"I was in the university for half a year, and I dropped out!" Omah Lay Explains Why He Dropped Out College

“I was in the university for half a year, and I dropped out!” Omah Lay Explains Why He Dropped Out College


Popular Nigerian Afrobeats Singer and Songwriter, Omah Stanley Dibia Known by his stage name Omah Lay has revealed in an interview while he gave up on school and dropped out just six months into the university.

The 25-Year-Old, revealed the reason why he left tertiary education to focus soley on his music career in an interview with DW.

The “Bad influence” crooner explained that he just couldn’t cope with schooling and focusing on his music career at the same time. It wasn’t going to be an easy task at all and one was going to suffer. This forced to make one of the greatest decisions of his life which was giving up school for music.


In his words:

I was in the university for like half a year, and I stopped. I just dropped out. Yeah, it was a hard choice to make because at that time I was just learning music production and I needed financing for school. I needed time for music production.
“Somehow, I just loved music production so much I could let go of school for music production. I felt like maybe sometime I will come back but when I got really deep into music production, I didn’t go back to school, and I didn’t even have the time”

“At some point, it felt like a wrong choice, but then, things started clicking, I started making beats that I love, that people wow. I started writing songs for people and people didn’t believe that that was me, and I just kept doing it until I found myself in Germany right now. I’m here right now, I’m doing this interview right now.” he added.



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