‘ I was called a lazy failure’ Story Of A Struggling Student.

If you are a student who might be having issues scaling through with academics just as smoothly as every body else, then read this inspiring story to the end.

This story is based on real life experiences. And it has to do with a successful man whose name is Seth Perler.

Seth Perler has told his story over and over again where ever ( YouTube channel, Websites, Podcasts, Interviews) he feels will benefit people especially student.

Seth disclosed that once upon a Time in his ‘academic life’, he was referred to as a ‘lazy failure’. This was because he was so bad in class with his grades always fluctuating on the lower side.

Seth Perler, is an Executive Function Coach and Consultant with extensive experience addressing extraordinarily diverse learning needs like ; Teaching students with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and other executive function challenges, Teaching Special Education students with developmental disabilities e.g. Autism, Asperger’s.

According to Seth, when he got into 1st grade, he was not the best of students as he wasn’t meeting the requirements of being at least the average in class.

He spoke about what his teachers would rate and comment on his report card;

“Slow worker. Very easily distracted. Loves school. Wants to be helpful. Very short attention span and never really gets into his work. Exhibits a very deep feeling and enjoyment. He loves stories. If I could only get him stimulated I know he would do well. He is a very thoughtful child. I think he is much brighter than he lets on and my hope is that as he matures and his short attention span increases, he will show greater academic progress.”

While he went further into other grades, the rates and comments even changed for the worse.

“Lazy. Unmotivated. Not living up to his potential. Daydreams. Needs to work harder. Doesn’t try his best. Doesn’t pay attention. Needs to focus. If he would just apply himself, he’d be okay”

Seth was adopted at 3 months old, he had the best childhood care from his parents but the issue was that they felt that something was actually off with him because of how his grades were doing.

But according to Seth, aside from school, he was so passionate and brilliant about other things in life.

” I would draw entire stories on giant rolls of paper, spanning 30 feet or more. I would collect countless random objects to examine, take things apart, make cool inventions. I was a free-spirited dreamer, adventuring through my world — but schooling would minimize this” he said

Years went on and he graduated from high school and luckily he managed to pass S.A.T and got admitted into Ball State University in a remedial program and on probation.

” I completely failed the fall semester and was put on academic probation. I then failed the spring semester, was officially kicked out of college and moved back home with the folks” he stated

Seth finally got to his turning point where he decided to take responsibility of what ever happened in his life and so decided that he wanted a change.

He got a minimum wage job at indianpolis where he walked with kids and where he met his first mentor and the woman who apparently changed his life.

Seth met Candy Hammond, who was a teacher. He was so awed about the excellent techniques she employed to teach kids, including those that had one learning disorder or the other.

” inspired me to want to be better at serving kids. I would watch in awe as she would artfully listen to the students on a level so deep, it was almost spiritual. She attuned to the kids, she saw what they really needed, but not as students first. She saw their needs as human beings first” he mentioned

Seth later realized that he wasn’t that sad and emotional kid he used to be, rather he was always wearing a wide and bright smile.

This made him, realize that he had just found his career path. He decided to go back to school so that he could become a teacher.

He stated that it was hard studying and understanding, but with the determination he had mixed with his passion to help kids, he succeeded.

And since then till today Seth has dedicated the rest of his life to helping kids with one learning disability or the other.

Hope this story inspires you, if at all you struggle with studying and being top in class.

Seth broke that barrier by becoming dedicated to work hard and so can you, if do you so.

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