Top 10 Best iPad Apps For Designers

Best iPad Apps For Designers

With the help of the best iPad apps for designers, your tablet can equal a laptop’s performance and functionality, enabling artists’ mobile productivity. This list displays the best apps that will make your iPad a necessary tool for your artistic and creative endeavors. These applications are available to assist with every step of your business and provide alternatives that cover every part of the industry, from development to administration. Here is the list of the best iPad apps for designers.


Best iPad Apps For Designers

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

The program Adobe Photoshop is incredibly versatile. You may create 3D art as well as sketch, paint, and edit pictures. The layering approach makes it simpler to separate modifications to the artwork into their layers. Additionally, it contains a variety of tools for picture retouching, color grading, and color correction. Because of this, it may be used by photographers as well.

You may quickly save your artwork after finishing it on your iPad or tablet so that you can continue working on it on your PC. You may interact with other artists and work across various devices more easily.


When you purchase a Creative Cloud subscription from Adobe, the Photoshop iPad app is included. You may choose a payment option that works with your budget since the membership provides multiple payment options. You may also qualify for discounts if you’re a teacher or a student.

2. Adobe Comp CC

Adobe Comp CC

The second choice in the list of the best iPad apps for designers is Comp CC. Comp is made to let you use real elements from your collection to lay out a real concept on your iPad. After that, you may share the wireframe with other Adobe products.


The iPad software leverages touch-based motions for activities like aligning and grouping. Although it may take some getting accustomed to, this works quite well. For even more flexibility and control, you may utilize the Apple Pencil.

The nicest feature of this digital wireframing tool for your tablet is that it feels natural and is nearly like drawing in a notebook; it is portable, so you can carry it with you and add to it from anywhere.

3. Vectornator X

Vectornator X

With the help of the Vectornator X app, an easy-to-use vector graphic program, you can create amazing digital artwork directly from your iPad or iPhone. If you’re already acquainted with Adobe Illustrator, the learning curve here won’t be as steep as the design tools supplied inside the software perform quite similarly to those in AI.

In fact, if you wanted to, you could export your Vectornator work straight into Adobe Illustrator and go on working there afterward. Alternatively, you may import your incomplete work from any Creative Cloud program into Vectornator so that you can continue working on it while on the move.

4. Adobe Capture

Adobe Capture

A lot of creatives will find Adobe Capture to be a very handy program. It enables you to bring inspiration from the outside world into your digital workstation. Your images may extract colors, patterns, and even typefaces. You may also recognize typefaces and turn the chosen patterns into unique brushes. This software turns the camera on your phone into a scanner. Then you may include bits of the photographs you took into your artwork.

For instance, let’s say you want to incorporate the color scheme from a sunset shot in your artwork. Adobe Capture can assist you in finding appropriate color palettes from the image if you import them. Various color schemes derived from the picture are available for selection. Even more, customization is possible by dragging the picture and choosing the colors you want for your palette.


You may import a palette into Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic design program after you’ve made your choice. The Creative Cloud membership also includes this application. Overall, it’s a practical and adaptable program for artists.

5. Procreate


In comparison to some of the other free choices, this premium app offers more comprehensive capabilities, such as a high canvas resolution, 136 brushes, a sophisticated layer system, and Silica M, the fastest 64-bit painting engine on iOS.

The dual texture brushes and responsive smudge tool are two features that designers and artists like about it. It resembles sketching on paper or a canvas very much. Additionally, Procreate uses very high resolution for all of its creations. Large canvases may be printed with graphics created in Procreate without any loss of quality or detail.

6. Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco

Anyone who wishes to experience or rekindle the thrill of painting and sketching should use Adobe Fresco. It’s a blank canvas just begging for your creativity to paint anything on it. It contains the most vector and raster brush options.

It also contains live brushes, which are active brushes that behave like real-world materials like acrylic paint and watercolor. Your artwork gains a sense of originality and authenticity thanks to these brushes. Your digital art will resemble an actual painting as a result.

There are several devices, including your iPad, with which Adobe Fresco is compatible. If necessary, you can even use your iPhone to run this program. Also noteworthy is the utilization of cloud documents. This facilitates your ability to synchronize your files.

For instance, when inspiration hits, you may begin the drawing on your iPhone. After that, you may continue sketching on your iPad to add additional details before transferring it to your computer to give it a final polish.

7. IfontMaker

Best iPad Apps For Designers

With IfontMaker, graphic artists and type designers may develop a unique typeface directly on their iPad. The program claims you may create a handcrafted font in just 5 minutes. You may export and use any font you make in the program on your computer or other devices, as well as embed it online royalty-free (because it is your creation).

You can begin sketching following the on-screen instructions with your finger, an Apple Pencil, or a pen. Bezier handles may also be used to modify curves and lines. You may also create vector forms using the pen mode. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with different typefaces to see what you can come up with, even if you never intend to use your own design in projects.

8. Affinity Designer

Best iPad Apps For Designers
Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is also among the best iPad apps for designers. It received the Apple Design Award, was named the App of the Year by PC Pro, and is a platform-neutral Editor’s Choice. In the field of design, it is presently establishing new industry standards.

This software is capable of handling both vector and raster components. Switching between these two alternatives requires one click to make things simpler for its customers. Noting that the program supports CMYK, 16 and 32bit RGB, Pantone, and ICC profiles is also crucial.

This app’s tools are comparable to those in other graphic design programs. These comprise several tools, such as the Move, Pencil, and Vector brush. You may select from a broad variety of brushes to produce different strokes and textures. You’ll get a color wheel to assist you in choosing the colors you need.

Overall, having an Affinity Designer is a tremendous asset when working on intricate artwork. Designing becomes quicker and more fluid since the software can easily handle minute details and hundreds of objects without latency.

9. Astropad

Best iPad Apps For Designers

Although it is the priciest paid tool on the list, it is also the most feature-rich for individuals who perform a lot of iPad-based illustrations. It has received excellent reviews, earning 4.5 stars from over 1,200 customers in the iTunes store. It works by enabling you to create on the iPad using an Apple Pencil or other pen and then instantly transfer that design to your desktop PC. 

Unlike drawing pads that leave a lot to the imagination, mirror pictures on both displays allow you to see precisely what you are doing. Astropad syncs with any Mac software and connects through Wi-Fi or USB. Pressure sensitivity, a range of sketching tools, and high-resolution output are all features of the program. This program is a fantastic option for artists who want to produce digitally with the appearance and feel of doing it by hand.


10. Canva

Best iPad Apps For Designers

Canva is designed to handle most labor-intensive work in producing gorgeous layouts using your photographs. Choose a layout type (presentation, blog graphic, invitation, etc.), and the software will provide working layouts.

The majority of them are, in fact, pretty clever, but the best part about Canva is that all of these beginning points can be modified—you can replace the stock photographs with your own, change the text boxes’ formatting, and even add new parts or whole pages.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Procreate, a program adored by artists contains all the tools you want to produce expressive drawings, detailed paintings, brilliant illustrations, and lovely animations. Procreate is a full-featured mobile art studio with simple-to-use tools and unique features.

Definitely! Anyone can produce amazing graphics, layouts, and logos using an iPad, a stylus, and competent graphic design software. An iPad allows you to create anywhere you choose on one hand.

Affinity Designer would be the ideal application for this. It was designed to support both vector and raster images. With only one click, you may alternate between the two modes.

Procreate has proven to be a highly popular option so far. Streamline is a characteristic that it possesses. You can construct lines with minimal to no jitter thanks to this function. Your lines seem very smooth as a result.




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