‘i pay my school fees through farming’ Geography Student Reveals

In an interview with MultiCBD, a 23 year old Ghanian Graduate of Geography has revealed that tilling the soil has been able to see him through school and also cater for his family.

He explained that farming is one of those lucrative businesses out there that is so fufiling and the most disregarded.

He has encouraged youths to invest in any type of farming at all and avoid illegal way of making money.

He also revealed that his father was a renowned farmer and has won several awards in this field too.

He mentioned that at a very tender age, he was accompanying his father to the farm and since then, he has loved farming with all his heart.

In the interview, he also showed the numerous lands he worked on and revealed that aside from crop farming, he also has a fish farm where he rears different species of fishes like the mud fish and tilapia fish.

He also revealed that going to schools was not a waste of time at all as he now uses the knowledge of Geography to understand a lot about the earth and how he can use it to his advantage to yield more for himself.

If you might be having some form of financial issues, then maybe you should consider starting your own farm business, it doesn’t take a lot initial capital to start something.

You could take lands on lease and plant some important crops like cassava, corns, vegetables and when the time is due, you can sell them off for a huge profit and eventually start growing.

And if you’ve had an interest in farming but still not sure if you really want to be called a farmer, then this is your sign to get into it.

People will always need to eat food and therefore farmers will will never go out of style.

Don’t forget the richest man in Nigeria is a farmer. So don’t sleep on this, if you have the opportunity or Interest in farming.

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