How To Make Your Voice Deeper

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How To Make Your Voice Deeper – Getting a deeper means a lot to many young guys, it is usually aligned with being masculine enough. A deeper voice may even draw the attention of several people. A deeper voice might even mean you are comfortable with yourself.

They are many young guys who have thinner voices in contrast to the expected deeper voice. However, whether thinner or deeper this doesn’t classify one as the best voice.

If you desire a deeper and more masculine voice, you want to thrill others with a deeper voice or even join an activity which requires a deeper voice, then you have opened an informative source. Though voicing depends on the configuration of your vocal cords.

This doesn’t mean you can’t attain a deeper and more masculine voice. All you need to do is follow some of the tips that would be stated below judiciously while you attain that deep voice.

Understanding Voicing

Understanding how voicing comes about is very important, as you step into your puberty stage, especially for guys who end up noticing a series of changes in their bodies. These changes result in several functionalities.

Compared to the female gender, the biology of the male system is designed to produce some hormones that boost voicing and other functionalities in the body. Once a male child enters puberty, this hormone which is called testosterone is produced. 

Testosterone affects the vocal cord by making the vocal cords or larynx longer, bigger and thicker which affects your voicing thereby producing a deeper pitch. However, because the female counterpart does not produce these hormones.

Their, larynx remains tiny and because they don’t produce testosterone that affects the vocal state, however, their cord grows a little bit long but not compared to most male children. The reason their voice remains relatively high.

How To Make Your Voice Deeper

Now that you understand what makes your voice deeper, there are a few tips you can practice or do to make your voice deeper.

So if you wish to get that deep voice you would probably be doing these simple tips to get deeper voice.

  • Drink A lot Of Water

These first tips or hacks you can do to get a deeper voice interest me and are also one of the fun ways to get a deeper voice

When you take more water, you avoid the shrinking of your vocal cord which is one of the most important parts of voicing. 

So the lower amount of water the lesser the mass it becomes, and your vocal cords become. It is thinner and squeaky resulting in a high-pitched voice.

  • Do Humming Activities

Here is another activity I love to do and would recommend for people trying to get a deeper pitch.

Humming is a great activity that prepares the vocal cords, with humming you are practically in charge of your voicing. When you do this regularly, you create a pattern to voicing.

  • Yawning And Sigh Techniques

The point is whatever voice pitch you entered your adulthood with is what you probably be stuck with. There are hacks you could do to get a deep voice.

Have you ever tried to observe how you sound when yawning or sighing when you are tired? The voice pitch is low and deeper. 

This is because yawning or sighing relaxes the throat muscles and vocal cords giving you a much deeper voice. You can do this always whenever you wish to speak with a deeper voice.

  • Speak Through Your Diaphragm

Remember also that aspiration or the process of breathing affects the way you speak. 

To be able to speak through your diaphragm, you would have to learn how to breathe through your diaphragm. Then, how do you do this?

When you intake air, your stomach is raised up and while you release the air your stomach relaxes. When you notice this process it means you are breathing with your diaphragm.

It can be handy as it helps you control your voicing and gives you the rules.

  • Relax Your Throat

You can also try to relax your throat. there are several activities you can do to relax your throat. You can moisten it by drinking water often, or massaging it.

Once you can relax your throat, you unloosen the vocal by not making it tight. You can visit this link to learn how you can relax your throat.

  • Speak Through Your Mouth

While speaking several organs come together to function and give a resonating voice. So if you want to speak with a deeper voice, we would suggest you speak with your mouth instead of your nose. 

Though speaking with the noise might give you a deeper voice, however, speaking with your mouth gives you a great deep voice. how do you speak with your mouth? allow the airflow taken from your nose and released through your mouth, put your teeth close and speak.

 You can visit this link to learn more about how to speak through your mouth.

  • Learn To Speak Slowly

This is an activity you have to do for a very long time. When starting a sentence, you can start with a low tone and also end with a low tone. When you do this regularly you learn to control how you speak in a much deeper tone.

Remember that having a permanent deep voice might be very difficult, however, can be attainable. This is because whatever voice tone you enter your adulthood with is what you are probably going to get stuck with. 

So with these seven simple steps, you should be able to attain a deeper voice.


There are several ways you can deepen your voice, mostly simple natural ways. These are activities you can do at home and anywhere, all that is required is time. However, these might be long-time activities, that might end up in greater success. When your body produces more testosterone which can act on your voicing you get a change and deeper voice, though getting a deeper voice as well might be due to trait. 

Especially when the family has the trait of a kind of vocal cords configuration and more. We have mentioned a list of activities or things you could do to get a deeper voice, which includes taking water, humming, practicing talking from the mouth and more, if follow judiciously, you are prompt to attain that deep voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your voice become deeper?

Yes, though might be a little bit tasking but it is attainable by doing some simple exercise.

Is deep voice attractive?

Depending on your choice, however, due to research deep voice attract one sexually and also connotes confidence.

Will my voice get deeper after 13?

Well, voice change happens around puberty, around 10 to 15, while the male child could experience it around 12 or 13.

What foods make your voice deeper?

There is a lot of food that adds a deeper voice, Milk, Bacon, Water, Toasted food, Chicken, cucumber, Apple, Strawberries, Eggs, and any protein full food is good.

Does testosterone deepen your voice?

Testosterone helps the male child transitions into a man which also affects the vocal cords sharpen to the appropriate male format.

Is deep voice genetic?

This is uncertain, however, it may, research has it that offspring may get same vocal cords configuration on their family.


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