Inha University Scholarships

Inha University Scholarships
Inha University Scholarships

Inha University is a university for both local and international students. It was founded in 2007 by Dr. Moon Chang-yul and offers 6 degrees for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, in addition to a certificate program. Inha University is located in Seoul, South Korea with more than 190 faculty members from around the world who are committed to excellence in education and research.

Inha university strives not just to provide world-class education but also to make a difference in the future of global society through its service initiatives:

  • Teaching English,
  • Providing internship opportunities abroad,
  • Hosting various international programs such as keystone internships and summer schools on intercultural skills development abroad, etc.

In addition, Inha University has been establishing international academic partnerships with numerous universities in the Arab countries, Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.

About Inha University

Inha University for international students has 2 campuses in Seoul and offers 6 undergraduate degrees including BSc. Business Administration and BSc. Nursing, 2 postgraduate degrees, and a Certificate course.

In addition to these specialized programs, the university also offers specialized postgraduate programs that are designed for students who have already graduated from foreign universities. These include MSc Health Information Systems and MSc Applied Linguistics for Healthcare Professionals.

The university has 3 on-campus dormitories; 2 on Guangdong campuses with a total of 783 rooms, and 1 on the Namdong campus with a total of 226 rooms.

The university is affiliated with the following organizations. In addition to its academic services, Inha University also offers several internship opportunities for international students in South Korea. Many of these programs are available to full-time students.

Since 2005, Inha University has hosted several summer schools and conferences; the most recent ones are:

Inha Study Centre

The Inha University Study Centre for International Students has been established in 2007 to provide study guides and help international undergraduates prepare for their studies at Inha University. The center also provides support for freshmen to settle down and adapt to their new academic environment.

In addition, the study center provides study guidance on various academic programs including Business Administration, Nursing, and Applied Linguistics.

The university’s international students’ association, InhaU-ISA (International Student Association), is a student-led organization that promotes the development of international understanding through various events including orientation sessions, welcome dinners, sports tournaments, cultural activities, and language exchange opportunities with locals.

Tuition fees at Inha University for international students

tuition fees for students who wish to study at the university are;

1-year master’s degree and Ph.D. course is 8,000,000 won

2 years master degree: 6,500,000 won

4 year master degree: 7,500,000 won

6 years master degree: 8,250,000 won

Doctoral Program: 9.5 million won

Years 1 to 3 of the Ph.D. course is 9.7 million won and the rest is only an additional 50 million won every three semesters or so.

The tuition fee for non -Korean students are 880millionwon per semester every year.

International students must get a visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

In case foreign students want an additional endorsement, they need to take an additional test that does not apply to Korean students. Therefore, the MOFA process takes more time than usual.

The tuition fee increase policy is flexible; however, the rate remains unchanged.

If a foreign student transfers to another university in Korea, his tuition fee will be higher than that of the University. If international students have done their master’s degree or Ph.D. course from other universities in Korea or have already finished it and want to come here, their tuition fee will be the same as that of Korean students.

Scholarships in Inha University For International Students 

  • Scholarship System Based on TOPIK Score at Inha University for international students

This Scholarship is available to international students achieving a TOPIK score of at least 600.

Inha University is a top university for international students in Korea, which offers a wide range of high-quality, internationally-oriented programs. Inha University is the leading national-level university offering English language education, and it has the largest number of foreign language teachers in Korea. The scholarship system based on the TOPIK score at Inha University will help you pursue your dream after graduation by reducing your course fee!

Details about the scholarship are:

1) Three scholarships are available for all Master’s degree candidates and Ph.D. candidates, who own an average TOPIK score over 600 (600 or higher).

2) The total amount awarded per scholarship is KRW 500 million each.

3) The scholarship will be awarded over multiple years, depending upon the TOPIK score.

4) The scholarship can be applied for the following programs at Inha University as well as other universities in Korea:

Master’s Degree Programs:

1) M.A. programs in Public Administration Studies, International Business Management, Public Affairs Management, International Relations, Korean Language and Literature and Linguistics (Korean Language Education Subject), Korean Culture and Tourism, Korean Political Science (Korean Government Studies Subject), Foreign Language Education (Non-degree Study Program).

