IMPRESSIVE: Kwara Secondary School Students To Represent Nigeria In World Debate.

kwara students to represents nigeria in national debate
photo credit: pixabay

Despite all the negativity that we have seen in Nigeria, there’s still some sort of positivity in the ‘corners’ and places we would never expect it.

The kwara state secondary school students recently won the national debate Lagos and this has evidently made the Governor, AbdulRahman Abdulrazaq very excited and very willing to do anything for the students.

Currently, these brilliant scholars are camped for proper training.

They will be undergoing this training in order for them to be coached and educated very well for the upcoming world debate hosted in Netherlands.

This has not just made the Governor very proud but also Nigerians too.

All these were all stated and confirmed by the current chairman of the Kwara State Universal Basic Education Board (KWSUBEB), Prof. Sheu Raheem Adaramaja.

These were his actual words:

“Our children are the ones representing Nigeria in the Netherlands. Everything is being done to make sure they excel at the world schools debate championship. We have engaged various tutors, including native speakers of English language who are involved in the KwaraLEARN programme, to hone the skills of the students to be at their best.

“We do have very good and committed local tutors who have been training these children. The idea of also getting native speakers, who incidentally are working on our KwaraLEARN project, is to expose the children to different intonations they might encounter at the championship. We are confident that they will represent Nigeria well, just as they have recently done us proud in Kwara State at the national level,” Adaramaja said.

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