Man Set To Offer Scholarship To Graduate With 2.2 And Third Class

Man Set To Offer Scholarship To Graduate With 2.2 And Third Class
David Adefunmilayo

Man Set To Offer Scholarship To Graduate With 2.2- A smart and kind oil tycoon identified as David Adefunmilayo, took to his LinkedIn page to announce to the world that he will be launching a scheme to support students who graduated with a second class lower or with third class degree.

According to him, the idea to start up this scheme came to him through a very brilliant friend he had but graduated with a second class lower.

As he stated in his post, his friend and a lot of other graduates in Nigeria has lot of life changing opportunities due to their low performance results.

He also stated that in an educational system like that of Nigeria, the last thing that students should be judged with is their grades.

This is what his post read:

“I am excited to announce this partnership to award scholarships to 2’2 and third-class students. During a conversation with my friend, Ayodeji Stephen (who just came back from an opportunity in Germany) I was thrilled by how intelligent and tactical he laid out his analysis for a subject we were discussing.

Afterwards, he said something that took me off-balance: He said: David, do you know I graduated with a 2’2 and that has deterred me from a lot of opportunities.
The statement hit me to the bone, then I realized how the lopsided yardstick, in which the Nigerian education measures intelligence, became palpable.

After some days, we decided to take the mantle to encourage 2’2 and third-class students.
Hence, I am pleased to announce that we have launched a scheme that provides career support and 50k cash prices to some deserving 2’2 and third-class students to help them push up the next class.
As one who advice students on a daily basis, I see many of students on this class have lost hope on sucess. We want to revitalize that hope again!

I have seen many of this class, like Tony O. Elumelu, C.O.N , Emmanuel, e.t.c who have weathered this storm and made lemonades of this lemon. For me, there is hope, there is a bright future ahead.
If you will be interested in partnering with us to support more of this students please send me a dm. Also, if you fall in this class of students, please stay glue to EFICO EDTECH RESOURCES page as we will be opening the portal very soon. Do tag anyone who you know should see this.
Let me end with one of my philosophy. If we can support those who believe they can change the world but have little or no opportunity, we make them fulfill their dreams which in turn comes back to us as good.”


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