‘ I know I have made her proud’_Medical Doctor Tells Story About His Late Mum

Today’s story is from Moses Isiagi and it’s one on the sad and emotional side but with a happy ending anyways.

Moses who is now a Medical Doctor with three degrees have come out to tell the world about his own story in this journey called life.

He stated how he lost his mom to a brain Disease in 2012 when he hadn’t become a Medical Doctor.

Maybe this incident pushed him to study Medicine and Surgery, who knew?

He recalled that in the year 2010, his loving mother who was the bread winner and back bone of the family had an accident.

The accident was caused by a hit-and-run car after she was coming back from th church, where she went to help in the decoration for a wedding.

Moses got an emergency call to come pick up his mother, he came over and took her to the hospital, where he was told that her eyes were really damaged.

After some time, which was 7 months later, Moses mother became completely blind from the effect of the accident.

“After running all the possible tests, her eyes were fine but she was blind. One year later, all eyesight was lost,” Moses narrated.

His family was completely shattered by her illness because there’s was a huge gap in the provision for the family now.

Moses narrated how he’s father struggled to keep up with providing for the family despite the fact that he had just lost his job from the newly elected government.

“Dad was always upcountry, the Goverment 🇺🇬 He had served in previously had given him a Job, but the new Government coming in with a Coup meant new people came in. So he had lost his Job. This is a reality in many African nations that have had coups.

“He had to do odd Jobs to help sustain the family,” he narrated.

Moses also stated how his mother went for different brain surgeries and how his father just couldn’t stand seeing her going through all the pain and had to leave because he was in pain himself.

Unfortunately to the family, three days after the brain surgery, his mother became brain dead and passed away.

But at the end of it all today, Moses is thankful to God for his own achievements of three degrees as a medical doctor and says that he knows he has made his late mum proud.

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