10 Best Independent Schools In The United Kingdom

10 best Independent Schools in the United Kingdom

Best Independent School In The United Kingdom -As there are schools funded by the government, there are also privately owned schools, these privately owned schools sometimes provide the best service.

All over the world, individuals or organizations have been given a license to run a private institute for learning. The United Kingdom has several learning institutes.

London alone holds a pillar of learning. The city has one of the best schools in the United Kingdom, Europe and the world at large. When we begin to count the number of schools in the United Kingdom you might be surprised how many you can count.

Independent schools or private schools as called are institutes, colleges, universities or schools run and managed by private individuals, their finance and governance are free from the state or government.

Independent schools are one of the best school choices to go for because you are paying heavily for a service that should come out well. We would be discussing the best independent schools in the United Kingdom.

Independent Schools in the United Kingdom 

Independent schools are also known as private schools, however, in the United Kingdom, independent schools can be slightly different to private schools. However, both schools have the choice of running their curriculum different from the National Curriculum.

As stated earlier independent schools can be interchangeably used for private schools. The idea behind the independent school is that while it can be controlled by board members or trustees, a private school is run by the owner.

The Independent Schools in the United Kingdom can be traced far back to the 5th Century, these were the inclusion of the church, which was a non-profit organization. These Schools were not profit-orientated.

Schools like The king’s School Rochester, Sherborne School, wells Cathedral School and many more. These Schools paved the way for the modern-day independent schools that are now fee oriented as there were charitable schools. As the elite began to introduce its independent schools.

It has been summed up that in the United Kingdom as recorded in 2011, there are around 2,500 independent schools. Because these days, the buck of independent schools are classified as schools for the wealthy.

Their selection process can be rigorous and it has been criticized as the School for the elite. They use a means of common entrance examination to select their people and practically give an offer to students who show, academic excellence, sport, and musical excellence.

While some also give preference to children whose parents are of a particular religion. These independent schools provide the best for students.

List of 10 Best Independent Schools in the United Kingdom 

There are several independent schools, most are highly recognized in the United and have been ranked as the best in the United Kingdom.

They provide students with an exceptional learning environment, here is a list of the 20 best Independent Schools in the United Kingdom;

This is ranking is based on sources across and the school with the highest A’ grades accumulated by students;

Brighton College

The independent day and boarding school was established in the year 1845. It is a coeducational school, which accepts both male and female gender.

The school I located in Kemptown, Brighton. It is the first independent school established in the Victorian era. The school is a safe school free from any form of Inequality, gender, sexual orientation, religion and others.

The school’s fee is around £23,160 for day students and around £33,390 – £37,470 for boarding school students per annum, this was around 2018.

Brighton College is a place for academic excellence, as in 2019, the percentage of A and B accumulated in the A level was around 99%. Brighton College has other annexes around England and Abu Dhabi.

The school provides students with great extra curriculum activities and excellent sporting activities. Brighton College makes provision for Pre school, primary and secondary education.

St. Paul’s Junior 

Established in 1881, is an all-boys independent day school that provides students with an academy excellent. St. Paul’s Junior provides education from preparatory to junior school, that is from the age of 7 to 13 years.

The houses in the school are represented by Ash, Beech, Oak and Thorn. The school is located in Barnes, West of London. The school is also a great school for extracurricular activities.

Wycombe Abbey School

The Wycombe Abbey School is one of the oldest Independent Schools to the United Kingdom. The all-girls school was established in 1891.

The school has been rained as one of the best all-girls schools in England, it is located in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire England. The institute provides girls with an academy excellent. Each girl is placed in a different house.

Like in every other independent school, the school has several houses, Airlie, Barry, Butter, Cloister, Campbell, Pitt, Wendover, Lavender and others.

Wycombe Abbey School admits pupils from the age of 11, 13 and 16, it also has bursaries available and scholarships. It entry calendar for 2023 starts on 1 June, however, currently closed.

Extra curricular activities are not left out for the girls as they enjoy all forms of sporting activities. Wycombe is a day and boarding school for girls.

Concord College 

Concord College is an international school that promotes kindness, creativity and decency. The girls and boys independent school has been ranked the 5th best independent school for A’ Level results in the Daily Telegraph UK.

The day and boarding school is located in the heart of England, Shropshire, England. The school admits pupils between the age of 12 and 19. Its excellence in A’ Level and GCSE has placed the school in a top-ranking position.

Established in the year 1949, it provides students with a broad curriculum and other extracurricular activities. The day and boarding school starts its calendar year in September, pupils are expected to apply before September.

The academic fee for day students is around £16,200 per annum While boarding students pay £48,900 per annum. There is an option to pay per term.

Concord is a great school with an academy excellent.

Westminster school 

This is one of the oldest schools in the United Kingdom, Westminster school was established in the early 14th century and was re-established in 1560.

The coeducational school consist of day and boarding school. It is one of the most profound independent schools in the United Kingdom. The school is located in the city of little dean’s yard London, England. It has an affiliation with the church of St. Peter at Westminster.

The school is known to give an excellent academy as it has produced three Nobel laureates one of which is sir Richard Stone (prize winner in Economics).

The school is split into 11 houses which include Busby’s, College, Dryden’s, Purcell’s, Pink, Wren’s, Milne’s, Grant’s, Ashburnham, Hakluyt’s, and Rigaud’s.

The Institute provides admission to pupils of age 7 to 16. Also, the school has loads of bursaries and scholarships available for students. Aside from the school curriculum, there is a provision of extra curriculum activities.

Westminster School is a great place for the pupil to get great academy excellence.

Other best Independent schools in the United Kingdom include;

  • St. Mary School’s Ascot
  • Eton College
  • King’s College School
  • Magdalene College School
  • Queen’s College

While other honourable mentions are:

  • Elthan College
  • Nottingham High School
  • St Albans School
  • Trinity School
  • Putney High School
  • Merchant Taylors’ School
  • Downe House
  • Winchester College
  • James Allen’s Girls School
  • Rugby School


Independent Schools are a great place for students to learn, usually, they provide charitable and affordable fees, however, in recent days the fee can be on the high side. The United Kingdom has several Independent schools for pupils.

If you are looking to incorporate decency, modesty and well-behaved pupil, independent schools are a great place to admit students. Independent schools are also available for day and boarding students, girls and boys or all girls and all boys’ schools. With our list, we hope you can get the best independent schools for your child, both for international and national students who leave in the United Kingdom.


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