2) M.A. programs in Public Administration Studies, International Business Management, Public Affairs Management, International Relations, Korean Language and Literature and Linguistics (Korean Language Education Subject), Korean Culture and Tourism, Korean Political Science (Korean Government Studies Subject), Foreign Language Education (Non-degree Study Program).

2) M.A. programs in General Economics, Business Administration and Accounting, Law, Philosophy, and Humanities.

3) M.A. programs in Asian Studies, English Language Education and Cultural Studies (English Language Education Subject), English Literature, History and Political Science (History Subject), Sociology and Anthropology (Sociology Subject), and Information Science (Information Science Subject).

4) Master’s degree programs in Journalism, Art History and Museum Studies, Visual Communication Art, Information Management Engineering Study Program (IT-MEST Program).

Postgraduate Programs:

1) Doctoral Programs: Economy & Public Administration Studies/, Philosophy/Philosophy of Religion/, Korean Language & Literature/Korean Language & Literature Study Subject/. Korean Political Science/. Foreign Language Education/.

2) Master’s Degree Programs: Asian Studies/, English Language Study/English Teaching, English Language Teaching], English Literature/, History, History Study Subject/, Journalism/Journalism Study Subject/, Art History and Museum Studies/, Information Science/.

Undergraduate Programs:

1) Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Korean Language Education and Korean Literature and Linguistics, Korean Culture and Tourism, International Relations, International Business Management, and Public Administration Studies.

2) Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Philosophy and Humanities, Law, General Economics.

3) Bachelor’s Degree Program in Accounting (a five-year course). 

  • Scholarship for Freshman SGCS Students at Inha University

This scholarship is open to freshmen at the School of Global, Cultural, and Social Systems (SGCS) at Inha University if you have previously been enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program with satisfactory academic performance. A scholarship is available that will cover full tuition and all required fees for a one-year master’s degree program in SGCS. To be eligible, applicants must be full-time students for the entire duration of their course of study.

A one-year master’s degree program in SGCS; complete the application form below by November 30th and submit it by December 15th along with two letters of recommendation, evidence of academic performance, and a short essay on “how I wish to make a positive impact on society (in Korean language or English)”;

  • you must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program with satisfactory academic performance at Inha university before you apply for this scholarship;
  • you must not have previously received this scholarship
  • Jungseok International Scholarship at Inha University

This scholarship is worth $10000 and will be awarded to the most qualified applicant with a decent GPA. it is open to all international students, but it is targeted toward students from developing countries.

If you are a student coming from an economically struggling country, then this scholarship opportunity could finally make your dreams of studying abroad a reality! One of Korea’s leading universities in Inha University has just announced that they are welcoming international students and awarding them scholarships up to 10000 USD!

The Jungseok International Scholarship is available for all undergraduate courses offered at Inha University on a first-come-first-served basis. Along with the scholarship, they also offer full payment of enrollment fees, a monthly stipend, and health insurance. The award is open to all international students under the age of 35, with a decent GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Documents Needed to Apply for a Scholarship

The following documents are needed to apply for s scholarship’

  • A passport valid at least up to one year after study
  • A copy of your high school diploma or graduation certificate and transcript
  • A copy of your parents’ or legal guardians’ ID card
  • A copy of the birth certificate and marriage certificate, if applicable
  • Your Certificate of Admission from the university
  • Your college/university transcript (if applicable)
  • Proof of financial support for the duration of the scholarship period: bank statement(s) indicating funds for tuition fees (minimum 500,000 won), living expenses (minimum 200,000 won), etc.

Please note that the required documents vary depending on the type of scholarship you are applying for. Please refer to the relevant scholarship information for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

English Language Education

The Department of Foreign Language Education was established in 1973 in order to educate prospective secondary English teachers.

Known traditionally for research and education in the engineering and physical sciences, the University was established by the first president of South Korea, Syngman Rhee.




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