” I wanted to be a Lawyer” Young Lady Who Is Now A Carpenter Tells Her Story

nana adizibli
nana adzibli

This is the story of a young hardworking Ghanian Lady who had dreams of being established in the corporate world but due to circumstances, she had to switch between several careers before she found the one that gives her satisfaction.


Nana Adzigbli is a female Ghanian who shared her inspiring story in an interview with Yen. She mentioned that her dream as a young girl growing up was to become a Lawyer but that dream slowly faded away after secondary school when her parents couldn’t afford to enroll her in a higher institution.

She also stated that in her quest to earn a living while finding her purpose in life, she tried a lot of things like modeling, acting, TV presenting, and marketing but none of these things gave her the satisfaction or return she really wanted.

It was later that she remembered what her father had said to her a long time ago;
“you will never be successful in any career aside from carpentry. You are born to lead the feminine generation into creativity”


Nana Made the decision that she was going to become a carpenter. She kick-started with the little knowledge she had from her father who was also a carpenter.

Today, she’s inspiring a lot of females out there that there are no such things as a “man’s job” and that they should go after whatever they find interest in. She has become very successful in the industry that she now owns her own car and she completed her family’s house.




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