10 Lightening Lotions For Babies In Nigeria

10 Lightening lotion for babies in Nigeria

Lightening Lotions For Babies In Nigeria – Taking care of the body is great business while looking good is greater business, every mother would want their babies to stand out.

Because you would want the best and most beautiful skin for your baby there are several body lotions for babies that don’t just maintain the skin but give that even fair coloured skin you desire.

Lightening Lotions For Babies In Nigeria

It might, however, be dangerous to just pick any kind of lotion on a baby’s skin, using the right lotion that goes well with the skin type whether oily or dry skin is important including the weather condition of our environment.

So, to decide what lotion is best might be a good little bit difficult, however, we are here to provide you with a list of great whitening and skin maintaining lotions for your baby to always stand out among others.

What is Lightening Cream?

Melanin pigment is what gives us our dark skin, once this pigment is reduced our skin grows lighter.

Lightening creams are products that are designed to bleach and lighten the skin.

They target the skin cells that produce the melanin pigment reducing the melanin and leaving our skins at a fairer level.

These products are in oil or lotion, they are available over the counter. It is a culture for most Nigerian adult women to bleach their skin. 

Is Lightening Lotion Best for Babies?

Whitening the body means reducing the melanin in the skin, to give way to fairer skin. This practice is common among adult women who wish to get fairer skin.

If you chose to get fairer skin for your dark skin it is advisable to get a dermatologist advice to get advice on how or what is best to attain that more equitable skin.

Meanwhile, we are here to provide you with a list of great Lightening lotions you can use for your babies.

Because babies’ skin is delicate, using a lightening cream is dangerous, your babies would practically need lotions that would be mild on their skin as the immune develops, exposing their skin to hash lotions can lead to several health issues.

Body lotions, petroleum Jelly and body oil are best for your baby’s skin, however, there is some nice lotion to make your baby’s skin fairer.

What does Lightening cream contain?

Lightening creams are also known as bleaching or whitening creams and are used to reduce the melanin pigment by thinning the skin to produce a fairer skin, these agents found in bleaching creams are very active.

Bleaching creams may include any of these; 

  • Hydroquinone
  • Cysteamine
  • Topical Retinoids
  • Botanicals
  • Topical Corticosteroids
  • Mercury

The most common agents found in lightening creams are Hydroquinone and Mercury. Hydroquinone is an effective skin-lightening agent. It has a concentration of 2% to 4% for usage. Many creams have this as one of the bleaching content mostly used to treat Skin infections but has been used to get the skin lighter.

Hydroquinone is also known as 1,4- Benzenediol, Quinol, Benzene-1,4-diol, p-Diphenol, p-Dihydroxyl benzene, Hydrochinone, p-Hydroxylphenol, Hydrochinonium, Hydroquinol and Tequinol.

While the other majorly used bleaching agent is Mercury also found in creams, however, mercury has been found to be very active and dangerous for use, many lotion companies prefer not to use it, long time use of mercury may lead to some chronic deficiency or health issues.

So when you pick a lightening cream for your baby on the counter, it is advisable to check the bleaching agent before picking a lightening cream

10 Best Lightening Lotions for Babies in Nigeria 

Lightening Lotions For Babies In Nigeria

To get a fairer and even skin colour for babies in Nigeria here is a list of baby lotions that your baby can use;

  • Kids and Teens Olaybact Fairness Lotion Natural Skin Glow
  • Aveeno Baby Lotion
  • Baby Secret Milk Amino Acid Baby Body Lotion
  • Sweety Cleansy Baby Lotion
  • Sebamed baby lotion.
  • Teens and Kiddies Glow Moisturizing Body Milk Natural Fairness.
  • Kidskin Baby Glowing Lotion
  • Johnson’s Milk and Rice Lotion
  • Ori Jimpo Head to Toe Cream
  • Jergens Shear Butter

Caring for Your Baby Skin

As stated earlier, the babies’ skin is delicate. It is not all about using the best creams or fairing creams. but there are some practices or things you need to do to avoid irritation, breakdown or any form of reaction on the Skin.

Because their skin is very fragile and needs mild body lotion and modest weather conditions, avoid taking your baby directly under the sun if you would be going under the sun, and make sure you keep the baby under the shade.

Because you cannot be using Sunscreen on the baby, it is advisable to avoid the sun and put on loose lightweight cloth for your baby.

Be mindful of your Baby’s skin type, it is very important to know what your baby’s skin type is as not all babies need a moisturizer. If you discover that your baby’s skin is dry and cracky, you can always use petroleum jelly-based cream to help moisturize the body or use oil, such as Coconut oil, Olive oil and more.

Interactions with dyes, perfumes and other dermatitis triggers, with the contact of any dermatitis there, could be reactions, so avoid the use of perfumes directly on the skin, latex, harsh soaps or any other things that could cause reactions.

Bathing babies is a technique you would need to learn, the skin is very fragile and wouldn’t want to cause harm to the largest organ of the human body. So, it is advisable to use best bathing practices.

Bathing a baby with lukewarm water is best than hot water. Use a soft towel to dry the baby’s body. when bathing the baby hold baby firmly, bath baby for about 5 to 10 minutes in a warm room, and dry baby properly before you pat your baby.

and lastly, Babies’ nails grow faster and may cause harm to babies’ skin. So it is advisable to always keep, bay nails short to avoid scratches and also remember to do the filing ic cut when they are asleep to avoid jerking which could lead to injury or cut.


Whitening cream can be a decisive one when it comes to baby use because you have to consider the exposure you would be creating to the baby’s skin, however, there are some great body lotions you can use to create fairer skin for your baby.

Lightening creams are lightening products that reduce the melanin on the skin pigment, to give way to fairer skin. So when selecting a lightening cream for your baby, you should be able to know which is best. here we have made a list of the 10 best whitening lotions for babies in Nigeria we hope you find this helpful.


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