List Of All Accredited Courses Offered in Al-Istiqama University Sumaila (AUSU)

Courses in AUSU » Below is the list of undergraduate courses offered by the Al-Istiqama University, Sumaila (AUSU).

The Al-Istiqama University, Sumaila (AUSU),  is a privately-owned university in Kano State, Nigeria.

AUSU has been officially accredited and/or recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria.

Do you want to find out the list of courses you can study at the Al-Istiqama University, Sumaila (AUSU)? Below is the list of high-quality courses on offer at AUSU.

  1. B.Sc Accounting
  2. B.Sc Taxation
  3. B.Sc Entrepreneurship Studies
  4. B.Sc Economics
  5. B.Sc Political Science
  6. B.A Islamic Studies
  7. B.Sc Biology
  8. B.Sc Chemistry
  9. B.Sc Mathematics
  10. B.Sc Computer Science
  11. B.Sc Software Engineering
  12. B.Sc Physics with Electronics
  13. B.N.Sc Nursing
  14. B.Sc Public Health
  15. BMLS Medical Laboratory Science

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