Kochi University Scholarships Application Currently Ongoing

Kochi University Scholarship Currently ongoing
Kochi University Scholarship Currently ongoing

Kochi university has been a place for the brightest students to gather and learn for centuries. This is because it was originally founded by the Kochi Kingdom, a major power in Japan’s feudal society from 1603 until 1868. The school started as a “place of learning to become great officials” and over time, continued to grow steadily until it became Japan’s first modern university in 1897.

The campus at Kochi university has been here since its founding in 1658, except for a few years in the middle of the 1800s when it was temporarily moved to Tokyo (also known as Edo during that time) due to political turmoil.

The city is home to many different famous landmarks such as Kochi Castle, which is part of the World Heritage Site Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto and Nara, and Asakusa Temple.

About Kochi University

The university was first established in 1603 as Kochien Junior College and was renamed Kochien Prefectural Medical School in 1907. The school expanded its program to include Civil Engineering and Agriculture from 1874-1904 and then again from 1919 to 1951 when it became Kochi university.

In 1981, it transformed into a private academic institution under the name of Kochi university and has continued to become more specialized ever since. The university was the first one that offered a course on Japanese literature before its sister institution of Tohoku University and kokugakuin University.

Its school of law was the first in Japan to offer a course on International Law. By 1881, they had opened one of Japan’s first high schools, Toho Modern High School (now known as Kokugakuin). In 1893, Kochi Prefectural Teachers Training School became Kochi Prefectural Institute of Education. It taught students with a liberal arts background and had its design department. A few years later, it started training teachers for local schools and expanded to include foreign language departments (English and German) as well as primary education.

Kochi University Campus

The campus itself, along with several other buildings surrounding it were designed by Jiro Yoshihara. Yoshihara was born in Kochi in 1899 and graduated from Kochi university’s predecessor, Kochi Prefectural Medical School.

The university has facilities such as the kuchimanchi campus athletics stadium, and the Kochi university hospital, and it houses the famous Kochi showcase arts center. The arts center itself is a museum that honors Kochi Prefecture’s high-culture tradition which is why the Kochi University Scholarships Currently Ongoing.

Course of Study

The available courses for international students at Kochi University are;

Biology, Chemistry, English Language, Environmental Science and Management, Geography, History, and Geography of Japan

Kochi University offers a course in the Japanese Language in Scholarships Currently Ongoing

The fields of study offered by universities in Kochi will vary depending on their location. On the other hand, some universities may offer a range of subjects while others may focus on one particular area such as; Business Administration or Health Sciences. This can also depend on the university that you are attending. The important thing is to find a course that has what you are looking for and one that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Scholarships at Kochi University

For those who want to study a program in Japan and need financial assistance, you should consider applying for the Kochi scholarship. The deadline is fast approaching so don’t hesitate to apply before as Kochi University Scholarships is Currently Ongoing

If this scholarship has tickled your fancy then read on to find out more about it, including how much money you could receive and what qualifications you need.

Kochi University Scholarships in Japan Overview

The Kochi University Scholarships in Japan is a scholarship program designed for those who wish to study overseas at one of the universities in Kochi Prefecture, Japan. The scholarships are available to international students from non-Japanese-speaking countries and Japanese students from outside the prefecture.

The application deadline for this scholarship is fast approaching. It is on October 16th so make sure that you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Program Type: Scholarship and Fellowship

Funding Available: Students will be given a monthly stipend while they study abroad, as well as receiving a lump sum payment of 300,000 yen (for each year of their course). This amount is subject to change annually in the Kochi University Scholarships which is Currently Ongoing

Amount Available: Individual scholarships range between $2500 and $8000, while the group scholarship option is available for an additional fee of $2000.

Number Awarded: 46 individuals (453 total) and 8 groups (64 total) per year.

Cohort Start Date: The cohort for this program started in September 2022

Cohort Completion Date: Semester 2023

Type of Study: Taught Master’s Programmes 

Restrictions on Study Programme: Students must have completed their higher education before the study abroad opportunity; have a minimum TOEFL score of 100 iBT; have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on their current university transcript; have a minimum TOEFL iBT score of 730 paper-based or 100 internet-based.

Language of Instruction: English (Subject to variations following the needs of students)

Fee: Considered a non-refundable application fee. For more information, please see the full breakdown on the scholarship page.

Cohort Completion Date: Semester 2022

Additionally, to add even more diversity to your experience, Kochi is a great place for those who would like to enjoy the local culture.

  • Kochi University Scholarships in Japan – Location & Culture 

The Kochi campus is located in the city of Kochi and is home to over 1,000 students.

Students who study there will find that the university has a strong focus on teaching, with a major in educational technology, for example. The campus also has a great range of facilities such as an art gallery, recreation center, and student union!

Documents Needed to Apply for Scholarships at Kochi University

Here are the documents needed to apply;

  • Your high school graduation certificate
  • Your college entrance exam results
  • Your college entrance exam result for last year
  • One letter from the organization you are applying to and their confirmation receipt (if applicable)
  • Proof of your residence by submitting the registration confirmation for your municipality or the recent utility bill
  • Your current visa status
  • Your passport picture
  • Your bank statement for the past 3 months
  • If you have, a certificate of honor from your school and/or a certificate from your class president, club leader, or other similar positions held in high school.

Benefits of Studying at Kochi University

There are some reasons why students from non-Japanese-speaking countries would want to study at a Japanese university; one is the opportunity to experience life in Japan firsthand.

This can be especially beneficial if you are applying for any jobs related to Japan or even further study in Japan after your overseas program.

Another benefit is the chance to enhance your language skills. If you are taking a course in Japanese, you will find it interesting as it allows you to learn how to read, write and speak the language fluently. Learning the language will help students make friends and also gain knowledge of the customs, culture, and history of Japan.

Japan is known as one of the most modern countries in Asia with a rich ancient heritage, but there’s still plenty of information that can be found about its past. Studying Japanese will allow people to appreciate the country’s past and see where Japan stands today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants should submit all documents related to their scholarship application to the Korean Embassy in their country of residence to or the domestic university concerned. The Korean Embassy or the domestic university sends proper candidates to NIIED with the required documents

One way to study in Korea for free is to apply to national or public universities instead of private universities. Depending on the program of your choice, you may require on average, USD 3,000 or less per semester for an undergraduate degree program at a national university.


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