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Kwasu Departmental Cut off Mark 2021/2022: A Complete List



Schools have begun to release their required cut-off marks for their respective departments. This article will therefore provide a complete list of the Kwasu Departmental cut off mark for 2021/2022 session.

What You Should Know About Kwasu

Kwasu is the acronym for the Kwara State University. The school is located in Illorin the Kwara State capital. It is one of the leading state universities in the country with very quality courses on offer.

Kwasu Departmental Cut-off Mark

There is this idea that there is a general cut-off mark for gaining admission into all the departments of the Kwara State University. This is actually misleading. The co-called cut-off mark grants one the liberty to procure the school’s Post UTME form. Yet, it does very little to guarantee admission.

In order to be clearer, the school authority has come out to announce the cut-off marks for their various departments. We will be taking you through the departmental cut-off marks as set by the school and as recognized by JAMB.

Departments: Cut-off Marks and Preferred Score Range

The general cut-off mark which has been set for candidates to meet before qualifying to apply for the school’s post-UTME screening is 180. However, there has been a repeated pattern that has come to be the norm in the school’s admission process.

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Candidates scoring a certain range of grades have been admitted over time into some departments. This has made it necessary for us to outline this range of scores and the departments so as to guide you on what to do depending on your JAMB score.

List of Departments and Likely Admission Score Range

  • Agricultural Engineering: This department requires applying candidates to have scored a minimum of 220 in the UTME.
  • Accounting: The Accounting Department has been repeatedly admitting candidates with scores ranging from 230.
  • Banking and finance has always preferred candidates with scores not less than 220
  • Arabic Studies: For candidates looking to study Arabic, their admission is usually much more simple since the department mostly admits candidates with scores ranging from 190 upward.
  • Agriculture: The department usually admits candidates with any score above 230
  • Biochemistry: This course has been favouring candidates with scores of 220 and above
  • Christian Studies: Just like Arabic Studies, to study Christian Studies at the Kwara State University, candidates stand greater of gaining admission with scores above 190.
  • Civil Engineering: With 230 and above, candidates applying for the course have a good chance of being admitted
  • Computer Science: To study Computer Science at KWASU, candidates should endeavour to score a minimum of 220 in the UTME
  • Economics: For the Economics Department, the preferred scores have usually ranged from 220 upwards.
  • Science Education: This department is fond of admitting candidates with scores anywhere above 200
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering: This department prefers candidates with scores starting from 230 and higher
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Other Departments Include:

  • English Language: The English Department has a preference for candidates scoring 200 and above
  • English and Literary Studies: This department is similar to the English Language department when it comes to admission preferences and requirements
  • Fisheries: To stand a good chance of studying Fisheries at Kwara State University, it is very important for candidates to score at least 220 in their UTMEs
  • Food Science and Technology: For this department, scores from 220 and above are enough
  • Geology and Mineral Science: Scoring a minimum of 230 puts one in a good position to be admitted for this course
  • History and International Studies: With 220 upward, candidates have very positive chances of gaining admission
  • Hospitality and Tourism: The department might not be a very popular one but it still has a nag for preferring candidates with a 220 and above score
  • Islamic Studies: This department is similar to that of Arabic Studies
  • Languages and Linguistics: For the Linguistics Department, a score not less than 200 is enough
  • Mass Communication: This prefers 220 and above. The same applies to Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, Statistics, Zoology, and Geography

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