Man Gets Employed In Canadian University That Rejected Him 11 Years Ago

Today’s story is quite an amazing one and it’s coming from Nathan Andrews.

Nathan shared on his LinkedIn page some time ago about he applied to the department of political science in McMaster University, Canada for his PhD degree, in the year 2010. And according to him he got a rejection letter in return.

Andrew’s Rejection Letter

Nevertheless, he later came out to state that 11 years later he got employed as associate professor in McMaster University, Canada.

What’s so amazing about this story is the fact that he will be working with the same department and person that issued him the rejection later.

He laughed, stating that life is interesting and doesn’t come around in expected ways.

We do hope that this story inspires you to keep pushing and trying, your past rejections shouldn’t stop you from looking towards an opportunistic future.

In his words;

” In 2010, I got a rejection letter for my PhD application to the McMaster University Political Science Department. 11 yrs on, I get offered a job as Associate Professor in the same Department (starting January 1, 2022!). I just chanced upon this letter in my inbox when I was searching for something sent to me recently by the same person who issued the rejection email, whom I will be working closely with in my new role. LOL. Life is definitely interesting and it does come around in unexpected ways. I hope this brief story serves as #inspirational to any #ECR, #PhD student or anyone who has recently faced a rejection that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!”

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I am happy for your my brother. Since we met at University of Alberta on African conference and the edited book that followed, I know you have stuffs. This your case is interesting, which supports my argument that we cannot wish away the place of capacity building & need for continuous progress particularly in Africa. In the school of success, excellence remains the answer to most forms of discrimination. The summary is keep moving and don’t stop moving because those who stop moving, might be removed. I have had similar cases where schools that looked down on us when I started my career, now invite me as external assessor/examiner for the doctoral programs. Indeed, success has many friends but failure is an orphan!

Sarah Epton wrote:

Your post came at a perfect point in my life where I keep getting rejected from jobs because I have a lot of educational experience and less of work experience.. as though my internships and volunteering doesn’t count as work experience. If we are never given the opportunity how can we build on the work experience. Sad to find out the repercussions one faces for wanting to go through full schooling.

Ellen Schoeck wrote:

Dear Nathan, I am with you. The world turns in many ways and I sure know that thru doing these books about the U of A. And about chance.

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