” I cried a little ” Medicine & Surgery Graduate Who Took Loans To Pay Tuition Fees

A young and beautiful lady identified as Lehasa Nelisiwe Phelokazi Rethabile has taken to her Twitter page to share her experience and struggles earning her bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery from the free University, South Africa.

According to her, she referred to the certificate as a ‘piece of paper’ which cost her a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of challenges, inconveniences and finally bought her the last moment joy she had been waiting for.

One of the biggest challenges she went through was the fact that it was very uneasy for her to pay her tuition fees which led her into taking loans that she still currently pays as the time of sharing her post.

In her words;

“Held my “piece of paper” for the first time today cos I owed tuition fees and I’ve been paying the account off for a year, I cried a little,”

Social Media Users Reaction:

@MrSerene: “Congrats n I’m Inspired sis

@NelisiweLehasa like I have done nursing so I wanted to breach to Medicine once I gained more knowledge in work environment 😩😩😩✅💯 I’m so happy for u”

@KeletsoM: “Yoh, I’m so happy for you. I’m looking forward to doing the same, been 2 years and I’m still trying to pay off mine🥺 job hunting with academic record only is twice as difficult.”



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