LOL: Categories Of Students Who Actually Miss School

Hilarious Corner: Categories Of Students Who Actually Miss The Closure Of Schools

The Corona Virus pandemic has disrupted academic activities in the past few months. Businesses, stores, clubs, worship centres and importantly, schools have had to be closed down by the government to curb the spread of the Corona Virus disease.

Students have been forced to stay at home in the mean time. While some have complained about school closures, some others claim they do not care.

Truth be told, students have missed their friends, course mates, business partners and even lovers as a result of this. Some students actually miss schools, especially the final year students who just want to be called graduates. While there are others who miss schools also for one reason or the other, we have compiled a list of students we think actually miss school. This promises to be fun to read.

📕The Scholars: This category of students just want school to resume because they want to get involved in academic activities. They are the serious ones. They love books.

📕The Final Year students: Students in this category are on the verge of graduating. Their hope of graduating this year has been dashed. Some of them are only waiting to graduate so they can get married on time and start their life. Oh,they didn’t see this coming at all. Class of 2020 has become Class of Further Notice.

📕The Lovebirds: This category are the students that want school to resume just because they have missed their boyfriends and girlfriends. Imagine not seeing the love of your life for more than 4 months.

📕The errand boys/girls: This particular ones don’t miss school for any tangible reasons, they just want to leave their homes because of the burden of chores they face everyday. The holiday has turned them to house maids, plate washers, etc. They just want to break free from being a servant at home. It is not easy.

📕The Freedom lovers: About 95% of FPO students belong to this category. Being under the watch of their parents has turned many to gentle child at home. This category of students just miss the freedom that comes with campus life,the fun, the partying, social lifestyle, etc.
I am also under this category.

📕The Off-campus occupants: As time runs, so does money run down on rented apartments. This category are the students that have just paid their rent, only for school to vacate after spending a little time in it.
They do not want their rent to waste without really enjoying it. After all, the landlords will ask for another rent if the current one expires.

📕The Business men/women: Money is sweet. This category are the students that engage in business activities on campus that fetches them money. These are the students that make money on campus, either by selling things, or engaging in services that they get paid for.

📕The Fashionistas: There some class of students who display the latest clothes and trends on campuses. They sure do miss hanging out with friends, whom they intimidate with their dressing all around campus.

📕The Comrades And Course Reps: Comrades and Course representatives sure do miss school. They cannot wait to go back and start campaigning and selling their brands. Most course reps make money from handouts and other materials they sell in school and this is their mood of survival.

That is our list of categories of students who actually miss schools, what is your take? Tell us using the comment box below.



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