Top 75 Best Logistics Software

Best Logistics Software

Top 75 Best Logistics Software – Businesses are becoming sophisticated every day. Most of the producers and sellers never have the idea of the consumers that use their goods.
However, they can have the idea by using logistics software because the production-to-distribution process is a complex activity. This article listed out the top 75 best logistics software.

Top 75 Best Logistics Software

  • Logi-Sys
  • GoFreight
  • LogistiWerx
  • Oracle Transportation Management Cloud
  • Tookan
  • CAReGo
  • CXT Software
  • SuperProcure
  • Routetitan
  • Solo plan Carlo
  • Onflect
  • Trimble Fleet Mobility
  • Route4Me
  • Jaix
  • DelivApp
  • Oracle NetSuite
  • Logic Platform
  • Linbis
  • Motive
  • Blu-ray Solutions
  • Shippo
  • Ramco
  • packaged Receive
  • TallyPrime
  • Dynamics TMS
  • Magaya Supply Chain
  • Project44
  • ShipStation
  • WebXpress
  • LogiNext Mile
  • Fleet
  • BrokerWare
  • Descartes Logistics
  • Ship to
  • Fourkites
  • Ascend TMS Logistics Software
  • SoloPan
  • Info ERP
  • Zepo Couriers
  • Digital Supply Chain Network
  • Modaltrans
  • Fishbowl
  • OptimoRoute
  • ArcGIS
  • SoloPan
    47.SAR ERP
  • Zepo Couriers
  • Tailwind
  • Flexport
  • Front
  • SoftLink
  • FreightWaves SONAR
  • TechWift
  • DELMIA Quintiq
  • SAP Business One
  • Quickbase
  • Track – POD
  • MobiWork
  • Sagar
  • ShipMonk
  • TruckSuvidha
  • Blu-ray TMS
  • HighJump TMS
  • Zoho Creator
  • Kuebix TMS
  • Yelowtaxi
  • SIPL Courier Management
  • E2open
  • Real Time Freight
  • Envision
  • OptimoRoute
  • Easyship

10 Best Logistics Software

  • Logi-Sys
  • CAReGo
  • Route4Me
  • Linbis
  • Shippo
  • TallyPrime
  • Project44
  • Fleet
  • Tailwind
  • Envision

1. Logi-Sys

Logi-Sys permit seamless control and management of Air Freight, Land Freight, Sea Freight, Transport, Warehouse, and Customs operations by integrating with CRM. It helps freight forwarding and logistics businesses manage sales, purchase orders, customer service, and deliveries. The customers of Logi-Sys are Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, and Small Businesses. It also supports the following devices: iPad, Android, and iPhone. In addition, it is a cloud-based ERP software for logistics and freight forwarding companies. Logi-Sys is easy to use and is a completely web-based ERP. This logistics software is designed using the latest technology for Freight Forwarders & LSPs. It is designed to assist businesses with freight forwarding, inland transportation, warehouse management, and sales. Logi-Sys is software for small and medium freight forwarding companies.

2. CAReGo

CAReGo is a logistics software that works as a mini ERP solution for haulage business entities with minimum maintenance costs and investments. It can manage end-to-end operations from Consignment Booking to Delivery. CAReGO is a fully attributed Logistics industry software designed to serve Enterprises, Agencies. This logistics management solution client application software can be installed online without any expert assistance. It offers end-to-end solutions designed for Windows.

3. Route4Me

This logistics software offers the world’s most used route sequencing and optimization software for small. Businesses and enterprises to over 35,000 customers. It is a route-planning software that provides small businesses and enterprises with a smart platform from which to create, manage, and share optimized routing experiences. The customers of Route4Me logistics software are Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses, Freelancers, Non-Profit, Large Enterprises, and Public Administrations.

4. Linbis

This is a software development company that offers solutions designed to meet the requirements of most activities within the logistics and supply chain industry. Some companies such as NVOCC, Consolidators, Forwarding Agents, Freight Forwarders, Third Party Logistics Providers, Couriers, Ocean Carriers, Airlines, and Trucking Companies use Linbis logistics software as a Service Solution on the cloud to optimize their business flow to increase productivity and generate bigger profits.

5. Shippo

This powerful logistics software is the best multi-carrier shipping software for e-commerce businesses. The APC Postal Logistics shipping software of Shippo will allow you to connect your APC Postal Logistics account, automate package tracking, compare rates, and more. Shippo logistics software is a label creation platform that permits you to create and purchase shipping labels to print off and affix to your shipments. It is reasonably safe to use and is a legit software company. Some of the companies that use Shippo are Tuft & Needle, eBay, Webflow, Freedtyke Solution, Weebly, Mercari, Go Daddy, Stripe, Shyp, and Sellbrite.

6. TallyPrime

It is an integrated business management software that gives users the necessary power and control for their growing business needs. TallyPrime is utilized as a complete Freight Forwarding Software Solution. It has ranked as India’s best Accounting software. TallyPrime provides powerful data server capabilities over the Gold license. Also, it provides critical services to monitor the concurrency of operations to develop user productivity and efficiency and enhance data security. TallyPrime Server assists to boost business efficiency by minimizing system unavailability, which ensures that users can meet up their tasks without any time lag.

7. Project44

This is the logistics software that stands as the world’s most advanced visibility platform that assists shippers, carriers, and logistics professionals manage the supply chain. It was named the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. The users of project44 are P&G, Starbucks, and Amazon. This logistics software company is a forward-thinking technology company that offers standardized, secure web service API Integrations that permit shippers and 3PLs to connect to carriers in real time.

8. Fleet

Fleet management software permit businesses to monitor, track, and create detailed performance reports on vehicle fleets. It provides tools to track vehicles, schedule maintenance, monitor driver performance, and maintain part inventories. It is easy to use with a flexible user interface that provides structure and support you can rely on. The purpose of its establishment is to maintain an accurate and up-to-date overview of vehicle geolocation, diagnostics, and identifying risks or unsafe driver behaviors while simultaneously reducing manager workload.

9. Tailwind

Tailwind is one of the road transportation management systems designed to service motor carriers, freight brokers, and companies that do both. The company creates software solutions from small to mid-sized trucking companies and freight brokerages. It is an all-in-one transportation management software that has all the attributes needed by carriers, the storage industry, and freight brokerage. Tailwind is an all-in-one software that helps manage operations, customers, dispatch, admin & accounting.

10. Envision

Envision is a leading solution provider for the Ports, Logistics, Terminal, Utilities, Metro Rall, and Warehouse industries to improve operations efficiency. It is the software solution used to manage Maintenance, Airworthiness, and Flight Operations by aircraft operations, airlines, and MROs. Its delivery system is a software development company that specialized in Route Delivery.

What is Logistics Software?

Logistics Software is software that helps businesses manage the various levels that go into the production cycle from the delivery of raw materials to shipping the finished products to the final consumers.


With the level of competition in the economy, business owners must make sure their products and services are always available for consumers. Doing it alone may be difficult but this set of logistics software will help business owners out.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Blockchain, Big data and Internet of Things (IOT)

  • Procurement Logistics
  • Production Logistics
  • Sales Logistics

DHL uses paragon’s routing and scheduling software to plan and optimize distribution operations for their clients around the world.

c/c++ and Java

One of the most popular logistics management system is SAP, an all-inclusive logistics software that centralized logistics data management into one system.


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