Italian Government Scholarships For International Students

Italian Government Scholarships For International Students
Italian Government Scholarships For International Students

Italian Government Scholarships For International Students: The Italian government scholarship is based on the ranking of each applicant according to their qualifications. Each applicant can be awarded a scholarship, depending on the country where they are from and what course/s they want to study.


Terms of the Italian Government scholarship 

If you want to access this scholarship, you will need your national ID number and fill in your application form online. The deadline for applications is 20th September 2022.

The Italian Government Scholarship is available to students that have lived, or who intend to live, in the EU during their studies. In this case, you can receive a scholarship for any 1 of 12 different types of study (as listed in the table below), with 5 years maximum.

You must be between 16 and 30 years old.


The scholarship is offered as a bursary, but as a general rule, it cannot be combined with any other form of funding under the EU’s Erasmus+ program.

Candidates must be enrolled at an Italian university or academic unit at the time of application.

About Italian Government Scholarships For International Students

The Italian Government Scholarship is made available over 12 different types of study, and each type has different requirements.


You can take up to 10 hours of private tuition per week.

Your annual gross salary will be between €1,800 and €5,100 (depending on your studies). You may also receive an additional gross monthly allowance of €600 (maximum). This allowance is available for students with a disability or those who care for a relative with a disability as long as certain eligibility criteria are met.

Students can receive this scholarship for a maximum period of 5 years depending on the level and duration of their courses.

Fields of Study

The courses are;

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Media Science from the University of Rome
  • Certificate Course in Social Web Marketing
  • Certificate Course in Computer Networks for Industry 4.0
  • Italian Language Courses for foreigners
  • Italian Language Courses for Professionals
  • Courses in Information Technology Management
  • Specialization Courses for Masters in
  • MSc in Science of Communication and Digital Media at the University of Milano
  • Diploma Course in Sustainability and Environmental Management at the University of Bergamo
  • Certificate Course on Corporate Governance and Business Ethics at the University of Bergamo
  • Diploma Course on International Retail Business at UNICATTI (University of Catania)
  • Diploma Course on Health, Safety, and Security at UNICATTI (University of Catania)
  • Diploma Course on International Trade at UNICATTI (University of Catania)
  • Diploma Course on Marketing at UNICATTI (University of Catania)
  • Diploma Course on Project Management and Business Development at UNICATTI (University of Catania)
  • Diploma Course on Audiovisual at UNICATTI (University of Catania)
  • Diploma Course in Banking, Finance, and Investment at the University of Bergamo
  • Specialization Courses in Economics, Statistics, and Econometrics
  • Specialization in Applied Statistics at the University of Florence
  • Post Graduate Course in Economics at the University of Florence
  • Master’s Degree in Economics, Business Administration, and Management (M.Sc.) at the University of Bergamo
  • Master’s Degree in Culture, Communication and Language Teaching (M.A.)
  • Master’s Degree in European Studies (M.A.) with specializations in European Studies, Security Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Florence

The Italian Government Scholarships

Here are some Italian Government Scholarships For International Students;

  • Master Degree (Laurea Magistrale Scholarship)

This scholarship is awarded to students who have completed their graduate studies with a Doctor of Laws (Doctus iuris) degree. This is a full-time scholarship that lasts for 10 months, amounting to € 9,500 per month. It includes a monthly living stipend, medical insurance, and other benefits that are granted by the government.

The scholarships are awarded based on merit through the results of an examination following two or three years of study at any Italian university in Classes VII A-B-C (or equivalent). The competition is open to alumni from both public and private universities alike so long as they are still under 35 years old and hold a valid passport from an eligible country.

  • Ph.D. Program Scholarship

The Italian government had 2022 published to offer scholarships specifically for students having a chartered Ph.D. degree. The student must first apply online and then the application will be evaluated by 4 appraisal committees composed of academics in different disciplines. Applicants must fulfill an application form with their achievements as well as provide a CV and evidence of academic excellence. The scholarship can range from 1 year to 3 years, depending on the amount of scholarship that is granted where candidates are required to apply for at least one other scholarship during the term of their Ph.D. program.

The quality of research conducted with these degrees is steadily improving, making them more attractive for those who wish to enter academia.

Eligibility Requirements for International students

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Attend a university, Istituto Tecnico, or Liceo classico in Italy
  • Be under 30 years of age at the start of the academic year
  • Meet financial eligibility criteria (see below)
  • Have good grades
  • Demonstrate accomplishments and skills relevant to the field in which they are applying for funding support.
  • Provide copies of a letter of reference from the university, where they are currently enrolled, or from their previous university.
  • Have applied to a program of study which is at least 50% in the field for which they are applying for funding support.
  • Have applied to a university or program which has been authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education and approved by SACE, according to its selection policy.

Most scholarship applications require applicants to submit an essay response, a resume/CV, and letters of recommendation.

Some scholarships require language skills in addition to these requirements. Contact the Italian consulate in your home country for specific details about the scholarship(s) you are interested in applying for.

Documents Needed to Apply for Italian Government Scholarships

If you are an international student, you might be eligible for a scholarship from the Italian government that could cover the tuition and living expenses of your studies. Here is what is needed to get this scholarship:

  • A letter from your university or college advisor verifying your enrollment and admission in a degree program in Italy.
  • A copy of your transcript with your grades for all courses completed up until now.
  • Your application form is signed by both parents if you are an adult applicant or by just one parent if you are a minor applicant, as well as two photocopies of their valid passports (in case they change in the future).
  • A bank statement proving that you have enough funds to pay for your studies in Italy. The scholarship amount is about $23,000 a year.
  • Proof of health insurance. Provide a copy of your current insurance card or other proof of health coverage that is valid in Italy, as well as a letter from your insurance company confirming the expiration date and amount of coverage.
  • Proof of financial support by either the applicant or both parents. You will need to provide an affidavit stating that you have at least $500 in your account to cover the first tuition payment; if this isn’t possible, provide evidence that you are receiving money from another source (a friend or family member).

Benefits of Studying in Italy

The benefits of studying abroad can’t be understated enough. It’s not just an extracurricular activity that you get to do for a few weeks of the semester; it is a lifestyle, an experience of which any student would be lucky to partake.

Studying in Italy offers many benefits — from its diverse culture and rich history to its proximity to other European countries (and therefore potential job prospects).

  • Your entire life becomes more exciting: Studying abroad means that every day has new experiences even if it looks the same as all your other days at home. You are surrounded by all these new things each day, and it keeps everything fresh.
  • You’ll learn new customs and possibly a new language, so you’re more open to things even after you return.
  • You integrate with the locals more: If you want to work in a European country when you graduate, studying abroad can help you integrate with society and culture.
  • It also gives you friends who are from the country that is hosting your program, so it helps make a connection that could ultimately lead to a job opportunity.
  • It boosts your resume: If you’re looking for some extra things to put on your resume, an international study abroad opportunity will suffice, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are government scholarships at the national and regional level to which international students can apply for. Moreover, some Italian Universities offer Italian scholarship programs for international students.

Applications must be sent exclusively through the STUDY IN ITALY portal. Applicants must be in possession of a valid passport or identity card. It is not necessary to apply separately to a university. The Italian government scholarship program manages the placement of selected students.





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