‘I Was A Regular School Fees Debtor’_ Singer Crayon shares his story

Dreams do come true and if you can dream it then you can do it!

This was certainly the case for the used to be upcoming but now successful artiste.

Charles Chibueze Chukwu popularly known for his stage name as Crayon AKA Cray Way is a mavins signed and apparently a used to be school fees debtor.

In our society today, people tend to be very myopic in the perspective in the sense that they only see the better and good days of some many successful people in the world but truly neglect and forget that there really small and humble beginnings.

Our dear artiste crayon has brought our minds back to what life really was for him before the fame.

He came out on his official Instagram page to talk about how he went to visit his Alma matter (his secondary school ); Treasure Court College.

He recounted how he used to struggle to pay his school fees and that the most crazy part was that he was in school debt until the day of his WAEC.

Funny enough, from the sound of things, crayon was maybe a notorious student because he also stated that he used to get flogged by his teachers when he was caught sagging his shorts.

According to him, he didn’t just want to visit the school to show off or get back at the teachers that used to flog him for sagging his uniform shorts rather he visited the school to motivate and inspire each and everyone of the students that really nothing is impossible and if he could wringle out such hard times and become the star he is today, then so can they do it to.

In his own words:

“So I went to my secondary sch that I graduated from “Treasure court college” to motivate and inspire every kid that if I can do it they can do it too, and it was so special and emotional for me cos omo I used to be regular debtor in sch, I was owing sch fees till my waec day crazy!”

We found this out through the video he put on his Instagram page.

He also stated that since the inception of his secondary school, he is the first star to be produced and he really prays and hopes that more stars like him are birthed from the school.

“I remember my girl crying for me cos she thought I wouldn’t be able to write chemistry practical 😭 my mum came to pay last minute though, I remember I used to get whooped in class for sagging 💔😂 and now coming back to the school as the only star that the school has ever produced since the inception is an amazing feeling! I hope to see the school produce more stars in the nearest future on God amen!❤️🙏🏽” He captioned the video

It was such a pleasing sight to see how crayon was being so friendly and relatable to the students in the school.

In the video, he was found dancing, laughing, taking selfies and photos and even autographing the students uniforms. It must have been a dream come true for those students.

He also went as far as performing one of the most hottest Nigerian tunes today ( Overloading) for the students as they all danced with the artiste.

There was also a clip of him when he entered the staff room and prostrated great respect for his teachers by lying on the floor. This really proved how crayon is still very humble despite the heights he has reached in life.

Alright we do hope that after reading all of these, that you are inspired and motivated to go after your dreams despite the current challenges you might be going through right now.

And this isn’t just for secondary school students but for those in the higher institutions as well.

Financial issues could be your number one issue right now but just like crayon it would be a story you’d laugh at while telling other people about it later on in life.

So if you found this post, it’s not just a coincidence, it’s a sign to stop worrying so much about the present situation and Start focusing on your future and dreams and someday, you’d get celebrated too.


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