“I only read my books the night before exams” Babcock Best Graduating Student

The Best Graduating student of Babcock University known as Ayobola Makinde, has shared her story on how she achieved her academic feat.

She shared the good news on her LinkedIn page and stated some of her challenges as well what she did to attain this height she has reached.

She narrated that she would only read her books a night before her exams, and advised that other students shouldn’t follow what she did, but rather study and prepare ahead of time.

Her LinkedIn Post Read;

“Today, I graduated from Babcock University as the best student in the School of Science and Technology with a CGPA of 4.72 in Agricultural Economics. And all I can say is God did it, because truly, it could only be God. Of all the ‘God did it’s’ that you’ve ever seen, this one most likely beats them hands down. 
“I say this because the story of achievement is not like many others in its category. Until my final year, (project na my mate??😂😭), I had very few stories of sleepless nights, or tireless study or library visits; all I had and still have is God’s grace and nothing else. I did just enough to get me by- nothing special or extraordinary as would be expected with such an achievement. 
“I went to class, and wrote my notes, and started reading the week just before exams, or even the night before, but God carried me to this place still. 
“I realize that this story of mine may rub off the wrong way on certain people- how dare I say I didn’t do anything? Can’t I carry my private school first class and go😒? But really, this isn’t to advise anyone to go in this path, in fact, I can now only imagine what this story could have been if I had aspired for more. So if you can relate to this in any way, ASPIRE FOR MORE! You are capable of doing so much more❤️.
“I’m putting this out there as a child of an intentional Father, to remind myself in the coming phases to reach for more. That said, I am proud of you Ayobola! Abba is proud of you🥺❤️.


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