Top 10 Best Majors for Undecided Students

Top 10 Best Majors For Undecided Students

Top 10 best majors for undecided students — Deciding on what career path to tread is one of the most important decisions in one’s life. However, not every student has a clear major they want to take. While some might have long declared a clear college major, others might be undecided. A lot of students have a difficult time deciding on what aspect to major in when they get to college. 

To select a career path, you should consider your interests. What areas are you good in? What are your hobbies? And what are your interests? The answers to the above questions would help you decide on the perfect major to pursue in college. So, are you going to college and can’t seem to decide on a major? Thankfully, we have compiled a list of the top ten best majors for undecided students. Let’s dive in.

Top 10 Best Majors For Undecided Students

Below are some of the top best majors for undecided students. Stick around to discover how each of these majors can help you build successful and rewarding career paths. 

  • Computer Science 
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Liberal Studies
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • English
  • Economics
  • History
  • Mathematics

1. Computer Science 

With the rapid rise in technological adoption across different fields around the world, people who major in computer science and other related fields are in high demand. With a comprehensive and proper education in computer science, you are certain of having a rewarding career path. The field also has numerous growth opportunities. Therefore, getting a degree in computer science is a great decision. 

This can be a good degree option for undecided students who are good at mathematics and have a flair for problem-solving. The computer science field deals a lot with statistical and mathematical courses. It might likely include computer theory courses and data management classes. The Computer Science field is quite exceptional and offers you a wide range of job options when you graduate. 

2. Business 

Business is a practical field that you can’t go wrong with. It is versatile and the teachings can be applied to different career paths. Getting a business degree will provide you with the opportunity to work in different areas. For instance, majoring in business opens opportunities in entrepreneurship, finance, healthcare, management, manufacturing, etc.

Therefore, whether you have plans of starting up your own business when you graduate or work for an organization, adding a business degree to your resume would be beneficial. It would equip you with the knowledge on how to successfully set up a business and also how to run a company effectively. 

Business is a broad field and has numerous degree courses. Some of them are;

  • Business Law and Ethics 
  • Globalization and Society 
  • Principles of Marketing 
  • Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting 
  • Corporate Finance 
  • Business Strategy 
  • Management and Organizational Behaviour, etc. 

As I mentioned earlier, business is practical. It applies to a wide range of fields. A degree in business exposes one to opportunities in many fields. Therefore, a degree in business is a good option for those who are uncertain or undecided about the career path to pursue. 

3. Communication 

Another good major that undecided students can pursue is communication. Effective communication is one of the best skills one can possess. Companies and business organizations are constantly hiring skilled communicators. With a degree in communication, you are open to career possibilities in filmmaking, advertising, social media, and many more. A degree in communication is a great major option for undecided students.

4. Liberal Studies 

Another area with vast opportunities you might want to consider getting a degree in is Liberal Studies. It involves lifelong learning and is perfect for people who have personal interests in constantly seeking knowledge. It is a broad aspect that opens up opportunities for building successful careers in different fields including art, finance, marketing, law, entrepreneurship, etc.

By taking a major in liberal studies, learners will gain exposure to various topics that relate to the world and people through various perspectives. You will gain applicable skills and gain practical skills that can be utilized in your career. Taking a degree in liberal studies will prepare you for different job opportunities by equipping you with skills and knowledge that help you excel in varying fields. 

Below are some of the major programs in liberal studies;

  • Critical theories of Society and Politics 
  • The Classical and Modern foundations of Logic and Mathematics 
  • Art and Fiction 
  • Theology: its structures of Meaning 
  • Philosophy and the Nature of thought, etc. 

 Liberal Studies is among the best career paths for students who can not decide on a specific aspect to study. The field will give you the chance to partake in different fields, thus helping you discover your interests. 

5. Political Science 

Political Science is a broad and practical field suitable for undecided students. Graduates of political science are not just involved in political activities, but they can also get involved in other aspects that impact society. Political Science students are taught extensively in areas like justice, liberty, equity, government, political power, etc. They are also trained and knowledgeable citizens that can work in different fields such as education, business, government, journalism, law, etc. 

Some of the top courses offered in Political Science include;

  • Foreign policy
  • The American Political System
  • International Law
  • Women in American Politics 
  • International to International Relations, etc. 

6. Psychology 

Psychology is an exceptional field with numerous growth opportunities. It is a practical aspect that is perfect for individuals that desire to solve human problems. During your Psychology studies, you will learn effective communication skills and the tactics for understanding human behavior. Students are also helped to enhance their critical thinking skills. You would also learn how to become an ethical part of society.

Some of the core aspects include:

  • Social Psychology 
  • Behavioural Neuroscience 
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology 
  • Research Design and Experimentation 
  • Statistics
  • Psychology: Science of Behaviour, etc.

Psychology is a lucrative career path and the demand for professional psychologists continues to rise. There are numerous job opportunities in hospitals, clinics, schools, Colleges, Laboratories, etc. 

7. English 

English is an excellent career path for individuals who are indecisive about a college major. In an English major, you would be taught how to communicate effectively, enhance your written word skills, critical thinking, and more. Students are also taught how to develop excellent research skills. There are several career opportunities for individuals with English majors such as librarian, journalism, teaching, etc. 

8. Economics

Economics is another applicable field that offers numerous job opportunities. These job opportunities are available in areas such as actuarial science, market research, financial analysis, etc. It is an ideal field for undecided students that are interested in mathematics, research and data collection, statistics, etc. When taking an economics degree, you would be taught effectively in core courses such as social science, psychology, mathematics, history, etc.

As we all know, economics plays a vital role in the world today. Economics is needed in several fields. By taking an economics major, you will be enlightened on the ever-evolving market trends and how to make effective business decisions. Students will also learn how to understand people better.

 Moreover, students also learn how to discover different alternative solutions to business problems and the steps on how to decide on the best solution. So, if you having difficulty deciding on the right college major, Economics is a good option. 

9. Mathematics 

Mathematics can be the right major for undecided students who have a flair for problem-solving. By taking a mathematics major, students learn practical skills and knowledge that apply to different job roles. They also learn skills that help them solve real-life problems and partake in today’s technological advancements. Individuals with Mathematics skills are well sought-after in fields like finance, engineering, banking, teaching, and more. 

10. History 

Are you interested in having in-depth knowledge about humanity? Then a major in history is the right choice for you. In this field, students gain insight into the past and understand how different past occurrences have influenced today’s world. A degree in history opens up opportunities in different fields and you can work in various roles. These roles include living historian, interpreter, art historian, etc. 

Moreover, some companies are in constant search of individuals with historical knowledge. This is because it is a prerequisite for understanding the circumstances surrounding an event, context, statement, etc. Historians are also capable of making core assumptions during decision-making. History is an amazing field to major in, especially for undecided students. 


Not everyone graduates from high school with a clear career choice. And it can be a hassle choosing from the pool of career paths available today. If you are in this situation, then you would find this article helpful. Therefore, above are the top best majors for undecided students. It is pivotal to take your time and decide carefully on a major that aligns with your interests.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Some of the top easiest majors include;

  1. Social work 
  2. Psychology 
  3. Social Science 
  4. English 
  5. Criminal studies 
  6. Sociology, etc

The best major for undecided students is business. It is a practical field that provides numerous growth opportunities. 

Yes, it is an excellent major for students seeking that have personal interests in biology.



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