Jamb Subject Combination For Computer Science

In this information, you will see exactly and correct JAMB Subject Combination For Computer Science (2022/2023), If you’re interested in JAMB Subject Combination for Computer Science 2022/2023 also this post is for you.

At the end of this post, you’ll get to know JAMB Subject Combination for Computer Science for this year 2022 and beyond, the subjects you’re to write in JAMB in order to study Computer Science at the University of your choice in 2022, and the conditions to study Computer Science in Nigeria for UTME and Direct Entry candidates as well as schools offering Computer Science in Nigeria.

The  Computer Science Subject combination for JAMB 2022/2023

Approved Correct UTME Subjects Needed To study Computer Science Are:

  • The Use Of English
  • The Mathematics
  • The Physics
  • The Chemistry Or Computer Studies Accepted!

Conditions To Study Computer Science In Nigeria

  • For the jambites, you need to have at least 5 credit passes in your O’level result which includes WAEC or NECO and also includes English and Mathematics not more than two 2 sittings and you can study Computer Science in Nigeria in which some schools need one sitting only.
  • You must have reached the AGE of sixteen (16) by the 31st day of October at the time of admission.
  • You meet your academy cut-off mark for Computer Science.
  • You have a good JAMB, WAEC, Post UTME Score.

Direct Entry Conditions To Study Computer Science In Nigeria

  • A minimum of 5 credits in their Secondary Certificate Examinations (SSCE/ GCE) Ordinary Position Credits in an outside of two (2) sittings.
  • Degree (First Class/ Second Class Upper) in affiliated fields.
  • Direct entry candidates are needed to buy the Direct Entry form through the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).
  • A minimum of Merit Pass in the National Certificate of Education (NCE), National Diploma (ND) and other Advanced Level Instruments.
  • Other qualifications respectable to the Senate of your University of choice, and being original to (1) and (4) over. In addition to the below minimum admission conditions, campaigners must also satisfy similar

The Faculty/ Departmental entry conditions.

  • The Interim Common Matriculation Board (IJMB)
  • The Common Universities Primary Examinations Board (JUPEB)

Then How Can You Pass JAMB 2022/2023

1. Early Studying Matters

  • Still, also you need to start preparing veritably beforehand, If you wish to score veritably high in JAMB.
  • Do n’t stay till JAMB enrollment 2022 commences before you start studying for JAMB, because you may not pass, If you do so.
  • Early studying provides you with some inflexibility in your study schedule and allows room for any distractions similar to changeable events.
  • As mortal beings, we’re all subordinated to procrastination, shiftlessness, distraction, stress, and necessary family commitments.
  • Early medication allows some room for these.

2. Try and set a high Target Score


A target is a thing that the existent is aiming to reach.

But targets do n’t just tell us what we’re aiming for – they let us measure the distance by which we fall suddenly, and the quantum of work we need to do to make it up.

You need to have a target in order to judge whether you’re making advancements. But how should you set targets? Well, aiming high is always a good launch, but then are some other tips to consider.

  • That is; Be specific, Be realistic, Support top- position targets with lower- position targets, and Gamify!
  • Still, you need to set a veritably high target score, If you want to score veritably high in JAMB 2022.
  • Tell yourself,….I want to score over 300 in JAMB 2022. And you’re likely to score below your target score.
  • So, target a veritably high JAMB score.

3. Make sure you study for your JAMB The Right Way

Your way of preparing and studying for JAMB will surely tell what your JAMB score will look like. Taking examinations is stressful, but you can make it easier by perfecting the way you study.

Studying for your examinations effectively and efficiently will keep you from feeling unrehearsed, and it’ll set you up for success! So plan review sessions beginning at least a week in advance of each test.

Ensure you will do several mini-reviews well in advance, gradually adding the time in which you study, rather than trying to cram everything. It’ll be of tremendous significance to also note that not every seeker that scores low in JAMB did n’t study or prepared well. Some people do study but not the right way of studying 

Too frequently, it’s easy to view studying as a commodity that only gets done at the last nano second in a huge late army session. Rather, try setting aside some time every day to study.

Cataloging it just like another appointment or class may help you stay motivated to continue the habit. And keep reading past questions to find out how to pass JAMB CBT 2022.

4. Try to study Constantly

  • Develop the habit of harmonious reading because this will help you understand and remember further.
  • You just need to know what works and what does n’t! And don’t cram all your studying into one session.
  • Always study at the same time and each study time should have a specific thing.
  • And never procrastinates in your planned study session.
  • Start with the most delicate subject first.
  • Applying these many tips when studying will increase your chances of passing JAMB 2022.

5. Try work with JAMB Syllabus


The reason why students get a little above their cut-off mark or get below their cut-off mark in the UTME test is that they fail to make use of this veritably important tool called the JAMB SYLLABUS…. So scoring high in JAMB is veritably easy only if you prepare the right way.


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