‘ I make $2,000 a month’ Nigerian Medical Student Tells His Story

Today’s story is quite a very inspiring one for all the youths out there especially the Nigerian youths.

This story concerns a Nigerian Medical Doctor who was a ‘victim’ of the Nigerian frustrating education system until he got to his turning point and things changed drastically for him.

He got admitted into the university in 2011 to study biochemistry even if his course of choice was Medicine and Surgery.

In 2012, he decided to take JAMB examinations again to apply for Medicine but things didn’t work out this year too.

In 2013, he decided he changed his choice of institution but still didn’t get the course and almost gave up before his uncle convinced him to try one more time.

He finally got admission to study Medicine and Surgery. So he had to start from 100 level again even if he was in 300 level already.

He mentioned how the institution was struggling with accreditation problems and this caused him to get stuck in the messy educational system.

In 2016, all the medical students were sent home. This was where everything started to shift for him.

He stated that he was in touch with a friend he found on a popular Nigerian forum (Nairaland). This friend introduced him to the world of making money online.

At first, he was skeptical about it mostly because of the figures he was shown. Just like any Nigerian, he thought it could only be Cyber crimes (Yahoo).

Nevertheless, he decided to give it a try and so became a freelancer. He signed up on one of the biggest freelance sites (Fiverr) and he started to offer script writing gigs to clients outside Nigeria.

It was as smooth as possible, but with consistent practice and self Education he got from online sources, he became a GURU in the skill.

He also started offering movie writing gigs, which was what caused a major shift in his earnings. In no time at all, he was making $2,000 a month which was around N900,000 then.

He also stated how he has been able to assist his parents financially in one way or the other.
He described the feeling as a ‘ sweet experience’

He also mentioned that he has been able to invest in landed properties, built an apartment for rent for his parents, travelled to a lot of countries like Dubai, Ghana, South Africa and he’s been able to save over N4.5 in his piggyvest wallet.

You can say this is indeed inspiring and if you’re a student reading this right now, then you should know that this is the time to put your mobile to use, get hold of skill and Start making some money for you and your family.

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