List of Universities that Accept HND into 400 levels

List of Universities that Accept HND into 400 levels

List of Universities that Accept HND into 400 levels – The aim of this article is to show you the list of universities that accept 400 level holders of HND which we will do by first shining a searchlight on the disparity between two relevant certificates involved.

To start with, what does HND mean?

Higher National Diploma known as HND is a part of the Higher Nationals suite of qualifications, an higher  academic education qualification in the United Kingdom and some other countries. This suite of qualifications were first introduced in 1920 to England and Wales alongside the Ordinary National Diploma (OND) and the Higher National Certificate (HNC).


HND in Nigeria is a continuation of the Ordinary National Diploma (OND) programme offered by polytechnics. Both ND and HND programmes have a duration each of two years  with a year break after the OND programme for a year  Industrial Training (IT).

Students are attached to relevant industries for practical experience before going back for the HND. After completion of HND programme, the graduate would have spent 5 years (one year IT inclusive); the reason why Higher National Diplomas are in most cases referred to as “equivalent” of a University bachelor’s degree of a university education, although, there has existed a long-standing rivalry between BSC and HND holders over the “equivalence” of Polytechnic HND degree to University bachelor’s degree.

There is however, series of efforts by some  polytechnic lecturers/students and concerned entities, to convince the federal government to remove the dichotomy between University degree holders and  Polytechnic HND degree holders in places of employment and the efforts had paid off  as some of the government organizations had started upgrading and employing the HND-holders at par with their counterpart with University Degree.

Lots of people, organizations and establishments are still of the opinion that university graduates are superior to their polytechnic counterparts for many reasons.

This disparity had caused pain and shattered the dream of many job seekers amidst the opinion of some scholars that HND are better placed for some jobs, especially technology related jobs, than BSc holders.

It is the belief in this quarters that HND should be considered above BSc holders for employment into companies dealing with technology related services.

Below are some reasons why BSc is preferred to HND;

  • Quality of Lecturers

Most university lecturers are PhD holders and Professors with years of experience in teaching. It is a known fact that without an MSc you cannot teach at most universities unlike the Polytechnics where it is scarce to have professors.

All these give reasons to believe that the expertise and quality of lecturers that we have in the university cannot be compared with that of the polytechnic.

  • Admission Requirement

The UTME requirement cut off mark for universities is higher than that of the polytechnic which signals to some that university is higher in academic status than  polytechnic.

This rigidity and high score demand reveals that the most brilliant and intelligent students with high marks will end up in the universities with leftovers for the polytechnics and other institutions.

  • Funding From Government

The public universities in Nigeria are much more funded by the government than polytechnics. Funding is one of the ways to determine the quality of a school.

It is widely known that the government and the media pay more attention to ASUU’s demands than ASUP. It is known that adequate funding empowers university graduates to be  better trained than polytechnics graduates.

  • Research Work

More quality research is engaged in the academic structure of universities than polytechnics.

  • Conducive and Large Campus Environment

The size of an institution and infrastructures goes a long way in telling about the quality of such institutions.

  • Quality of Students

It is believed that brilliant students are found in the university as it is very uncommon to see high UTME mark students choose to go to polytechnic instead of University. Polytechnic is seen as having those rejected from the university based on low UTME score.

  • Scholarships Preference

When it comes to awarding scholarships to students, reputable philanthropies hardly notice polytechnic students.

  • Job Opportunities

Most employers in Nigeria prefer BSc to HND graduates because  HND holders most times are seen as middle level manpower though some argue that this is the purpose for establishing polytechnics.

  •  Programme and Degrees

Polytechnic by law is allowed to award HND which is its highest certificate whereas  the universities can award BSc, PGD, MSc, PhD, and so on.

Some courses like Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Radiography, Pharmacy, Law and many more are not allowed to be included in the course schedule of polytechnics.

  • Self Esteem

An average BSc holder display more confidence compared to an HND holder giving room to stiff discrimination in the labour market.

In view of the above mentioned reasons, many HND holders prefer to convert their HND certificate to BSC through conversion courses in some universities.

Conversion of Certification

There are programs popularly referred to as “Top Up Conversion Programme” to convert the HND to B.Sc.

Admission of HND into the BSc program varies from University to University which determines the level of admission and the duration of the programme and it is of utmost importance to know that not all institutions accept conversion hence this article provides a compilation of institutions that accepts it.

Universities That Accept HND holders Into 400 level.

1.    Ignatius AJuru University Of Education

This is a state government funded university situated at Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt Rivers State, Nigeria.

The university was established by Law No. 8 of 2009 of the University of Education Law of the Rivers State Government. The Rivers State House of Assembly on 15 October 2009 passed the law which was assented to by His Excellency, Chief Rotimi Amaechi, the Governor of Rivers State on the 20th of  October 2009.

 This is one of the Universities in Nigeria that offer HND to BSc conversion programme, in fact, it is the only university that has a clear cut admission of HND into University 400 level as others have a duration of either two(2) to three (3) years for their conversion programs

At this university, HND holders are admitted into 400 Level and the  duration of the programme is one year. For more information, visit the institution’s website

Some of the universities that offered Top Up conversation  programmes from HND to BSc are :

* University Of Lagos (UNILAG) – The duration of the programme is 2 years.

*  Babcock University – The duration of the programme is 2 years.

* Federal University Oye-Ekiti- Varies

* Bells University of Technology- The duration of the programme is 2 years.

* University Of Ibadan- The duration of the programme is 2 years.

*  Wesley University, Ondo State- varies

* Delta State University – varies.

* Kwara State University – The duration of the programme is 3 years.

* Alhikmah University – The duration of the programme is 2 years.

* Ajayi Crowther University – duration of the programme is 3 years.

As mentioned above the House of Representatives, had passed the bill abolishing the much talked dichotomy between Higher National Diploma (HND) and Bachelors of Science (BSc) degree holders in the country.

This is to answer the age long agitation for the harmonization of the two certificates but if for any reason whether among the above mentioned or any other reason, the opportunity to convert HND to BSc is open to Nigerians.


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