Top 20 Best LG Smart TV Apps

Best LG Smart TV Apps

If you purchased a new LG smart TV this year, you are sure to get your money’s worth. LG TV is one of the most popular smart TVs on the market right now. This television has a shop. Inside the LG Content Store, there are several apps to pick from. However, there is only not so much room on your television. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you want to make the most of the space you have. Below is the list of the best LG smart TV apps.


List Of The Best LG Smart TV Apps

  • LG Channels
  • Plex App
  • Movies Anywhere
  • Duplex IPTV
  • Youtube TV
  • Facebook Watch
  • Twitch
  • YT Kids
  • Spotify Music
  • Google Stadia
  • TV Cast
  • Funimation
  • BritBox
  • Flying Fish 2
  • CBS News

Best LG Smart TV Apps

1. LG Channels

This is a streaming service that is incorporated into all LG televisions. It may no longer have the big movies that you want. On the other hand, LG Channels allows you to view over 190 IP-free channels.

As a result, expect to witness a diverse range of presentations from different genres. You may choose between humor, horror, and other genres. Furthermore, it broadcasts programming from all across the globe. LG Channels provides you with all the entertainment and news information you need 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


2. Plex App

Plex is a popular tool for streaming entertainment over your local network and one of the best LG Smart TV apps. Plex is a media server program, in case you didn’t know. If you have many offline materials or DVDs at home, you may want to consider turning a device into a dedicated Plex server. As a result, you can watch all of that stuff on any device using the Plex app.

3.  Movies Anywhere


There are far too many video providers to list, and it becomes much worse when you have to move between applications to watch your favorite movies. Movies Anywhere debunk that assumption by consolidating all of your downloads into a single app. You’ll need to link all of your accounts to this LG Smart TV app before you can view all of your favorites. Plex, accessible in LG’s Content Store, is comparable to Movies Anywhere. The best part is that Movies Anywhere is completely free, and it may help you find new savings on material from your other services.

4. Duplex IPTV

As the name implies, Duplex IPTV is an IPTV service that offers live TV and sports channels and it is recognized among the best LG smart TV apps. There are an insane number of channels, and you may browse the full list to locate your favorites. Duplex IP TV is a subscription service that costs $75 per year. A 7-day free trial of the service is also available.

5. Youtube TV

Perhaps you’re considering replacing your cable box with your new LG Smart TV. If this is the case, there are a few live TV apps to consider. YouTube TV is the most popular, although Sling TV and Hulu TV are also accessible. YouTube TV is the most costly app on our list of LG Smart TV must-haves, but it includes over 85 channels as well as a few premium package choices. Whatever live TV app you use should give a fresh, low-cost way to pass the time.

6. Facebook Watch

This app on your LG Smart TV allows you to see videos that you’ll discover on Facebook. Even better, you don’t have to log in to use the app. However, if you want to watch videos from your favorite sites and personalities, you need to sign up first. You may also watch live feeds from sites and other accounts on the platform.

7. Twitch


Twitch is another recognized best LG smart TV apps. If you like gaming, Twitch is an excellent platform to have. This allows you to view video game playthroughs of your favorite games. You may, however, concentrate on supporting your favorite streams. Even better, the Twitch app allows you to communicate with your favorite broadcasters directly via comments and responses.

8. YT Kids

You should have the YT Kids app if you have children in your home. The standard YouTube app has some odd advertisements for children. Furthermore, autoplay may sometimes play an unfavorable video for them. As a result, you should download the YT Kids app, which has adverts and content tailored to children aged 1 to 10.

9. Spotify Music

Spotify is an essential app for LG Smart TV. It allows you to listen to limitless music and podcasts for free. Spotify also works nicely across several devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You may send music to your TV from any device.

10. Google Stadia

While streaming media on smart TVs is already commonplace, streaming and playing games on the same TVs is still in its early stages. LG Smart TV customers may experiment with this new trend via the Google Stadia app. You can try out over 100 games, including big PC and console titles such as Doom Eternal, Far Cry 6, and the forthcoming FIFA 23, for streaming straight to your LG TV without needing a physical gaming device. 

A few Stadia games are free, while most need payment to watch and play. For $9.99 per month, you may join up for Stadia Pro, which provides over 50 titles on an ever-changing list that you can claim, stream, and play.

11. TV Cast

For some reason, LG Smart TV supports Miracast rather than Chromecast. As a result, casting on LG TV is difficult if you have an iPad or iPhone. Casting is often possible inside the YouTube iOS app, but it is time-consuming, whether in the Safari browser or another streaming app. To make things easier, you may utilize an app called TV Cast. All you have to do is download the app on both your LG TV and your iOS smartphone to get started.


12. Funimation

Even while Funimation, like the others, is a video streaming service, its attention to animation merits special recognition. Premium is just $5.99 a month and is a simple solution to get rid of those annoying ads. The service has over 36 pages of outstanding anime series that you can manage directly from your LG Smart TV. You can also see ratings for each episode before you start watching to ensure that you’re watching some of the greatest anime available.

13. BritBox

BritBox is another video service with a distinct focus, this time on the grandeur of British television. This LG Smart TV app is a collaboration between the BBC and ITV, with a generous dose of BritBox originals thrown in for good measure. It’s one of the most convenient ways to watch Rowan Atkinson classics like Blackadder or catch up on weekly episodes like Mock the Week. BritBox is available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

14. Flying Fish 2

It’s time to install some gaming applications on your LG Smart TV. Although the LG Content Store offers relatively few applications, there are many nice casual games to enjoy. 

15. CBS News

If you want to stay up to date on the newest significant news items, there are a few LG TV apps that provide 24-hour news coverage. The CBS News app is one of our favorites since it not only provides 24-hour news coverage but also has its unique programs. WeatherNation for precise weather forecasts and Very Local, which combines news feeds from numerous local US stations around the nation, are two more LG TV news applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

There might be a variety of reasons why your favorite streaming software isn’t accessible for direct download, ranging from license concerns to market differences to technological difficulties. If your favorite app isn’t available in the store, try purchasing a Roku or Amazon Fire streaming stick with the app and connecting it to the LG TV.

On occasion, an app is retrieved from the LG Content Store. If that occurs and you still have the program loaded, don’t uninstall it since you can probably use it for a little longer.


LG’s WebOS and Samsung’s Tizen are often regarded as the finest smart platforms – they’re speedy and packed with the newest applications – but there are plenty of reasons to investigate alternative operating systems.

LG Channels currently features 174+ free channels. Fresh channels are introduced on a regular basis, along with new improvements. Now is the moment to start having infinite fun.

These issues may indicate that the app or, in some cases, the system requires an update. The first step is to uninstall the app and then reinstall it from the Content Store.

Go to Settings > All Settings > General. Check for Updates, and then Download and Install any available updates. Set Auto Update to on if you want the TV to update automatically.




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