Top 20 Best International Schools In Frankfurt

Top 20 Best international school Frankfurt — One of the top cities with some of the best international schools in Germany is Frankfurt. Frankfurt is a beautiful city with amazing landscapes, exceptional tourist centers, and a welcoming environment. Frankfurt is one of the most populous cities in German with residents from all over the world. This is due to the city being the home to the European central bank, thus making the city excellent for businesses. 

Frankfurt is one of the top destinations for migrants. These migrants are constantly in search of good international schools to enroll their kids. However, compared to other larger cities in Germany, Frankfurt has a lower number of international schools, and can be a hassle to find an ideal international school. Thankfully, below we have compiled the top 20 best international schools in Frankfurt. Read on. 

Top 20 Best International Schools In Frankfurt

Even though there are not many international schools in the city, Frankfurt is home to some excellent international schools. Below are the top best international schools in Frankfurt;

  1. Frankfurt International School 
  2. Erasmus Frankfurt City School
  3. International Bilingual Montessori School
  4. Europäische Schule Frankfurt am Main
  5. Franconian International School 
  6. The European School 
  7. Fintosch Multilingual Primary School
  8. IEP School of Frankfurt 
  9. Phorms Campus Frankfurt City 
  10. Metropolitan School Frankfurt 
  11. ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main
  12. Fintosch GmbH international Toddler School and Kindergarten 
  13. SIS Swiss International School Frankfurt 
  14. Japanese International School Frankfurt
  15. Strothoff international school 
  16. IBMS International School 
  17. European School Frankfurt 
  18. Polyskills International House Frankfurt 
  19. Frankfurt international school Wiesbaden 
  20. International School of Management ISM Campus Frankfurt 

Best International Schools In Frankfurt To Consider

As stated earlier, Frankfurt does not have a large pool of international schools compared to other cities in the country. However, the city is home to some of the best international schools in Frankfurt. These schools offer the best international education and are taught by native speakers. The schools have also successfully trained several students in diverse fields. Having said that, below are the best International Schools In Frankfurt.

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1. Frankfurt International School 

Frankfurt International School is a leading international institution that was established in 1961. And for decades, this prestigious school has been training students in a conductive multilingual environment. The main language of communication and teaching at the school is English. The school is organized to be a family-oriented international institution. 

Frankfurt International School is aimed at inspiring students to not only develop academically but also intellectually and socially.  This is to help them become more creative, and independent, and improve their ability to co-exist among other cultures/languages. The education offered to students at the 

Frankfurt International School is of a high standard and strives to help students unlock their academic potential. 

At Frankfurt International School, students can gain their nursery, primary, and secondary school education. The school utilizes a rigorous and comprehensive international curriculum. The curriculum is mainly focused on the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs and each course is taught in English language and German. In grade 6, Frankfurt International School also teaches other international languages to children. These languages are Spanish and French by highly-trained experts. 


2. Metropolitan School Frankfurt 

Metropolitan School Frankfurt is an outstanding international school founded in 2007. This is an exceptional school that has a welcoming environment, warm teachers, an excellent curriculum, and many more. Metropolitan School Frankfurt is an IB world institute with an excellent global reputation. The school environment is designed to be family-oriented to help students develop their skills, discover their talents, make lifelong connections, etc. Metropolitan School Frankfurt is aimed at increasing students’ passion for lifelong learning. 

The school offers diverse programs delivered by highly trained teachers that utilize a comprehensive curriculum. The curriculum used at the school includes the International Baccalaureate(DPP), International Baccalaureate  (PYP), OGCSE, and the International Baccalaureate  (MYP). Meanwhile, the school is also equipped with the latest technological items for learning and allows students to partake in the extracurricular activities of the school. 

Metropolitan School Frankfurt offers students pre-nursery, nursery, and secondary classes. To support and ensure your children receive the best primary school education, the Metropolitan School Frankfurt uses smaller classrooms. So, if you looking for an ideal international school to send your kids to, the Metropolitan School Frankfurt might be the best option. 


