‘ I was scared of climbing up the ceiling’ Nigerian Female Engineer Reveals

A Beautiful and hard-working Nigeria female Engineer from the University Of Oyo identified as Mbuotidem Dickson, shared some photos of herself doing her job as an Engineer on her social media page.

She revealed why she chose a field that was predominantly dominated by men.
She revealed that since she was a little girl, she has always loved electronics and stuffs related.

Another reason, why she chose this field was because of her father’s influence too. Apparently her father was an engineer too and so encouraged her to go for the field after seeing her interest in electronics.

Fast forward to today, she is now a graduate of electrical and electronics engineering in the University of Uyo. And she’s been doing pretty well in this field.

“When I was was younger I took interest in electronics tho I never had it that I’d one day study the course related to it.

“I study electrical and electronics engineering in the University of Uyo, tho I intend to major on Power aspect of it

“My father also made me choose the job. Since he saw my interest his field, he encouraged me to study it, thereby fulfilling one of his greatest desires that one of his children should study something he did,” she said.

On her social media post, she narrated how it felt like when she first climbed up a ceiling to work.

In her words;

“The first time I climbed up the ceiling, it scared me so much that I never thought I would ever go up to work again. But here I am, doing what an engineer should.

“(Just know say that place I dey, high o on top bamboo wey rain don beat since March wey I go meet be that o😂😂)

“As an engineer of any field, it’s necessary that you should not just be an “Engineer” by degree but by experience.

“I’m beginning to see my life after school experience but then, I will be the Boss, supervising workers in any Electrical work contracts”

Nevertheless, she also revealed that one of her biggest challenges was that she found it really hard to cope with her male counterparts.

She stated that the time it took them to learn something was faster than what it took her and so it’s been a bit hard coping.

But still, she said that her male colleagues have always been a source of motivation to her and she really loves her job.

This story should give every lady th inspiration to thrive in a world of males.

If you love a particular field but Don’t want to go in to because yourself scared of what people would say or if you can really do it.

This is your sign to go after what your heart longs for and with dedication, hardwork and passion, you’ll be sure to scale through.

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