Top 20 Loan Apps That Accept Prepaid Cards In USA

Top 20 Loan Apps That Accept Prepaid Cards In USA- Loan apps are a great way to ease financial tension especially in times of economic instabilities. Most especially for employed persons, you can access your paycheck before payday to settle pressing needs.

Ideally, loan apps usually require your bank account when signing up. But in the absence of bank account, you can be issued a prepaid card where your requested funds will be transferred . With this prepaid card , you can take care of bills , make purchases without having to worry about bank account .

In this article, we have shared the best loan apps that accept prepaid cards in USA

Loan Apps That Accept Prepaid Cards In USA

Below is the list of the loan apps that accept prepaid cards in USA:

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  1. Earnin
  2. Dave
  3. Chime
  4. Money Lion
  5. Brigit
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  10. Daily pay
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1. Earning

With earnin, you can have access to tomorrow’s money today. Earning is not really a loan app, rather it is an advance cash system. With earning, you can have access to your paycheck at any time of the month!  There are no hidden charges and your paycheck can be transferred to you in a short time of request.

Earnin has a main objective of helping its clients get financially ahead. It collaborates with you and your bank to debit account based on cash-outs made by you. If you prefer to pay earnin back manually, you are also allowed. Your bank details are quite safe on this finance app. They are required for the following reasons:

  • So money can easily be deposited to your account
  • To verify your employment through the history of deposits
  • Affirm your payday, so that cash withdrawn can be taken back at such time
  • Ascertain what exactly your earning are

There are 3 main things you will need if you will be using this app

  1. Consistent payday
  2. A checking account
  3. A smartphone

Criteria to use Earnin App

  • You should have a job that pays on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Have a particular workplace , an online time tracker or a timesheet

How To Use Earnin

  • Connect your bank details and employment info to the app so that your pay schedule can be tracked.
  • Include your earnings and your employer’s details
  • Earning relies basically on support from community members. It does not place charges but rather survives based on tips received from its members.
  • When you cash out, there is no mandatory fee, rather you can voluntarily tip what you think is fair.

And peradventure, you don’t have a functional bank account, you can still enjoy cash advances. Earning is one of the loan apps that accept prepaid cards in USA.

2. Dave

Dave is a fintech organization. It is not a bank, rather it is in partnership with Evolve Bank & Trust. It offers a debit mastercard, spending account and some other services. If you need some money to take care of some expenses before your next payday, you can rely on Dave loan app. You can have access to loan as much as $500. Members are charged $1 monthly.

Dave is one unique loan app that doesn’t just help people get out of financial mess through cash advance. They also provide support to their clients by empowering them financially. Dave can link you up with some flexible jobs so you can earn some extra cash.  Dave has actually helped a lot of its members get new job opportunities.

Whenever you need to take care of your bills or grab some rare opportunities, you can trust Dave to come to your aid. And even if you cant access your bank account, you can opt for Dave debit cards. Dave is among the loan apps that accept prepaid cards in USA


  • Membership fee is $1 monthly
  • Loan is quite easy to obtain.
  • Loan will be due for repayment when your payday comes. However, you can ask for an extension
  • No interest on cash advances

3. Chime

Chime app is one loan app that saves you the troubles linked with payday loans. It is also among the loan apps that accept prepaid cards in USA. So if you don’t have a functional bank account, there is nothing to worry about. You can get cash-advance on this app at zero interest. Also you can access funds up to $200 at zero-charges

Chime app also operates a savings account where you can earn 2.00% annual percentage yield where no minimum balance is required. Your savings can be automated so that you get to save whenever you get paid . Your funds are quite safe at FDIC insured banks.

To get started, you will require a, chime checking account which is absolutely free. Some features you will enjoy with chime app include:

  • Mobile banking which is 24/7
  • No minimum balance fees
  • You can access up to $100
  • No monthly service

You will be issued a chime debit card where you can access your funds on any ATM that accepts visa debit cards. This debit card is highly secured. You can keep track of your transactions on the card. And you can easily disable if you suspect any malicious move in your account.

