Make Money Buying And Selling Bitcoin On – Nigeria’s No1 Crypto Currency Exchanger [See How Here]

Crypto currency is the new trend for online transaction in the modern age. With crypto currency, you can buy and sell online without restrictions. You can buy these crypto currencies online on several platforms on the internet but because of fraud, it is very important you buy from platforms that are legit and one of such platform is

Do you know you can Buy And Sell Bitcoin On – Nigeria’s No1 Crypto Currency Exchanger? In this article today on Yabacampus, we will do a detailed review of how you can buy and sell Bitcoin online using is Nigeria’s No.1 Cryptocurrency Exchanger.

Why Choose TruexGold over other Exchangers?

1 Fast Transactions

On Truexgold, you can instantly buy, sell or exchange perfect money, bitcoin, payeer, advanced cash, binary, ethereum, planteofbets, and fifty other digital currencies to naira or other currencies without hassle. The transactions are fast and immediate with no service downtime. Your transactions are processed instantly and all receipts are made available to you. Sounds great right?

2 TruexGold Offers The Best Rates

TruexGold maintains the best rates in the crypto industry and 90% of its transactions are fully automated. The price of cryptocurrency is on the high side but on, you can buy at a very cheap rate and be rest assured that your transactions are safe and easily processed.

3 TruexGold Offers Lucrative Affiliate Programs That You Can Use To Make Money have got some good affiliate and investment programs which you can explore and make good income. You can sign up and be an affiliate partner and make some good income for yourself. You don’t just buy and sell  Bitcoins on TruexGold, you can also go home with some six figure income.

4 Do I Have To Pay To Register?

No, TruexGOLD is free for all and you can earn omission on the site thorough their affiliate program.

5 Is My Information Safe With TruexGOLD?

TruexGold is a secured exchange platform, your information and details are safe and secured. You do not have to worry about security.

6 TruexGold Has An Online And Offline Presence.

You can follow their social media page on  InstagramFacebookTwitter and Telegram

Their physical address  at 57 MCC-Urata Road, owerri, opens daily from 9am – 7pm except Sunday which is closed all day, TrueXGold can be reached on mail and on phone call 0818 327 0403

7 operate or deals on 12 E- Money platforms

Which are; Binary USD, Litecoin, Naira, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, PlayOf Bets, Perfect Money, DASH, Advanced Cash, etc.

How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin On

If you have not heard of Bitcoin, “Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.”

Before you can sell Bitcoin on, you must be a registered user of the website.

First of all, you will have to Create An Account on, the image and procedure below will guide you

1 To create an account, log in to or click here to sign up

2 Enter your desired username, email address, phone number and password.
That is all, you are done signing up.
To Buy and sell Bitcoin, follow the procedure below.
3 Go back to the home page and select the Bitcoin icon then allow the page to load.
4 Enter the amount of bitcoin you are willing to buy, if you are selling, enter the amount of Bitcoin you are willing to sell, select your desired currency, enter your Bitcoin wallet and proceed.
5 Confirm the information and details you have provided, if there is an error you can easily correct it or go back to make changes. This is to make sure that no error is made during transactions.
6 After making corrections, you can click create order to make payment. If you do not plan or have any intentions of proceeding with the transactions, you can easily cancel the order before the timer elapses.
After confirming your order, the next thing is to make payment.
How to make payment
Making payment on TruexGold is very simple, just follow the procedure below;

1. Log in to your mobile bank app or internet banking app

2. Transfer the stated sum to the Bank account provided on your account dashboard.

3.  When making your transfer, kindly use your “Order Invoice” on your dashboard as the MemoComment, Transfer Remarks or Payment Description.

You will receive a message that “Your ORDER INVOICE for transfer remarks is: xxxxxxxBTC.”

4. Click on the «PAID» button immediately after your payment or transfer to the bank account provided.

You will receive the following warning


“Never use “Payment for Bitcoin”, “Bitcoin Payment” “Fund my Bitcoin Wallet” “Credit my Bitcoin Account” or just “Bitcoin” as your payment or transfer remarks. All such payments will not be accepted, kindly follow strictly the accepted payment remarks stipulated here which is your Order Invoice only. Please be careful! All fields must be filled in accordance with the instructions. Otherwise, the payment may be cancelled.”

That is our review on You can now go ahead and make your transactions with peace of mind. Do not forget to drop a comment below, thank you.

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