddy and others. 

How To Write An Informal Letter

If you are writing to someone who you respect or regard, you can use this format Dear Mr/Mrs. Tunde. The greeting is a very prominent aspect of the letter, and don’t forget it is written at the right corner of the page of the next drop. See below for an example.

  • Introduction Paragraph

For every writing up whether a letter or an article there should be an introductory part before you go into the discussion. There is a need to place the introductory aspect. Normally the formal letter has its style while the informal letter does.

How To Write An Informal Letter

You can start by checking on the person you are sending the mail to, you can start with a warm tone. You can this way, “I hope you are doing great and this letter meets you well” or How are you doing and your family”. Do not bore the reader with loads of introduction paragraphs. A 20-word sentence is okay.

  • Body Of The Letter

In the body of the letter, here you have the bone of contention. This is where you put out all your heart. There is no limit to what you should say, no restriction on the use of language and no lent to what you write whether it is two pages or more as long as you can pass that information.

How To Write An Informal Letter

The Body of the letter carries all the information you need. And remember to avoid being too boring and use simple words to make your message clear and easily understood by the reader. If what you need to say can be put in one box, please do that and make it short.

  • Conclusion

This is where you wrap up the all discussion, bring it with a very clear and understanding note. The conclusion should summarize all that you have said and also state your expectation of a response from the recipient. This should be added to the mail. 

Do not forget to bid the recipient farewell.

  • Closing Remark

Closing a mail is very important and unlike a formal letter where you are required to close the mail with a signature, an informal letter do not need to close in that format like the formal letter where you are limited.

The informal letter does not limit you on how you should sign your mail. Though you won’t be doing it in signature format. Here are some ways you can sign the mail.

  • Yours Lovely,
  • Best Heart,
  • Your Truly Brother,
  • Warm Regards,
  • Kind Regards 

And many others, remember to place this at the bottom of the mail on the left corner and also add your name to it.

With this simple explanation of how to write a simple informal letter, you should be able to put down your next informal letter to that friend, cousin, brother, sister, father, mother, aunties and others.


Here is a sample of an Informal Letter.


An informal letter is a letter written to families and friends or acquaintances, unlike a formal letter which is written to a business partner or on a corporate basis. The Informal letter allows you to freely write with limited or no restriction on how you write. An Informal letter is the easiest to write.

When writing an Informal letter you need not bother use of language and others. An informal letter is a letter that does not have a format but has a pattern you can follow to have a well-written letter. Here we have provided you with the pattern. That is, how to write an informal letter. We hope you find this insightful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Informal letters are more casual, so you can start in the body of the letter by asking about the receiver’s wellbeing, in other words by checking on the receiver. You could say, “I have missed you and I hope you are doing great”.

An Informal letter must include, The Address, The Date, The Salutation, The Body and The Signature.


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