Top 10 Best International Schools In Berlin

Top 10 Best International Schools In Berlin – The public school system in Berlin is of high standards and upheld at the individual state level. Its international schools are not left out too. They are subject to the same standards and requirements. Any of Berlin’s international schools will give your ward a top-tier, well-rounded education.
A unique attribute of international schools in Berlin is that they often don’t have fixed fees. In Berlin, the fees you pay will depend on your gross family income, up to a certain maximum fee which changes per school.
If you have been looking for the best international school to enroll your ward in Berlin, you are on the right page. This content will reveal to you, the top 10 international schools in Berlin.

Top 10 Best International Schools In Berlin

  • Berlin British School
  • Berlin Bilingual School
  • Quentin Blake Europe School
  • Berlin Metropolitan School
  • Berlin International School
  • Berlin Cosmopolitan School
  • Platanus School Berlin
  • Nelson Mandela School
  • Swiss International School
  • Brandenburg International School

1. Berlin British School

This is an independent, private international school experienced in providing an international educational program to learners aged 2-18 from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds in a supportive and safe environment.
Berlin British School is committed to the well-being of its students and challenges them to become lifelong enthusiastic global thinkers and learners. They also support and encourage their students in all areas of school life, and address the emotional and social needs of every student of the school.
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2. Berlin Bilingual School

Berlin Bilingual School gives high-quality, affordable education for children in English-German and other multi-lingual families. It is a stimulating learning environment where the spirit of inquiry is cultivated and encouraged. Pupils are motivated to develop their unique set of skills and talents. The hallmark of the school community is teamwork and cooperation among students, parents, and staff. Berlin Metropolitan School is a welcoming community that promotes values of diversity, respect, and responsibility. Berlin Bilingual School inspires a joy for life-long learning and a passion for engagement that will empower their students as global and local citizens to take their place in the world.

For more information about Berlin Bilingual School, visit their website here:

3. Quentin Blake Europe School

Quentin Blake Europe School is a primary state school and a bilingual European state school with a special educational focus on bilingual education. Some important educators of the school work in school administration or do essential work in the area of special education and inclusion as well as school social work. The school administrative management and secretariat take care of the administrative process together with the school management.
For more information about Quentin Blake Europe School, visit:

4. Berlin Metropolitan School

Popularly recognized as one of the international schools in Berlin, it is a day school, permitting students from kindergarten through 12th grade to accomplish a modern and values-based education, inculcating into an internationally recognized diploma.
The school provides an education that includes both international and local standards and one in which an open, inspiring, and welcoming place of learning can unfold. It promotes a culture of openness, joy, respect, and cooperation in learning.

For more information about Berlin Metropolitan School, visit their website here:

5. Berlin International School

This is a leading, non-profit day school providing a comprehensive education program for students aged 6-18 in the greater Berlin and Brandenburg areas. Berlin International School is an international Baccalaureate Organization World School and also an official exam center of Cambridge University and Collegeboard and is permitted by both the Council of International School(CIS) and the New England Association of School and Colleges (NEASC) in the U.S.
Berlin International School is committed to excellence in the education and personal growth of every student. The students learn in a multicultural environment and community where each person is respected.
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6. Berlin Cosmopolitan School

Berlin Cosmopolitan School is working to foster international-minded, balanced lifelong, and academically successful learners. They are achieving this through inquiry-based learning, community involvement, and innovative learning.
The pedagogical basis of Berlin Cosmopolitan primary school, secondary school, and the MSA is the Berlin framework plan. They educate their students to become competent, bilingual personalities to lead a useful life. This implies that everyone is challenged and supported according to his or her abilities and talents and makes university degrees from German and international universities and also a wide range of apprenticeships possible.
For more information about Berlin Cosmopolitan School, visit the school website here:

7. Platanus School Berlin

Platanus School Berlin is a bilingual educational institution located in Berlin-Pankow with Kindergarten in two separate locations and a primary and secondary school with the motive on mathematics and natural sciences.
In their Kindergarten, they provide holistic and age-appropriate care which takes the individual talents and capabilities of the children into consideration.
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8. Nelson Mandela School

Nelson Mandela School offers a quality bilingual education to children from a wide variety of backgrounds. English and German are the school’s official languages, but they do not stop at introducing their students just to German and Anglo-American values and traditions.
As a community-oriented school, Nelson Mandela School cooperates intensively with a large number of local partners beyond the school gate in Berlin. Within the school, they foster the idea of the school community wherever they can. Co-operation between staff, students, and parents are intensive on all levels.
For more information about Nelson Mandela School, visit: – About Nelson Mandela School

9. Swiss International School

Swiss International School nurture belonging and foster the essence of becoming a caring leader who takes responsibility for decision toward a sustainable world. It caters to about 300 students ranging from 3 years to 18 years and representing about 15 nationalities.
Whilst Swiss International School is internationally oriented, they believe in embracing their local roots as well. They strive to assist their students to reach their highest potential so that they can contribute positively to the community and the world in which they live and work.
They offer a bilingual approach, as they want to bring local and international students together to develop mutual understanding and strong language skills, in German and English.
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10. Brandenburg International School

Brandenburg International School was established to inspire everyone in their learning community to be responsible, compassionate global citizens who make a difference through innovation, inclusion, and action.
The values of Brandenburg International School include Pioneering, reflective, excellent, and caring. It is a place where students are empowered to reach their unique potential and thrive on a global stage.
As one of the world’s leading International Baccalaureate (IB) schools, Brandenburg International School proudly provides three IB programs in the Primary, Middle, and Diploma years of schooling to students from over 65 countries, and also a huge range of extra-curricular activities.
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These are the top 10 international schools we can offer you to enroll your ward in Berlin. For more related articles, check the recommendations below this article.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

There are 20 international schools in Berlin. Most of these follow the German Curriculum but 6 also offer the International Baccalaureate. The primary language in the majority of these schools is English and many are bi-lingual.

International schools are not always covered by the same laws as private schools regarding tuition fees. Therefore, they do not receive state funding and are relatively free in the fees they charge. The exact cost depends on the school and which grade your child is in, ranging from 2.500 to 25.000 euros per year.

Berlin is the main German city offering global exposure to students offering high-quality education in a global setting and help you acquire skills needed for an international career.

Being state run, they are quite affordable especially for international students. Whether you know German or not you can access most courses in English and at no tuition cost at all. The students might have to pay a semester fee of around 300 EUR.

BIS is an English-language school with two campuses: in Haimhausen, Bavaria and Schwabing, Munich. Through its IB curriculum, the school aims to inspire and challenge young, curious minds from Kindergarten to Grade 12.


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