Man Who Worked As A Cleaner Becomes A Medical Doctor

According to the story shared by this man on his social media page (Twitter), in the year 2010, this man was working a full time at a hospital at that time.

This hospital is now identified as Northside Hospital Gwinnett in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

He stated that in this hospital he cleaned and swept wards and rooms and dresses beds for patients.

He did all of these activities as a cleaner before he began to consider a career in Medicine.

This young man is identified as Kwadwo “Kojo” Sarpong. He is a Ghanaian.

Sarpong immigrated to the United States of America from his home town in Ghana to Seek greener pastures and in the process worked in that hospital as a cleaner.

This is the face of the FIRST doctor in my family!” he said on Twitter, while crediting his parents for his tremendous achievement.

My parents’ education ended early in middle school but they sacrificed everything to get me to this point!

”My father worked multiple menial jobs, while my mom did housekeeping. She is 70 and still works as a janitor at Inova Hospital,” he said

Truly Sarpong’s story is that of resilience and determination because of his humble beginning.

I hope this inspires you to work hard and not give up on your dreams and aspirations too soon.

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