Don’t Miss Out On This INEC Recruitment

Don’t Miss Out On This INEC Recruitment


Have you been looking for work but haven’t found it? This is a fantastic chance for you to capitalize on.

Are you still wondering how to obtain the INEC Recruitment 2022/2023 Form? Have you read this guidance on job registration at If not, then please read this guide.

Candidates who can work in local government areas (LGAs) across the country in the roles below are welcome to apply.




  • General data management and the upkeep of polling unit records in relation to a certain registration area.
  • Compile and update voter registers and records in the Registration Area’s polling units.
  • issue temporary, permanent, or duplicate voter cards in accordance with the commission’s approval.
  • In addition, keep an eye on electoral activities and any other responsibilities that may be allocated inside the Registration Area.

Requirements for the job

NCE (NATIONAL CERTIFICATE IN EDUCATION): A National Diploma with a minimum of two years of post-qualification experience is required.


In addition to the requirements listed above, a candidate must;

  • You must be a Nigerian.
  • Bring a certificate of origin signed by the chairman! His/her municipal government’s secretary.
  • A candidate must be no older than 35 years old.
  • The application’s deadline is not given.
  • A certificate of endorsement from the liaison officer will not be accepted.
  • He or she should be computer literate.
  • He or she must be physically and mentally fit for appointment to the commission, as determined by a government medical officer.


Candidates that are interested and qualified should go to the INEC PORTAL.



This application procedure is completely free. Only those who have been shortlisted will be invited to the next round of the process.

If you need a job right now, apply for this one!


About INEC

INEC, or the Independent National Electoral Commission, is the electoral body commission that was founded in 1998. It is charged with the job of holding free and fair elections as well as counting ballots.

There are regular employees in the organization that are engaged by the Commission and are paid on a regular basis. There are also ad-hoc workers, who are hired to assist regular staff with their tasks. They are frequently hired when an election is approaching. Additionally, NYSC corpers are utilized for this purpose. As a result, seeing an NYSC corper working with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is common.

What are the functions of INEC?

  • They oversee and conduct all national elections, including those for the President and Vice President, Governor and Deputy Governor, House of Representatives, Senate Members, and so on.
  • Political party registration and regulations to ensure compliance with the governing rules and requirements
  • Increasing voter participation and education
  • Account auditing and yearly assessment of political parties

How much does an INEC employee make?

Adhoc Staff

As previously stated, the majority of NYSC Corpers functioning with electoral organizations are engaged as ad-hoc workers and paid appropriately. The INEC compensation scale for ad hoc personnel is shown below.

  • The yearly salary for a Supervisory Presiding Officer (SPO) in Grades 10-14 ranges from N1,060,833 to N2,101,600.
  • A Grade 7 Presiding officer (PO) or Assistant Presiding officer (APO) earns between N638,133 and N961,577 per year.
  • The Registration Area Center (RAC) Manager in grade 7 pays between N638,133 and N961,577 per year.
  • In addition, the grade 7 Registration Area Technical Support (RATECH) receives between N638,133 and N961,577 each year.

Full staff

The following is a list of the current salaries paid by INEC to its employees, according to the INEC compensation structure.

  • School leavers at Grade Level 4 earn between N376,194 and N497,000 per year.
  • Diploma Certificate holders in Grade Level 7 earn between N638,133 and N961,577 per year.
  • Graduates in Grade Level 8 earn between N799,421 and N1,174,395 per year.
  • A director at Grade Level 14 makes between N1,503,149 and N2,101,600 per year.

Aside from the salary paid to its employees in accordance with the INEC compensation structure, there are several perks available to them. For various reasons, INEC gave varied allowances to different personnel. During elections, for example, electoral personnel are provided between N1000 and N3000 for transportation. This is only one of many advantages.

Furthermore, most incentives are generally monetary in nature, but not all. There are additional health and insurance perks, as well as transportation (official vehicles). This is done to increase worker morale and enable them to work more productively.



Working with a recognized institution, such as the Independent National Electoral Commission, provides several advantages. Aside from the money and perks provided by the INEC compensation structure, networking and having a good relationship are two of its advantages.

Despite the fact that the hiring process for INEC is usually very difficult and competitive, getting such a job is usually worth it in the long run.



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