“If a BBNaija Winner can get N90m Why Can’t a Best Graduating Student” – Lecturer Dipo Awojide

Lecturer Dipo Awojide who’s famous on Twitter for his consistent push in academic excellence, and employability skills has thrown a query on the possibility of a best graduating student getting a cash prize of N90m like the BBNaija winner.

The cash prize is synonymous with what a BBNAIJA winner goes home with after the 90 days reality show.

According to him, universities give 10k and a useless handshake to the best brains.

He wrote;

“If a #BBNajia winner can get N9OM in cash price there is no reason why best graduating students across our prestigious federal and state universities should be getting N5K, N1OK or a useless handshake. We must do better. Academic excellence should be celebrated!

I am trying to save all of us the embarrassment of begging other countries. I am advocating for ways for us to become a true African giant.

I am not criticizing entertainment. Enjoy but don’t lose focus☺️🤷🏽‍♂️.

Until we prioritize the education sector and invest in our youth, it is likely we will continue begging for ‘ventilators and vaccines’ from countries that see education and research as priorities.”

Dipo BBNaija graduating N90m

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