 3. ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main is an excellent private international school located in Frankfurt. The school is an amazing international school that helps develop students academically, discover life skills, and teaches them emotional intelligence.

At ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main, your kids can gain their pre-nursery, nursery, and secondary school education. The main language of communication at the school is English. Students begin learning the English language right from kindergarten. Aside from the English language, the school also offers other international language programs including German, Korean, French, Japanese, etc.

 The school is equipped with the latest learning facilities. To improve sports and arts, the school also acquired state-of-art facilities. ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main is accredited by the American National Council of Private Schools Association (NCPSA) and the Middle State Association of Schools and Colleges (MSA). The school is also among the global  SABIS school network. ISF International School high school diploma is recognized globally in the United States. 


4. European School Frankfurt

Next up on our list of the best international schools in Frankfurt is the European School Frankfurt. The institute was established in 1950 and ever since has been offering exceptional education to students. Students are taught using German, French, Italian, or English.

European School Frankfurt has been fully accredited as a European School and adheres carefully to the European schools’ curriculum. Students who are interested in the IS curriculum are taught using the International Baccalaureat.

European School Frankfurt operates a family-oriented environment where children can feel loved and cared for, thus improving their passion for learning. At this school, students can always find people who are willing to listen to them and also give meaningful advice. The European School Frankfurt is a top-notch school that strives to develop children and ensures they are ready to compete with their peers when they graduate. 


5. Strothoff International School 

Strothoff International School is a private, all-day school for children from kindergarten to grade 12 (ages 3-18). The school is located in Dreieich, Frankfurt, and was established in 2009. It offers an excellent education in a friendly, motivating, concept-driven, and inquiry-based learning environment. English is the main language of instruction.

Strothoff International School has been accredited by the New England Association and Colleges (NRASC) and the Council of International Schools (CIS). Each year the school records an increasing number of students from about 40 different people.


6. Lycée Francais Victor Hugo Frankfurt

 Lycée Francais Victor Hugo Frankfurt is a prestigious international school in Praunheim, Frankfurt. The school is also regarded as the Französosche Schule Lycee Victor Hugo. Lycée Francais Victor Hugo Frankfurt is regarded as an Ersatzschule and has been accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education. The school is of the French Agency for Education Abroad (AEFE) group of Schools.

Half of Lycée Francais Victor Hugo Frankfurt students are from France. You can enroll your kids in nursery, primary, and secondary school education at the school. Lycée Francais Victor Hugo Frankfurt is an exceptional international school in Frankfurt you should consider.


7. Franconian International School

Franconian International School is a private international school in Erlangen founded in 1998. The school has rigorous academic standards and students are trained toward academic excellence. The school makes learning fun, thus encouraging students to become lifelong learners. 

Franconian International School offers kindergarten, nursery, primary, and secondary school education to children. The school has designed an inquiry-based curriculum for students from their kindergarten classes, to primary and secondary classes. Students graduating in Grade 12 from the Franconian International School are awarded the FIS High School Diploma and the International Baccalaureate (IB). To support students and enhance learning, the school adopts the latest learning facilities. Franconian International School is among the most sought-after international schools in Frankfurt. 


8. Fintosch Multilingual Primary School

Next up on our list of the best international schools in Frankfurt is the Fintosch Multilingual Primary School. Fintosch Multilingual Primary School is an excellent international school that was established in 2017. Classes are delivered by highly-trained native English and German teachers.  The school uses an international IPC curriculum and offers a wide range of multilingual-oriented subjects. Fintosch Multilingual Primary School is a good international school option in Frankfurt. 



There you have it! The top 20 best international schools in Frankfurt. These schools have excellent reviews by past alumni and have the reputation for academic excellence. The schools are well accredited and employ the best education resources to enhance learning.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are International Schools in Germany free?

No, international schools in Germany are not free.

Is Frankfurt a good study destination?

Yes, Frankfurt is an excellent study destination. It has some of the best learning institutions in Europe.

What is the top international school in Frankfurt?

The top international school in Frankfurt is the Frankfurt international school. 



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