Top 5 Best Inverter Battery in Nigeria

Best Inverter Battery in Nigeria

Best Inverter Battery in Nigeria-In this part of Africa where power supply is a scarce commodity, you just have to look for alternative source of power if you must achieve anything serious in your career, business and life generally. The truth is you can’t really enjoy life if you don’t have adequate power supply in your home and office.

Some alternative source of power in Nigeria includes generators, inverters and solar panels. An inverter system is a power adapter that makes use of a battery-based system to run your home appliances. The battery can be charged using power supply from PHCN or solar panel. For you to enjoy an inverter system, you must use good inverter batteries. This is because it is the inverter battery that would store up the energy from where you can get power supply. The stronger your inverter battery, the better and the more power supply you would enjoy.

In this article, you will get to know about 5 best inverter battery in Nigeria that are very efficient and long-lasting.

Best Inverter Battery in Nigeria

  • Deep Cycle Battery 150AH NPP
  • Tubular Battery GTT 220AH/12V Invomax Genus
  • SMF 100AH/12V Luminous Inverter Battery
  • Exide Inverlast Tubular Battery
  • Ride Plus Tubular Inverter

  • Deep Cycle Battery 150AH NPP

This battery is manufactured by NP Power International Inc. NPP is very famous for manufacture and supply of quality lead-acid batteries and power banks. The deep cycle battery 150 AH NPP is one of the different lead batteries manufactured by this power supply company. This heavy duty battery is made with heavy-duty lead calcium and can be enjoyed for up to 10 years without any issues if all the instructions for charging are well adhered to.

The battery has a safety valve system that will prevent pressure build up within the battery. The battery case is a rugged one made from ABS plastic (a non-conducting material). The battery is highly resistant to shock, weather, heat, chemicals and vibrations. The battery is sealed and tamper-proof. Installation of deep cycle battery is quite easy and when you purchase, you get a one-year warranty on it.

Deep Cycle Battery 150 AH NPP is indeed a great standby power supply that can help solve your epileptic power problems.

  • Tubular Battery GTT 220AH/12V Invomax Genus

Genus Tubular Battery is one of the best inverter battery in Nigeria. It is manufactured by Genus company. The battery has been designed to supply consistent and stable power supply for a long period of time. It performs very well even in heavy duty applications.

The battery has high acid volumes and is tubular-like in design. Charging of this battery is quite fast and when charged according to instruction, the battery lasts long.

Tubular batteries are corrosion-proof, they are tough and durable and can work at extreme temperatures. Genus tubular battery is an inverter battery you can trust especially in times of epileptic electricity supply.

  • SMF 100AH/12V Luminous Inverter Battery

SMF 100AH/12V Luminous Inverter Battery is one of the best inverter battery in Nigeria. It is manufactured by the Luminous company, makers of varieties of inverter batteries.

The inverter battery has a high amp hour rating. It provides good power back in times of unstable power supply. It is very strong, durable and can withstand extreme temperature.

The inverter performs excellently and has extended battery life if charged according to instruction.  It is very easy to use and install. SMF 100AH/12V Luminous Inverter Battery is an inverter battery you can trust in seasons of constant power outage.

  • Exide Inverlast Tubular Battery

This battery is manufactured by Exide company, producer of different kinds of batteries.

The battery can store up to 150AH of power. It is made up of thick plates that are of special alloy material. This helps to reduce water loss from the battery and make it last long. It is corrosion-proof and has a long life span. It can operate at extreme temperatures.

Exide Inverlast Tubular Battery is your best bet in periods of constant power outages.

  • Ride Plus Tubular Inverter

This is one inverter battery that has being designed to solve your epileptic power supply. The inverter has positive plates made of special alloy material. This makes it non-corrosive. The battery is also made of high- quality covers which enhances high impact strength and makes it highly resistant to abrasion.

The battery has a vent plug, which is made of ceramic, that helps it trap acid fumes and ensure that it is only gas that is being let out. Water evaporation is thus reduced and battery life gets elongated.

A brand new Ride Plus Tubular Inverter comes with 1-year warranty.

What To Consider When Buying Inverter In Nigeria

Battery Reserve Capacity: Before you purchase an inverter battery in Nigeria, you should find out the battery capacity. Choosing a battery capacity depends on your need. If you live in an area where power outage is very terrible, then you should get a battery with a bigger capacity. But if you live in an area that power outage is quite mild, you can just get a medium sized capacity of an inverter battery.

Guarantee: You should check out the warranty on the inverter battery before purchase. Averagely, an inverter battery has warranty of 1 year.

Price: The price of an inverter battery ranges from 150,000naira to 250,000 naira. If you really need a good inverter battery, then you should be ready to pay some good money for it.

Brand: Be sure to buy a good brand of inverter battery. We have listed 5 best inverter battery in Nigeria, you can choose from any of them.

7 Useful Tips To Taking Care Of Your Inverter Battery In Nigeria

  1. Be sure to place the inverted battery in a well-ventilated area in the house or office. This helps to prevent the battery from getting heated up and thus preserves its lifespan.
  2. Don’t let the battery be close to smoke or fire.
  3. Don’t wait until the battery drains out completely before recharging the battery cells. Allowing the battery to drain before recharging will reduce the lifespan of the battery.
  4. If batteries are not in use because of regular power supply,  be sure to use it at least once a month.
  5. Always use energy-saving devices on your inverter battery.
  6. If your battery gets damaged, replace. Never combine old and new batteries together in a system.
  7. Disconnect an extra load when it’s not in use.

Last Note

The battery is a very important component of the inverter system. How much you will enjoy your inverter system is dependent on the strength of your battery. So whenever you want to purchase an inverter battery, take all the necessary precautions.

I hope you got some value from this article on best inverter battery in Nigeria? I wish you all the best as you look forward to living or working in an environment with 24-hour power supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 3 most common types of inverter battery include:

  1. Lead Acid Batteries
  2. Maintenance Free Batteries
  3. Tubular Batteries

This depends on the capacity of your inverter. Inverters less than 1500VA are low capacity inverters and can only support one battery. But inverters with more than 1500VA are higher capacity inverters and can support more than one battery.

The lifespan of an inverter battery is between 3-4 years. However, for the battery to reach the set lifespan, you must install in a ventilated area of the house. You must also run regular maintenance on it to check the electrolyte level and top it up whenever necessary.

AH means Ampere hour. It is the amount of energy charge in a battery that makes 1 ampere of current to flow for one hour.

Over usage can make your battery discharge faster than normal. Whenever a load is not needed, always ensure to disconnect from the inverter system. Also ensure that it is only the very important appliances that you connect to the inverter system.

The major cause of inverter failure is improper installation of the inverter system. It could also be caused by using wrong cable type, gauges or in-line fuses and not following instructions on the manual.


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