4. Money Lion

With money lion, you can get cash advance at zero interest. You can have access to funds of $250 and even more. The loan app offers mobile banking, investments, cash advances and customer support is 24/7. It is among the loan apps that accept prepaid card in USA. With money lion debit card, you can easily access your cash advance.

The features of money lion app include:

RoarMoney SM: You can get up to $500. Here, you can access your paycheck two days before your payday

Instacash: Lets you access up to $250 at 0% APR

Round Ups3: You can invest while also spending. Although investment are provided by ML Wealth LIC. However, investment accounts are not FDIC insured and such investment may loose value.

5. Brigit

The loan app was set up to help Americans build a great financial future. Brigit does not just give you cash advance, it compares your account with your expenses and advances when need arise. Cash advances are at zero interest. There is no pressure on repayment as it can be rescheduled, if you are not able to pay back as at when due.

Accessing your cash is quite easy. It can accessed through your bank account or Brigit debit card . Brigit is one of the loan apps that accept prepaid cards in USA.

How to use Brigit

  • Download the app from your playstore
  • Sign up and connect your checking account
  • Connect yout primary account that you use on a daily basis. Note that the account must be active for minimum of 60days with a minimum balance above $0 and 3 recurring deposits from the same sender
  • Ask for advance and set a repayment date (which should be your next payday)
  • Your account will be credited within a short time which can be accessed in 2 0r 3 business days. But if you want the cash instantly, you will pay a small fee.

Brigit is one loan app that helps you build your credit. With $1 monthly, you can start building a positive payment history.

6. Payactive

This loan app puts you in charge of your paycheck, spending and savings. You can access your paycheck even before your payday. Payactive helps you achieve your financial goals. It also helps in financial planning and budgeting. Infact, every day, you have access to about 50% of your paycheck. You will determine when you want to transfer the funds and start spending.

Signup on payactive is free and easy. Apart from having access to cash advance, you can also start a goal-based savings. Payactive is one of the loan apps that accept prepaid cards in USA. You can apply for the payactive visa card which helps you access funds easily. you can also access funds through your bank account. The visa card is issued by the central bank of Kansas city.

7. Empower

It is a fintech company. Its banking services are taken care of NBKC Bank. You can get cash advances on the app, but you will need to first link your bank account with the app of better still open one with the app. The app also offers budgeting tools. You can get up to $250 interest and free cash advance

Empower are being used by some companies to manage retirement plans. There are no delays with this app as cash advances can be processed in a day. Some of the features on Empower app include budgeting tools, banking services and also cashback offers.

To qualify for loan on Empower app:

  • You must be 18years old
  • You must have a bank account with a US-financial institution
  • A valid phone that is usable in the United States

Advantages Of Using Prepaid Cards For Cash Advance

Now that you have the list of loan apps that accept prepaid cards in USA, let us look at some of the advantages of using prepaid cards to access your cash advance from the loan apps

  • You can’t spend more than you budget , the card will decline
  • You can access your funds at anytime to shop or even withdraw cash from ATM
  • Card can be adjusted to other forms of deposits
  • Good credit is not a pre-requisite as long as you can prove your employment status and income
  • You can easily apply for it


So , here is the list of loan apps that accept prepaid cards in USA. You don’t have to crack your head off for solution when in a financial mess. Just sign up with any of these app and start enjoying cash advances at anytime

However, it is important to note that before you apply for any form of loan, you need to read the terms and conditions very well. Be sure you understand them and ask questions where necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is payday loans?

It is a short term loan that offers its borrowers some good sum of money

How do I qualify for a payday loan?

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Have a residential address
  • You must be employed with proofs
  • You must have a government-issued identity card

What are the alternatives to payday loans?

  • Funds from family and friends
  • Low interest credit card
  • Cash advance from credit card


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