Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship for 2022/2023 Session| Austria

Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship for 2022/2023 Session| Austria


Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship for 2022/2023 Session| Austria-The Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship are currently accepting foreign / international students from all over the globe who are interested to pursue a postdoctoral research program at “Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB)” for 2022-2023 academic cycle. Each successful scholarship holder receives a consultancy fee which is subject to the scope of the consultancy service. The fee must not be more than EUR 10,000 for the whole period of the Scholarship.
If you are interested in this offer kindly read on to know more about the scholarship host and what is required of you to successfully secure the scholarship.

About The Scholarship Host

Founded in the year 1816, the Oesterreichische National bank is completely independent and not held by any instructions. It is responsible for the all round running of the OeNB, “the General Council for its supervision”. The OeNB goes by the guiding principle which applied “stability and security” to all of their activities. Why should apply to this wonderful program? The program gives a wide range of solutions and employment angles for students to assist them in planning their career and possibly securing jobs. . It also provides candidates top- class learning and research facilities across campuses to equip their learning as well as their outside school and social life.

About The Scholarship Program

The Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) took over the economic research awards formerly given by its “Economic Analysis and Research Department” with the newly established “Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship”. This Scholarship makes way for outstanding researchers to secure the opportunity to contribute to the wide range of research activities being conducted at the OeNB’s Economic Analysis and Research Department by rendering consultancy services. The Scholarship program is targeting Austrian and international experts with a verified research record in either (or both)economics and finance and with good postdoctoral research experience. Applicants are expected to be in active employment with any research institution in Austria or outside Austria and should be highly interested in broadening their research horizon while expanding his or her personal research networks in an environment that can boost of increasing international research mobility.
The OeNB’s key role include assisting to a stability-oriented monetary terms and policy within the Eurosystem, making sure that Austrian financial system attains stability while providing counterfeit-proof, high-quality cash to the general population and the entire business community. Furthermore, the OeNB is in charge of reserve assets, which includes gold and foreign exchange reserves, with the main aim of backing the euro in times of financial crisis. They also publishes statistical data, conduct economic assessments, supervises payment networks and participates in international organizations. In addition, the OeNB takes care of the euro payment system, enhances knowledge and understanding among the general masses and decision-makers through a well co-ordinated communication policy. In general, they also fund many research in Austria.


Scholarship Summary
Level of Study: Postdoctoral
Institution(s): The Oesterreichische Nationalbank
Study in: Austria
Opportunity Focus Areas: Economics and Finance
Program Period: 3-6 months
Deadline: October 31, 2022

Scholarship Benefits available for Successful Applicant at Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship for 2022/2023 Session

Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship provides the successful applicants with the following benefits:
— Each Scholarship recipient will get a consultancy fee, these fees is subject to the scope of the consultancy
service. The fee is not to exceed EUR 10,000 (for the entire period of the Scholarship) which is the net sum of value-added tax in the area. These fees paid to recipient shall also satisfy all claims of the scholarship holders toward the OeNB.

— If by chance the consultancy services gets subjected to value-added tax, then consultancy fee will have to be increased by the applicable sales tax rate (which is currently 20%). Do note that the Scholarship holders are to pay for their own feeding and accommodation fees at the consultancy time frame. However, The OeNB will always be ready to assist the recipient in finding secured accommodations in Vienna (if possible).


Eligibility Criteria for Candidates Seeking to Apply for Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship

To successfully apply and secure the opportunity for Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship, these following requirements should be considered;

1) The eligible Language is English Language, as for Eligible Countries, All countries of the world are eligible to apply as the Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship has no specific region of preference.
For candidates to be eligible, he or she must have
completed a PhD or presently holding an equivalent degree, candidates in this category are also expected to have published work and done scientific research in the fields specified in the call for applications. Applicants can be from any country of the world and there is no age specifications.
Only applications duly submitted and received from natural persons will be accepted.
Note that one cannot apply for 2 or more scholarship under the Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship scheme.
2) Eligible applicant shall be acknowledged experts with a verifiable track record in economic research and shall be very much integrated in their research community.

3) Applicants must also be proving proof of active employment with any research institution they are working with at the time of this scholarship application and for the period for which the Scholarship is processed and granted.


4) Applicants who have in any way received a Scholarship under the said program will not be fit to re-apply.
Neither shall scholarship applications for renewal of all sort be accepted.
People who work at the European Central Bank or any other central banks sited in the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) are not fit for this Scholarship program.

How to Apply for 2022/2023 Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship

Kindly follow the following process flow and procedures to apply for Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship.

  • Make Provisions for the following documents and details:
    A letter of motivation , make sure to include an indication of the time period stated for the consultancy.
    Make a detailed consultancy proposal
    Provide a brief description of current research topics and activities
    Provide an academic curriculum vitae (CV)
    Provide an up-to-date publication list of yours (or an extract from them)
    Provide the names of two references that the OeNB may have to reach out to in order to obtain further information about you.
    Provide evidence of your basic income (which may be employment contract with the applicant’s home institution) during the session of the Scholarship, i.e. the consultancy time range at the OeNB.
    Provide a written confirmation by the home institution( that is the provision of consultancy services). The applicant should not be in violation of the requirements of applicant’s employment contract with the host institution.

  • After that, all documents are to be neatly compiled into a single PDF file.
  • After compilation, candidates are Send a PDF copy of the file to [email protected]
    To get more details about Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship, kindly visit the official website:

Application Deadline

To avoid missing this opportunity, you need not wait for the deadline to apply, early application is crucial as it offers you enough time to re-check before submitting to avoid unnecessary errors. The Klaus Liebscher Economic Research Scholarship program for the 2022/2023 session in Austria will stop receiving applications on October 31, 2022.


End Notes

If you meet the criteria for this scholarship, make sure to apply as soon as possible. Remember to cross-check all details before scanning and uploading. Read the eligibility criteria and gather documents required before initiating the application process.


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