Kaduna State Schools 2020/2021 Resumption Approval

The Kaduna State Government has approved Monday 25th January, 2021, as the official resumption dates for all Primary and Secondary Schools including boarding and Day school students respectively.

Hence, the Kaduna State Ministry of Education is directing all Principals and Head Teachers to make arrangements to receive boarding students on Sunday, 24th January, 2021 and day students on Monday 25th January, 2021. Higher institutions are to also resume with effect from Monday 18th January, 2021.

As was initially done in the earlier phase of resumption, Administrators of public and private schools must continue complying with all COVID-19 Protocols which include: daily temperature checks; compulsory wearing of face-masks; provision of hand-washing facilities, use of hand sanitizer for teachers and observance of all COVID-19 guidelines as stated by NCDC and the state COVID-19 Taskforce; running two (2) shifts to enable compliance with these guidelines, ensuring that class sizes are not more than 20 students per normal days, with 1.5m -2.0m physical distancing. Schools COVID-19 teams already in place, will continue monitoring compliance with the aforementioned guidelines.

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The State Government is also reiterating the need for parents and guardians to provide their children/wards with facemasks. Schools are also to sustain hand-washing practices, so as to help in curtailing the spread of the virus. School Administrators should continue with the blended learning system earlier advised.

  • Proprietors of private schools and other learning, coaching and training centers, including Islamiyyah/Madrassahs, are to ensure that all the guidelines are strictly adhered to. They are also to obtain a “No Objection” from the State Schools Quality Assurance Authority (SQAA) before resumption. Bureau for Interfaith and Local Government Authorities are to collaborate with KSsQAA in ensuring that Islamiyyah/Madrasas comply with the COVID-19 protocols. Joint monitoring teams are expected to go round to ensure compliance. The request of some proprietors of private schools for medical certificates and test results against some diseases from their students are unnecessary and uncalled for. Hence, parents are advised to disregard such demands and report such proprietors accordingly.

    The Ministry is assuring the public that it will continue the e-learning programme using radio and television stations, Google classrooms and other online applications until normalcy s returned to the academic environment. Heads or schools, both public and private, are advised to encourage parents and students to key into the e-learning arrangement.

    The Ministry will continue to solicit the support of all stakeholders in the education sector, including but not limited to Non-Governmental organizations, Parents Teachers Association, Proprietors of Private Schools, Old Students Associations, security teams and the Media for their continuous support and understanding. It is also calling on all stakeholders to join its various monitoring teams in ensuring safe learning environment for the learners at all levels.

    Shehu Usman Muhammad,
    Ph.D. Commissioner

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