“I am nothing without you” Lawyer Lays Down To Thank His Mother. [Video]

"I am nothing without you" Lawyer Lays Down To Thank His Mother
“I am nothing without you” Lawyer Lays Down To Thank His Mother. [Video]

A Nigeria lawyer identified as Harmonihie has had his video trending on social media lately.

Harmonihie, who was recently called to bar shared on he is Instagram page a video of him prostrating his heartfelt appreciation to his mother.

Parents love and support are usually the most significant in a child’s life. The pain they go through,  the pressure from here and there and the inconvenience they had to bear to see that their children become great.

This lawyer understood what his mother had to bear in order for him to achieve the level of success he has now.

He showed his appreciation in such a sweet way, telling the world that he is nothing without his mother as she is the source of his life and no matter where he goes and who he becomes he will forever be humble to her.

In the video,  the happy lawyer was found laying at the foot of his mother and pouring out praises and thanks to her.

He captioned his video:

“My King maker, my queen. I will forever honour you mum, no matter how big or how famous I get. You are my source of life. I don’t care whoever is looking.”

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Social Media Users Reactions:

@mizgrace5 commented
That’s great. There’s nowhere you’ll go that your parents‘ prayers have not been. All the best.”

@official_jimcally said:
God please bless me to take care of my Mom more.”

@domingo_loso reacted:
“I was touched. Mummy to the world.” “Same here, I know this feeling. Without my mother I don’t know where I would have been.”


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