JAMB Approved Courses In Nasarawa State University (NSUK)

Courses in Nasarawa University

NSUK is Nasarawa state-owned University in the North-central part of Nigeria that is popularly known for its skill-friendly courses. With a reasonable Post UTME cut off mark, a workable JAMB score, admission into the institute can be stress free.

The most recent JAMB cut off for aspiring students who made the institute their first choice is 140 and above, meeting the requirements for the preferred course (s).

Check the following list of accredited Courses in NSUK and their Jamb subject combinations as well below to be properly guided while processing admission.

Course                                                                                  Post UTME subject Combinations
Accounting Mathematics, Economics and any Social Science Subject
Agronomy Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural and Physics/ mathematics
Animal Science Chemistry, Agricultural science, Physics or mathematics
Banking and finance Economics, Mathematics and any of Government and Geography
Biochemistry Chemistry, Biology and Physics or Mathematics
Business  Administration Economics, Mathematics and any other social science subject
Chemistry Chemistry and two of Physics, Biology and Mathematics
Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies Two Arts Subjects Including Christian Religious Knowledge and any other subject
Common and Islamic Law Any three Arts or Social Science subjects including Arabic or Islamic Studies
Computer Science Mathematics, Physics and any one of Biology, Chemistry, agric Science, Geography and Economics
Economics Economics, Mathematics and any other Arts or Social Science Subject
Education and Economics Mathematics and any other subjects from Geography/ Physics, History, Government and Literature in English
Education and English Language Literature in English and any other Arts subjects
Education and Geography Geography and two other social sciences / Arts subjects
Education and History History and any other two from Literature in English, Islamic studies, French, Yoruba, Geography, Hausa, Government and Christian Religious studies
Education and Integrated science Any three of Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Agric science
Education and Islamic Studies Islamic/ Arabic and two other social science or Art subjects
Education and Mathematics Mathematics and any two of Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Education and Physics Mathematics or chemistry and one other subject
Education and Social Studies Any three of Christian religious knowledge, Economics, Geography/Physics, Government, History and IRS
Educational Management Economics, mathematics, and one other Social Science or Arts subject
English Language Literature in English, one of the Arts or Social Science subject
Entrepreneurship Economics, mathematics and one other Social Science subject
Environmental Resources Management Mathematics, Geography and any one of Economics, Physics and Chemistry
Estate management Mathematics, Economics and one other subject
Fisheries Biology, Agricultural science and any other science Subject
Forestry and Wildlife Chemistry, Biology or Agriculture and Physics or Mathematics
French French and any other two subjects from Arts or Social Sciences
Geography Geography and any other two Art subjects
Geology and Mining Three of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Geography
Guidance and Counseling Any three subject in relation to Education
Hausa Literature in English, Government, History and Arabic
History History and any other two subjects from Arts and social sciences
Home and Economic Management Chemistry, biology or Agricultural Science and any other
Industrial Chemistry Chemistry, Mathematics and any of Physics, biology, Agricultural Science
Islamic Studies Islamic studies and two other Arts subjects
Languages and Linguistics Any three Arts Subjects
Law Any three Arts or Social Science Subjects
Mathematics Mathematics and any two of Physics, Chemistry and Economics or Geography
Microbiology Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics
Nutrition and Dietetics Chemistry, Biology, Physics
Office And Information management Economics and two other subjects
Philosophy Government and any other two subjects
Physics Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry or Biology
Plant Science and Biotechnology Biology, Chemistry and any other science Subject
Political Science Government or History and any two social Sciences/ Arts Subjects
Psychology Any three subjects from Arts or Social Science
Public Administration Government, Economics and any other subject
Religious studies Christian religious studies/ Islamic Studies and any two Subjects
Science Laboratory Technology Chemistry and either of Physics or mathematics
Sociology Three Social Science or Arts Subjects
Statistics Mathematics and any two of Physics, Chemistry and Economics
Theatre Arts Literature in English and two subjects in relevant field
Zoology Biology and two of Physics, chemistry and Mathematics
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics or Physics
Public Administration Government, economics and any other Subject
Special Education Any three subjects
Taxation Mathematics and two other social science subjects

Following the 2022/2023 Brochure, the list of courses and their admission requirements are available for guidance. Nasarawa State University, keffi is set to promote qualitative, innovative and insightful teachings building a World class centre of excellence for the Northern Development. The Institute is open to all students with a motto that says “Knowledge for development”, stacked with all the necessary infrastructures (library, laboratories) and equipments to aid the lecturers teach effectively and the students learn in a proper and conducive environment.

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